Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up-Humiliation

Humiliation is what I was feeling after my "long" run on Sunday morning.  I was staying with my parents and had to do an on location run.  Lucky for me (or so I thought), I had a running buddy in the neighborhood and she was willing to meet me at 6AM.  I was hoping to make up for the miserable week of running I had and I was shooting to do between 10-13 miles. 

As planned my friend showed up at 6AM on the seeds.  We stretched a bit and hit the road. Right from the start, I knew I was in trouble becase I was PANTING.  I could not get my breathing under control.  I was a little embarrassed because we weren't even a mile in and I was ready to walk.  Thankfully I made a whole mile before I had to break down and start a chain of walking events.  The girl I was running with slowed her pace to run with me but I just wanted her to go ahead.  I started feeling bad because she wasn't getting the quality of training she needed and truth be told, I really hate running with other people.  I hate when they have to slow down for me and don't like having to feel like I am struggling to keep up.  The longer I was running with her, the more annoyed I got.  The more annoyed I got, the harder the run was.  It was a vicious cycle.  I stumbled my way through 7.5 miles.  I was embarassed because the girl I was with barely broke a sweat and I was practically dry heaving.

I have a pretty good idea why I have been having crappy runs.  It all boils down to garbage in/garbage out.  The week that the kids were gone really caught up to me.  I don't know why I expected to have a great run after having a cold and a week of food that did not contain a fruit or vegetable.  To top it off, add in some nasty humidity and a running partner that claims she is slow but really runs a lot faster and it is a recipe for a shit run.  This was the first time I wanted to ditch the sport. 

Thankfully I am not ditching the sport.  All runs cannot be good ones and this one was by far one of the worst.  For as bad as I treated my body last week, I should have been happy just to cover the mileage that I did.  I learned that I run best with just me and my iPod.  While I still would like to join a running club for the organized runs, I don't ever plan on having a running buddy.  I am a lone wolf.

This week of training is going to be a challenge and I am going to have to get creative with where I fit my running in.  I may have hit my record for the number of activities that I can pack into a week.  It is really quite insane.  Here is a rundown:

Monday-My middle guy turns 6 years old.  We have a birthday party that evening.  Thankfully it is not at my house!

Tuesday-National Night Out and I got stuck holding the bag as block captain so the event  is at our house.

Wednesday- Hail Mary catch up day for cleaning

Thursday- My oldest son turns 8 years old and in leiu of a birthday party, he requested a day at Valley Fair.  I took the day off of work and we are going.

Friday- Race packet pick-up and my parents arrive for the weekend.

Saturday-  Urban Wild Land Half Marathon AND the combine birthday party for all 3 kids.

Today kicks off birthday mania in my house.  We have three August birthdays within 12 days of each other.

My little man turns 6!  He is the reason we have a wing at Children's Hospital named after us.  

We spend the weekend in Duluth and has a great weekend.  You would neve know that the kids were having fun from the photo below.  We spend the day at Canal Park and show the festival of Tall Ships.  It was pretty cool.  That is one place on earth I could never get sick of.  The shores of Lake Superior are just beautiful.
Another failed attempt to get a good photo of my 3 kids.


Charbelle said...

I hate running with a buddy! I know exactly what you are talking about! I have to go at my own pace, if I feel like I'm slowing the other person down I panic. I need to do this on my own or I start hating life! Some people do better with a buddy but I dislike. The one way I've found it can work is if you are running on treadmills!
The picture is good of 2 of the 3 kids :)
August is a fabulous month for birthdays but I may be biased!!

Carly said...

I hear ya! I don't like running with a partner either because I feel soooo bad when I need to walk, when clearly they don't. Someday I'll find someone just my speed. Maybe you will too! :-)

Megan said...

Aaack! Tough runs bite. But we keep on b/c we know there's a good run just around the bend.

As someone who's running buddy is slower than I am. I really don't mind slowing down. I'd rather run with her for long distances than not. She always tells me to leave her but I never do. The run is more fun with someone to chat wih.

Becka said...

My running buddies have to slow down for me too. Luckily, they are my sisters so if I tell them to run ahead, they will - and they won't feel bad about it. Here's to the next run being better :D

Emz said...

I love the photos!!

YAY for birthdays!!

Tish said...

I'm definitely a lone runner. You got it exactly. It's almost impossible to find someone with the same pace. And, I like listening to my music on my Ipod and it seems anti-social to run next to somebody and not chat. Good luck on your week.

bobbi said...

And that is EXACTLY why I can't run with anyone else. Exactly.

Sorry you had a shitacular run. I hope your half is GREAT! And I hope you survive the party afterwards!

Your kids are adorable :)

Delane said...

I hate runs like that. I almost cried this past spring when running on a "FUN" run with a group. Litterly was almost brought to tears over 3 stinkin' miles.

The next one will be great!

DaphneB said...

Everyone has their off day here and there. Mine was on Saturday...yuck. I only like running with my husband because I know that I can tell him to please slow down and he will give me grief about it but still love me lol. But the nice thing about a partner is that you think twice before you poop out and last just that little bit longer.

Jess said...

Too bad you hate runnign with a buddy, I'm gonna be in Bloomington the last wekend in August, and I was gonna see if you wanted to meet up for a run! But that's okay, I know what you mena by feeling pressured to run at the same pace and then feeling guilty if you're holding the other runner back.

3 b-days in 12 days is maddness! Good luck keeping up with it all!

Megsie said...

I have never run with a buddy before. I can't imagine it would be a good experience, because most people walk faster than I run. I also love to be by myself. It is part of my reward for doing it, time to myself. Happy birthday to all three of your rugrats!

Julie said...

Hi Carly,
I am so sorry to hear that your run wasn't so much fun. I have also had a few crappy runs:( You did finish over seven miles and seven miles is better than nothing:) You just need to find someone who runs your pace and you will like running with a partner.

Cute pictures of the kids!

Lori said...

It is so difficult to run with someone else unless they have the same exact pace as you do. I only run with my hubby on occasion (like hardly ever LOL) and only when we are on vacation and just looking for some exercise. Training runs are so personal. You did it, though. Be proud

Michele said...

Hi Carly,
I am new to your blog and blogging in general. I am working on lightening some of my chubbies first before I start running. So, your blog is an inspiration. For now I am walking and biking.Most of my adult children are runners.

Julie from nominated me for an award. I am now nominating you. I did not see the Versatile Blogger ward on your blog. Here is what I wrote about you: Chubby Chicks Run Too: Tales of an out of shape runner getting back into the sport while balancing work and family.

Please go to my blog to find the rules for this award.

Michele at

Al's CL Reviews said...

RUnning with other people just pisses me off. So I don't do it. I run slow, and no matter how slow you think you run, I run slower. Nothing enjoyable about it.

I like the pics.