Monday, July 12, 2010

Chafing Anyone?

Every runner at some point in their journey will experience "the chafe".  For me, I refer to it as "chub rub" or  "bra burn".   The friction from clothing or skin on skin contact causes your skin to rub right off and hurt like hell.  If you have never experienced the chafe, you are either one of those skinny peeps where you can see daylight through your thighs when your legs are together or you haven't been running than longer than a week.

I was sent a free sample of Lanacane's Anti Chafing gel to try out.  I was very excited to to receive this sample as I am a chronic victim of chafing.

This is what their website is saying about the product:
Lanacane™ Anti-Chafing Gel soothes and prevents chafing caused by friction such as repeated rubbing of skin on skin or skin on clothing. It helps skin heal by reducing further damage from chafing.
A little goes a long way, lasts all day. Just a dab gives skin a lasting silkiness that prevents chafing and irritation. Use anywhere repeated motion rubs skin raw: shoulders, waistline, under arms, inner thighs, chest…even feet!
The special anti-friction formula is non-greasy, dries clear and provides long-lasting comfort. It's also fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, moisture-proof, and won't stain clothes. Lanacane™ Anti-Chafing Gel is a better solution than messy powders, greasy petroleum jelly, tacky balms, stinging antiseptics, and irritating lotions.

These are my thoughts and observations on this product:

Please excuse the photo of the tube, Diva got her hands on it before I could take a proper photo.  This product comes in gel form and it was a really nice consistency.   It was a lot lighter than petroleum jelly and it was not greasy at all.  In fact, it had powdery feel to it once it was rubbed in.

I tested this product in a couple of situations.  The first being a day where I wore a skirt to work.  Sorry if this is TMI, but I know for a fact that I am not the only one with this problem.  Skirts and I do not mix, especially in the summer.  My thighs rub and that causes me to walk like a cowboy only after a few hours.  Before heading out, I applied a bit to the "danger zone".  I actually was quite surprised at how well it worked.  I did end up having to reapply as the day went on, but I only had to do it once.

The next situation I tested the anti chafing gel was running.  I hit all the hot spots, the bra line/strap line, heart rate monitor, and thighs.  Then I headed out for my 4 mile run.  About half way through I started feeling some friction from the my heart rate monitor strap/ bra line.  It wasn't terrible but it seemed that the original application had worn off.  I got home without bleeding, but I could tell there was some chaffing.  I did reapply to the sore area when I got home and did get immediate relief. 

I think this is a great product to keep in your purse.  It works well for day to day situations where you would need a little skin relief (It allowed me to wear a skirt!!).  However, I didn't find this product to be sweat proof enough to be able to handle long runs on hot days.  To be fair, I do not think that this product was intended for that use.  Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel can be found at most major drug stores.

Disclaimer:  The kind people at Lanacane's PR firm sent me a sample to try.  The opinions are my own.


Neeks said...

I tried this anti-chaffing gel as I was having trouble with body glide. I found this a lot smoother and didn't have the problems I was having with the other brand. I did use it in my marathon, and found that it was good, however I didn't bring it for reapplication so the last mile was very painful!! I enjoyed reading your product review!

Charbelle said...

I wore a pair of shorts for my run on Sunday and the tag in the back (that I never realized was there) rubbed my skin right off. It still hurts!!! This was a great review, your description of walking like a cowboy, LOL!!!!

James said...

I too suffer from chaffing. I've been using body glide but might try this one. Thanks for the review.

misszippy said...

That's a product I have never heard of--will have to try it! I have a nice ripped off piece of skin on my chest from this morning from running track in the extreme humidity--could've used this!

Lori said...

I like this gel. It almost seems greasy, but is isn't. I used it in my bike shorts where my underwear line is and it worked really well for long rides.

Emz said...

OMGosh I loved this post.

I get it only on one arm by my bra. weird. but it does suck.

Heather said...

Great review!

Aka Alice said...

Great review Carly. I loved the photo of the gel tube. I started off thinking that you loved the stuff so much that you squeezed the tube until it was dry. I laughed when you threw Diva under the bus for that one :-))

Megan said...

I've been meaning to try it. Looks like I can store it in smaller spaces that body glide.

Tish said...

I love Glide. It works like a champ and, so far, has lasted the whole run (even the 10 miler). I use it at all the usual places, plus on my toe tops and heel when I'm doing a long run. I got mine online.