Thursday, July 1, 2010

JULY??!!! Old Goals and New Goals

Did I miss June?  Because it FLEW by.

On April 1, I set some goals for this quarter ending 6/30/10 and they were as follows:
  • Run the Get in Gear 5K DONE
  • Continue base building for Twin Cities Marathon-DONE
  • Lose 10lbs (I hope more, but need to break it up into smaller goals)--7lbs gone but not 10lbs
  • Finally try a Kettlebell workout-NOT...but I did meet an AWESOME KB Instructor!!
  • Continue lunch time walks at least 3 times per week---This has been hit or miss. 
This quarter was good to me despite not hitting all my goals.  I should be down a lot more weight than I am but I have been very lax on tracking and meal planning.  I still did better than I should have done.

So now, I need to set some new goal for the quarter ending 9/30/10
  • Run the Milk Run  at the MN State Fair with SARGE!!! (She is coming home for a visit in Aug.)
  • Run the Urban Wildland Half Marathon (Signed up today!!!)
  • Survive the month of Birthdays in August
  • Cook (gasp!) 3 nights out of the week
  • Start swimming
  • Stay strong with my training because 9/30/10 is only 3 days before my marathon!
Notice I didn't have any weight goals?  It seems like I never hit the weight goals when I make them and then I get disappointed.   I am going try avoiding the scale this quarter (unless my pants start getting tight).   I think if I focus on training properly I will enjoy my marathon much more.

Tonight is the very last game of T-Ball for this season and for my middle son.  I love watching them but I am happy that the season is over.  It should make it easier to get my mid-week training done.

Happy July 1st everyone!!!


Emz said...

way to go on the writing goals down. I need to do the same. You'll have to check out this blog today from KC

Has a great quote about goals and you are already doing it. :)

aron said...

7 lbs is great!! nice job on the rest of your goals too :)

Megsie said...

Holy crap! You did GREAT on your goals! So excited for you that Sarge is coming home--Yay! And, you totally suck that your baseball ENDS tonight, we go through July 24th...UGH.

Charbelle said...

Wow it flew by but you sure did get a lot accomplished!!! Congratulations!

teacherwoman said...

nice job on the 7 pounds! I like your idea of screwing the scale this quarter and just listening to the bod!

Lisa said...

Good job on the goals thus far. Best wishes with goals for the upcoming quarter.

Anonymous said...

Great job on your goals. I'm the same way when it comes to setting weight goals - I get so disappointed if I don't reach them.

Heather said...

You did great with your goals this quarter - and have some awesome goals for the next few months. I'm excited to ramp up the training for TC!

Average A said...

The Urban Wildland was my very very very first half marathon many, many years ago. I loved it & the whole idea of a no-race waste! Great job on hitting so many goals, and congrats to you for not wanting to look at the scale this quarter. I noticed I gained some weight while training for the marathon, yet my clothes still stayed the same. ( know people say that a lot, but it's true!)

Diana said...

Congrats on getting a good chunk of those goals taken care of!
Sorry to see kettlebells didn't make the second cut of goals, but they are not for everyone.
You'll do well with the marathon-keep at it!

Carly said...

I know what you mean about having weight goals. But 7lbs down is awesome and I think your new approach will work well while you finish marathon training.

Julie said...

Hi Carly,
You have some great goals for July! I am also thinking about running in the Milk Run at the State Fair:) I better register fast...last year I was too late! Enjoy your holiday weekend!

The 50 Best Health Blogs said...

"Notice I didn't have any weight goals? It seems like I never hit the weight goals when I make them and then I get disappointed."

Hmm, maybe I need to think about doing without weight goals. Having those goals doesn't seem to work anyway.

"It should make it easier to get my mid-week training done."

Boy, did I misread that. At first, I thought it said "mud week training," which I thought sounded pretty intense.

Jess said...

It seems best to not set any weight loss goals while doing marathon training. Sometimes aiming to lose weight and train properly are counter-productive to each other!

Good luck with the next 3 months' worth of goals!

bobbi said...

You did GREAT on your goals! I think goals are a good idea - I need help holding myself accountable.

And I am right there with you in your fear of a month of birthdays....makes me stick my fingers in my ears and yell, "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!" like a 4 year old... said...

Good luck on your race this weekend, see you Saturday!

Cathy said...

Love your goals! Great idea! I agree about the weight thing - if your clothes are fitting well, don't worry about the number on the scale!

lindsay said...

what the heck? diana comes to town and doesn't make you swing the "bitches"?!?!? how'd you get away with that?