Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday's Puking Party

I have learned that having three kids means that there will always be someone sick.  I have also learned that the timing of the sickness always happens at the worst possible time.   It should not be a shock when I learned that 2 of the kidlets were under the weather today.  Of course they are, it is one of the busiest times at work, the start of summer vacation, we are getting ready to go out of town, and we have a sitter lined up for tomorrow night because we have a real date planned.  I know a lot can change in 24 hours.   I also know that when 1 person in the family gets sick,  the rest soon follow.

Warning:  The following story is about vomit.

Tonight's episode should have been a scene on a sitcom.  I got home from work to see my middle son and Diva laying on opposite ends of the couch.  Both were running fevers, but were content watching cartoons.  I went downstairs to switch a load of laundry when all of the sudden Chubby Hubby was screaming for help.

Diva said her tummy hurt and just like that, started vomiting and left a puke trail from the living room to the bathroom (Thank God for hardwood floors).  Chubby hubby ushered her to the bathroom only to get there and have her puke on him.  I was running around with a rag cleaning up the mess and then I heard my son get off the couch.  He  ran into the bathroom.  SPLAT!!!!  **pause***  Then came the expletives from Chubby Hubby.  He got nailed again....while cleaning up Diva. 

If that wasn't bad enough, Diva wiggled her way away from him, ran out of the bathroom and hit the mess on the floor and did a home run type slide out the bathroom and into the Hallway.  My son was crying, she was crying, my whole main level was splattered and my house smelled like bile.  All we could do at that point was giggle.  There we were, stunned by the chaos and covered in barf.  There certainly is never a dull moment with children.  Tonight will definitely go down in the archives.

I am saying little prayers that the rest of us do not get sick and that our plans remain intact.

Because of the series of events that occurred tonight, I skipped my 3 mile run.  I should have done Shred or something but I didn't.  I am exhausted and I am hitting the hay! 


Erica said...

you poor lady! I did actually laugh out loud but only in sympathy of course! I hope everyone feels better soon and the rest of the house remains healthy!

Tamzin said...

OMG hahaha!!! I can totally see it in my minds eye. Awwww, poor kiddies, poor hubby, poor you!

rest and sleep and dont get sick!

The Jogger Blogger said...

Bless your heart! Hope everyone gets well soon!

Megsie said...

We have had puking parties as well. I remember one projectile one when the kids were really little, we still reminisce about that one. We also giggle about the middle-of-the-night puking parties. It is amazing how attuned your ear gets to retching. I really hope nobody else gets it and that those two peanuts get better quick, so you can have your date! Incidentally, we were dressed and ready to step out the door when one of the parties happened. I hope that doesn't happen to you. xo!

Miz said...


here's hoping you are still feeling ok this morning.
I swear one child one husband and two dogs nearly pushed me over the edge---dont know how you do it :)


Diana said...

I hate to laugh at someone else expense, but Carly, this was just damn funny as hell!!

Hope all are feeling well soon!

James said...

Oh my! I can definitely relate. We seem to constantly be passing something between the 4 of us. Your puke-isode sounded like something you'd only see in the movies or tv. I hope yall get better soon!

Julie said...

Oh Carly,
I have so been there! I am so sorry about your kids being under the weather....that sucks! You are such a good story teller and I am sorry to report that it was hard not to laugh:) It is no laughing matter! The order of events is something similar to what happened to us about ten years ago when my older two were little:) Let's just say that we did not have the hardwood floors! I was like your hubby and ended up getting puked on! Yes, good times:) I hope that your kids start to feel better:)

Enjoy the rest of your week and we will see you Saturday! I am getting so excited:)

Kim said...

I feel for you! That would be one horrid night. Count your blessings though; my hubby cannot do barf...AT ALL. If there is puke and he sees it, he will puke. So all barfing is cleaned up by yours truly.
I hope they are all soon better and no one else gets it!

Monica said...

What a memorable evening!! I sure hope the kids feel better soon and you and the hubby remain germ free.

Emz said...

Awwwww man. Total bummer.

HOw are YOU doing? Cleaning up barf is #2 on my top 3 things I HATE to do.

Hang in there!!

MCM Mama said...

I'm sorry but I nearly spit on my computer when I laughed out loud.

Hope everyone is feeling better/still feeling ok.

Tish said...

I'm so glad my kids are grown. DH, when he was not on deployment, always got vomit duty. I am too suggestible and would vomit, too, if called upon to tend a vomiting child. If you saw that in a movie, you wouldn't believe it.