Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Your Two Cents Requested

Twin Cities Marathon posted this question yesterday on Facebook:
Life doesn’t stop when you’re training for a marathon. What’s the best advice you have for managing your time?

There were a lot of interesting answers, but I want to know more. What do YOU do?

I always have the best intentions to follow a training schedule to the best of my ability, however, it is not always realistic.  As much as I love running, I don't always make it a priority even when I commit to training for a race.  Life demands, an injury, a streak of terrible runs, or a few poor choices (cough cough like cheeseburger and beer week) can really trip up the training plan. 

What do you do to get back on track when you fall behind on your training program?
I would love your opinions on both questions.
Speaking of life demands, we are in the middle of the busiest week of the year.....BIRTHDAY WEEK!  We have 1 down and 2 to go.  I am already exhausted and sick of cake!!  It is certainly a fun week but I am looking forward to things calming down a bit.  
My Google Reader is out of control and I miss reading and commenting on your blogs. I will be back stalking you all soon.


Laura@Run_Eat_Date said...

Can't wait to read what other folks best two cents - get your runs in the mornings. I have been out there before the sunrises to make sure I get my miles in - and then life can happen all day and night long...Not saying this is an easy adjustment if you are not a morning person...but it works for me! Hang in! Take one day at a time!

bobbi said...

I am so looking forward to reading responses...right now I am so so sore from my half, that I am really getting behind. I have a 14 miler on the schedule for this weekend that I'm unsure will actually get done. But I keep plodding along, trying to at least get my long runs in.

My fear now is that if I'm shot after every long run, how will I ever keep up?

Claire said...

Schedule them...just like anything else that HAS to get done..and take your options looping far enough you can't cheat to get home in less miles. Or posting about there's a shitload of people out there that know it's planned...and then post about it when you're done.

Good luck'll find the balance.

Megsie said...

1. The only way running works for me is all or nothing. If I can get into the routine of going EVERY day, then I can be successful. If I let myself slide, sometimes even for ONE day, all bets are off. I have been struggling since March to get back to running. I have had some really successful weeks, but when I let the rain, or the tiredness win, then I am done. I have to go EVERY DAY. I still haven't committed to that.

2. If you read above, you can see that I don't have a good method to get "back on track" I will stop back and read everyone's replies to that, because obviously, I NEED HELP in this area as well.

Happy cake eating!

Becka said...

Have a schedule. Honestly, if I don't add something to my daily schedule it will not get done. Period. I don't LIKE going to the gym at night, but it's on the schedule, so... I go.

Charbelle said...

I struggle, especially because my work schedule changes every week with the second job. Right now my knees are tingling and I don't understand why. I have my 1/2 in October. I just do the best that I can. Last Saturday's long run was horribly slow but I did it. I figure I'm out there and right now my goal is to run a 1/2 on my own so I'm not going to stress over time. Some days I just want to give it all up but then I remember that I really do enjoy the rush of finishing an awesome race!

aron said...

i think with marathon training its important to look ahead and not back. don't try to "make up" things you missed, just move forward and adjust as necessary.

when i am planning my training schedule i always line up my "life calendar" also and make sure to move things around if need be so that i am setting myself up for success. i think just making training a priority helps me, i make sure i have time for certain runs, or make time for them.

Diana said...

On top of everything else, now we have to "stop" everything to wait and see if Brett Farve is going to retire (for the third time!) or not!!
I'm glad he belongs to you guys now!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

I quit my job, I stop sleeping and just train, who has time for anything else really. Oh.. hmm maybe not

MCM Mama said...

1. After the initial "put the runs on the calendar" step where I discover if I have any known issues (and tweak those weeks accordingly), I take it week by week. I figure out what I need to run and what my responsibilities are for the week and map it out. If I've got it planned out with what is actually going on in my life, I usually manage it.

2. If i get off track, I either just pick up where I left off (if it's possible) or tweak things a bit until I can get back to where I need to be.

But, I've got it easier than most because I'm a SAHM with kids in at least a few hours of school most days.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Amanda has the right idea! You have to treat it like a job and do it. How many times have I NOT wanted to go to work for various reasons????? Remember, it's not how many times you fall but how many times you get up!

lindsay said...

penny #1: if i don't run in the morning... chances of me getting my run in drop to -38%. it's hard at first, but if you are disciplined it does actually get a little easier. in the winter... it sucks. who wants to get out of a nice warm bed and go run in the frigid air?!

penny #2: when i fall off the horse a bit, i tend to drag it out until i can start fresh on a new week (/monday). i've set "streak goals" before, making myself at least get out and run (x minutes, x miles) everyday for a set number of days. just trying to play some games with myself to "spice" things up.