Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up...I AM FREE

My house is quiet today.  There are no chirping voices, no whining or crying, no one asking for mom or dad.  It is just quiet.  While it is a bit weird, I am enjoying it for the moment.  My parents have taken the children for the week so Chubby Hubby and I can work (no daycare this week).  Perhaps on Wednesday I will be longing for the deafening noises that my three children produce, but for the time being I am going to enjoy the serenity.

My parents live 2 hours away from us and we meet them half -way to drop off the kids.  This time we exchanged vehicles as well.  I gave them my MILF wagon and I got stuck with a new black convertable.....damn it!  Sucks to be me, I know.   After we did the drop and switch with my parents, Chubby Hubby and I jumped into the car and sped off with grins we could not wipe off our faces.  We enjoyed our afternoon by driving with the top down (the car, not mine), we hit the outlet mall, and we grabbed a drink.

As we were finishing up our onion rings and beer, Chubby Hubby got that glint in his eye and I knew I was in trouble.  He said "I think it is time for you to do something that you haven't done for a long time"...."The kids are gone so there are no excuses"...."don't make me beg".   He said the time has come and I must give in.  I had to suck it up and....

(I feel so dirty)

We golfed at Fort Snelling.  It is a shitty 9 hole course separated from the MSP airport by a chain link fence.  Actually, for a city course it isn't too bad.  But I do not know of too many golf courses that you can see airplanes landing while teeing off.  What I like about this place is that it is good for someone like me, a crappy golfer.

As you can see from the photo of Chubby Hubby, an airplane has just landed.

I don't think I will get my LPGA tour card anytime soon.  Here is how the game broke down in numbers:

Number of Holes:  9
Score: 25000
Balls lost:  4
Number of times I would swing and miss each ball:  3
Beers on course:  2
Quotes from  Caddy Shack and Happy Gilmore:  Lost count
Laughs from said quotes above from Chubby Hubby:  1
Number of times we had to stop conversation because of airplanes:  3

I just missed the ball 2 times and cussed like a sailor
I love a sport that you can drink while you play!
I admit it, I have some fugly golf shoes.  The last time they were worn was 4 years ago!!!!

I actually had fun today with the Chubby Hubby.  We do not go out often to do stuff like and it was a treat to spend some QT with just him. I was what I needed to get over my craptastic run this morning (a 13 miler that turned into 6)  I just hope he doesn't read this and expect me to do this more often!

I have more to add about this weekend, but I have to write more later. This chick is tired and I am going to go enjoy the peace and quiet!


MCM Mama said...

I'm jealous. My parents have started prepping the boys for a visit with them without me next year.

Glad you enjoyed some "golf". ;o)

TNTcoach Ken said...

I too love a sport where you can have a few BEvERages while playing..... Unlike that running thing. ha

Charbelle said...

What a fun time!! That's so awesome ya'll got some QT in!! Have a fun kid free week!!

Teamarcia said...

Oh how I loved reading this post! Onion rings, convertibles, golf? Poor you! I swear I have not yet golfed this century!

Tish said...

Funny. Enjoy your freedom. BTW, a 13 miler that turns into a 6 miler might sound bad, but really a SIX MILER sounds darn good!

bobbi said...


I loved this post - enjoy EVERY SECOND of your freedom!

(oh - and I am STILL jealous!!)

Lisa said...

I'm envious. We don't have family anywhere near us and we NEVER got to get away and do something together when the kids were little. Had to wait til they were old enough to drive!

Jessica said...

Hope you have a great kid free week :)Continue to enjoy yourself!

Jamoosh said...

Back in my Navy Days a few of us used to play at the Air Force Base, where the 13th hole ran parallel to a runway. The standing joke was they would hold the pattern when I teed off because of my wicked slice!

Delane said...

LOL..this post cracked me up!

I'm a bad golfer too.

Heather said...

I think the problem with you golf game is that you didn't drink enough - I need at least 3 drinks to hit the ball on the first try. :)

Monica said...

Looks like you two still had a great time. Hubby and I use to golf a couple of years ago when our two oldest were real involved with golfing. It's fun when you don't take yourself seriously and just have fun! It was a Cinderella story!

Megsie said...

I wish I were you. My kids probably do too. They are driving me crazy today and a quiet house sounds just like heaven!

X-Country2 said...

mmmm beer.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i like doing stuff like that with hubs, even if I am's a good experience together