Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Midnight Monday's Mind Dump

Life Stuff

I have to confess, the school issue that I last wrote about is consuming me.  I have been laying awake at night going over the "what ifs".  When I pick up the kids from school it is the only thing people are chatting about.  I am certainly not alone in worry, wondering where our kids are going to go to school next year if our school changes and we are not able to go back.

Today I decided I am not going to worry anymore.  It is not doing me any good, the frustration is causing my stomach to hurt and it is making depressed.  Plus I have a tendency to be a bit OCD and with this issue on the front burner, I seem to be able to weave it into any conversation. (I would like to apologize to the cashier at Target for answering her "how are you question").  I do not have any control over the situation.  I have done my part and will continue to do so but we all know that the school board will have the final say.  My kids will get educated and that is all that matters.  For all I know, things may not change for me and I am worrying for nothing.  So I am chosing not to worry.

(what running?)

Seriously, I haven't run for awhile.  I am in for a whole lot of punishment when I toe the line of that marathon on Sunday.  Minimal training, anyone?   The only way I will not finish is if I drop dead on the course (which Chubby Hubby is slightly fearful of this) or if the SAG wagon is on my ass.  This is certainly not the way I wanted this race to go, but I am going to make the most of it and make it FUN!!!!  I have been getting great words of wisdom and my favorite on was "Your body can do the race, it is just a matter of how much pain you want to put it through".  Love it.  I don't care if I am laid up for a month, I will finish.

My girlfriend who is flying in on Wednesday, got a special marathon pedicure.  BWAH!  They are certainly festive!  I told her my special marathon pedi was going to be all black toes so I could freak out all of the medics that I will probably encounter.

I am currently up WAY TOO LATE downloading songs from iTunes.  I am making the mother of all marathon play lists.  My music choices may have sunk to a new low because I have stolen a few of my kids favorites (**cough cough** Camp Rock and Phineas and Ferb???!!!).  I am putting songs together that I know get me moving.  I can't have just one genre.....I need to keep it fresh.  Something needs to keep me going. Besides the tween music, I have some Billy Joel, Flo Rida, Rihanna, Kid Rock, ELO, Lady Gaga, and of course I added the Minnesota Rouser for good luck (although that song is not helping our Gopher football team).  I am even tempted to splurge for a new iPod since my shuffle is hit or miss and I killed Chubby Hubby's iPod.  I will have to post the entire list when I have it done....I am going to need 1000 songs to keep me amused for 6 hours.

Save the Cheese!
Speaking of music....my favorite Lounge Act is in trouble.  He is a party favorite and I will be very sad if he hangs up recording.  Oh yeah.....he has a spot on my playlist too.  My fav is Baby Got Back.

A Note From the Cheese Himself.....
Dear Richard Cheese Fans:

I am sorry to say that I have bad news.

According to our accountant, unless we sell 2,500 more "OK Bartender" CDs, we won't have enough money to record any more music for you.

Please help by getting your friends to lounge against the machine with us at shop.richardcheese.com or iTunes, so we can fund the recording of more albums.

Getting new fans to support our band financially at shop.richardcheese.com and iTunes means more jobs, more wages, and more music for everyone.

Please do you what you can to help spread the cheese.

Thanks sincerely.


Other Life Stuff
Football, Dance, CCD, and Hockey.  Goodbye life.  I vowed I would never be one to have my kids' activities take over the calendar.  I am eating those words.....they OWN the calendar.  I am wondering what the hell happened to kid sports that only was one day a week???  I am not complaining (yet).

They enjoy it and it will make our winter fly by.

Thanks for reading my mind dump as I try not to lose it before Sunday!


James said...

I know the feeling of not training training enough for a race. I'm a month out for my 10 miler and haven't run much at all the last few months. I'd love to see your playlist. I'm always on the look out for new music.

Lisa said...

Best wishes this weekend at the marathon.

It is easy to rationalize that worrying won't do any good about the school situation. Much harder (I've learned) to put that into practice. But better for your health (mental and physical) if you can just "go with the flow" for now.

misszippy said...

Pat yourself on the back for getting to that "not gonna worry" point with the school issue. That's a tough thing to do.

I wish you all the best this weekend. Take it out slow and hopefully you'll make it through without any misery!

bobbi said...

I love Richard Cheese! I can't wait to see your playlist....

Have a great time this weekend! Soak it all in and just enjoy it. I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes for you!

GISrunner said...

I'll be thinking of you during your race this weekend. I know what you mean about your kids' music invading your personal playlists - happens to me all the time. Hope all works out on the school issues. It's not easy letting go of worrying, but it's much better for you physically & emotionally. It's just very hard to do.

Heather said...

I love that pedicure. If I had enough toenails left, I would totally do it. :)

Good luck Sunday - maybe I will run into you there. :)

Emz said...

Heather's comment cracked me up --- so true. so true.

I need a playlist a 12 hour one. I'll be checking yours out.

Teamarcia said...

Hey that pedi looks like my day of the week undies!

Jamoosh said...

New CD - oh, I love me some Cheese!

teacherwoman said...

That's a pretty sweet Pedi your friend got! Good luck this weekend. I look forward to reading all about your MARATHON !

Stacey said...

Good luck and have fun this weekend!

lindsay said...

You are hilarious. I wish I was spunky enough to truthfully answer that pesky "how are you" question.

Good luck this weekend!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

learning how not to stress about things I can't control was probably one of the biggest things that came from my disaster of a wedding

Megsie said...

Um. Hi. I agree. I am obsessing. I think you have a better chance of staying put because you are out of district and bring in more $$$$$. I haven't written my letter yet, well, I have, but it was 6 pages long. I might want to make it more concise. I can't believe your race is on SUNDAY! Holy crap! I am thinking about you!

Cathy said...

I'm not sure that I have ever really felt totally ready for a race - you'll do great! I'm so impressed with people who commit to marathons - good for you!

I'm looking forward to seeing your playlist. My big race (1/2 marathon) is in 3 weeks and I'm looking for songs to keep me going!

zbsports said...

This is a very inspiring story to read, thanks for sharing more good thoughts. Nice blog too.

Megan said...

Don't for get Ke$ha, Pitbull, and Brittany Spears. These kep me going. Post your list so I can add to mine for my up coming races.

I never race in painted toes. It's my thing. I take of my nails polish and trim my nails as short as possible. If not it'll drive me insane.

FruitFly said...

Those toes just look too cute, tiny and undamaged! Jealous!!