Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up-Bleeding Maroon and Gold

This past weekend I practically lived at the U of MN campus.  Saturday I went to the Gopher Football game.  Our school built an AWESOME outdoor stadium and this was my first Gopher Football game ever.  It was so fun except our team SUCKS.  My kids' flag football team could kick the Gopher Football teams ass.  They really are that bad.  The tailgating was really fun though and I would do it again.
See all the empty seats across from my view.....yeah....that is where the Gopher fans sit.  Ha!  We had WAY more Penn State fans at the game.  I didn't notice this prior to posting this photo, but I giggled at the lady wearing a sports bra covered by a practice jersey and Nittany Lions written on the ass of her shorts.....I saw her at the game and  let me say that she was not 18.
A wizzard and why the hell is he staring at my boobs?

Today Chubby Hubby and I took the boys to a Gopher hockey game.  It was their first college game ever and they loved it.  The Gophers won 2-1 over St. Cloud State University.

With all of the tailgating and concession foods around me, I managed to have an excellent first weekend following the program.  I stayed within my allowances and got some exercise too.  I never once felt deprived. 
  • Got in a really good long walk on Friday night.
  • Got up and walked prior to Saturday's early morning game (6AM!).
  • Drank water instead of Coke.
  • Ate only 1/2 of my Tex/Mex Egg skillet at breakfast and avoided using the sour cream.
  • Planned ahead of time the type and number of brewskis that I would have (2 points per bottle).
  • Wrote down everything.....including every drop of alcohol I had.

A note of concern, you may have noticed I WALKED rather than ran.  The marathon was three weeks ago today and the backs of my knees(?!) are still extremely tight and sore.  I started to jog on Friday and my muscles were burning and felt like they were going to rip.  I want to stay injury free so I decided to walk....and even though I didn't push it,  I am hurting today.  I am going to treat myself for a muscle strain and if it does not improve soon, I will seek professional advice.  I have attributed the problem to overly tight hamstrings.  Stretching, ice, and a visit to the chiropractor will be my first line of defense.  I am kicking myself for not stretching as well as I should have.


Megsie said...

Way to go Carly! I am very impressed at your good choices, and with your walking. I sometimes think that if I would just WALK at least I would be doing SOMETHING. And maybe that would take the pressure off. Hmm. I will take that into consideration. I sure hope you figure out your pain. NO Fun!

Kayla said...

MN sports teams are just disappointing sometimes! you are definitely right about the football team! However, it still sounds like a fun weekend! :)

Diana said...

Tight hammies suck! I have been born with those too!!!

Football, good times!!!
Sorry we beat you guys last night! Okay, not really sorry!

Julie said...

I missed this week's game but my son went to it. I know that we are sucking right now but it is still fun to watch and take it all in:) Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great weekend! Hope your legs start feeling better soon. I think you are wise to treat for a strain. Rest up and hopefully you'll be back to running in no time!

Delane said...

wtg. Junk food restraint is the hardest for me. I'm okay at home, but cannot be trusted in the wild!

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Al's CL Reviews said...

Good job on the walk! And the planning!

Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

Way to go...for many many reasons 1) listening to your body. 2) a stellar weekend 3) just being you!

RunningLaur said...

I was getting texts all weekend from friends in MN for the football game (Penn State).

Good job listening to what your body is telling you - everything will loosen back up in time!

FruitFly said...

I love tailgating! I am the only one in the family without season Beaver tickets, but I still have a great time just tailgating. And when I started college in 1996 students didn't need tickets. We just sat wherever, because it was so empty and the football team was soooo bad. By the end of my time there we had to have raffles to get tickets, and we were winning bowl games .... and now those boys are all over the NFL! (Shout out to OchoCinco! and others...)

So there is hope for the Gophers!