Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Year Ahead

2010 went FAST!  I am really disappointed with my progress (or lack there) of this past year.  Rather than focus on what I didn't accomplish, I will list what I did:
  • 3 5Ks
  • 1 Half Marathon
  • My 3rd Full Marathon (barely)
  • Volunteered at 2 races
  • Met some great people through blogging
2010 wasn't a complete waste.

2011 Goals

  • Have a lunch time date with the gym at least 8 times a month.  It shouldn't be hard with my motivated friends, Leah and Sarge.  The plan is to go every M, T, W, and the occasional Friday.
  • Participate in an event every month.  So far I have committed to the following races:
    •   January:  Polar Dash 5K
    •   February:  Lost Dutchman 10K
    •   March:  Get Lucky 7K
    •   April:  Get in Gear 5K or 10K
  • Continue with my Pilates class and not give it up this year like I did last year.  It is boring but a very necessary evil.
  • Make some more progress with Weight Watchers.  After all, it is free for me right now and it would be a shame not to use it.
  • Twin Cities Marathon.  It will be the 10 year anniversary of me becoming a marathoner.  I will do better than I did this year.
  • Do P90X with Chubby Hubby who is also whipping himself into shape.  I sort of promised him I would do it.  *sigh*  That program scares me.
  • Read 12 books.  A book a month?  I can do that.  Any recommendations?
  • Take a lot more photos for fun and learn the basics of digital scrap booking.
  • Reduce self-induced stress.  We are in the process of making some decisions that will be simplifying our family's life.
  • Catch up on Modern Family episodes.  Damn that show is FUNNY!
Anyway....there you have it.  My very specific 2011 goals.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Vacation!

Wow!  Where did Christmas go?  This is the fastest Christmas has come in gone since I can remember.  We had a great time, a small gathering of family on Christmas Eve and a very lazy day on Christmas day.

Dressed up for Church
The biggest Reese's candy bar ever!  For those of you counting points....this bad boy is 72 of them!
I should make reservations at the ER?
She asked Santa for hockey equipment and not dolls
Now that Christmas is over, I have a week off of work.  We are on furlough this week.  Although I am taking a hit financially, it is a great break in the action.  I am glad to be home with the kiddos (although they are driving me up the wall!!!)  I am catching up on some house projects and on my blog reading.  I am also working on my 2011 goals.  At some point I will be dusting off my running shoes to burn off the 50lbs (slight exaggeration) I gained from Christmas.  Oh yeah, and I am running a 5K on Saturday.  It will be interesting since I have not run in awhile.

Today I found out that I have to have a minor surgery on my ankle.  I had this mysterious lump checked out and they determined that it was a Ganglion Cyst.  Since it is so big they need to cut it out.  To make this even more interesting the doctor thinks that it is attaching to tissue and tendons so before I can get this removed, I need to have an MRI.  This ugly stupid cyst is really taking me on quite an adventure.  Plus, I found out that I have an extra bone in my ankle that they want to remove.  Interesting.  I will know more next week.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!  I am looking forward to catching up with all of you.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Twenty-five years ago (okay...maybe a few more than that), I came into this world.  I am having a great day!  Again, this is another photo heavy post but stringing sentences together lately is too much work.

I started my morning with a GINORMOUS (free) coffee. 
Thanks Starbucks.  I got a non-fat gingerbread latte.  I normally don't do fru fru drinks but calories don't count on birthdays, right?

My  Co-workers gave me a birthday card that contained a lottery ticket?
Is it a winner?????  *crossing fingers and typing up draft resignation letter*

Ahhhh Shucks...not a winner, but it was still fun to play.
I guess I will be keeping my day job.

Dear Santa,
I would like a home in Florida for the winter.

Sarge is officially back to work as of today.  This photo is her file cabinet....FULL OF GYM CLOTHES!
She showed up to her first day of work with GYM CLOTHES. Damn.  She is hard core.
We lured her to have pizza instead.  Yes, it was as good as it was last week!
Because of Mother Nature's wrath on Minnesota, birthday dinner plans have changed.  Instead, I am going to play board games with the family and drink some wine (on a Monday).  This little video cheered me up.  I love my Goldy!!!

Enjoy!  I may actually watch Monday Night Football tonight.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Great Day in Photos

Here are a few things (in photos) that are making me happy today:

I got my Christmas Cards done and ordered last night.  This is the front side of it.

The back

The view from my office and the site of Monday night's Vikings football game.  There are a lot of volunteers helping get the Gopher's football stadium ready for the NFL.  It is nice to see that the Vikings will be staying in town for this one.


Eating free pizza with my buddy Leah (note: we are supposed to be at the gym, however, who can pass up FREE pizza??!!)  Thank you Punch Pizza
Best lunch ever!!!!! (That is most definitely Leah's plate!  I am a much more dainty eater.  ha!)

Look who is home......SARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
***Happy Dancing***
Life is good!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


A snow storm day in photos. 
Friday Afternoon:  The snow clouds are looming

Clark Griswold, aka Chubby Hubby trying to fix our Christmas light before the storm
People were shopping as if it was the world was coming to an end.

This is what we woke up to this morning and this is Chubby Hubby doing the first shovel job of the day.
An hour later.....did he really shovel?
The boys still had hockey even though everything else was canceled.  There are some benefits to living on a busy road....plows to get us out.  (This might be my only shot at a Christmas card)
Tough Minnesota boys
I baked all day long.
The view from the front door.
This is what we have at our back door.....a wall of snow.  I feel like the Snickers commercial....not going anywhere?

I am happy we have a warm house, food, copious amounts of beer, the TV to entertain the kids,  and the Internet to entertain me.  *sigh*  It was nice to have a day of nothing, however, I am feeling a bit claustrophobic.  Tomorrow doesn't sound any better.....below zero temps!  Woo Hoo....I bet you all wish you lived in this paradise.  At least I can finally catch up on some blogs tomorrow!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


This morning I woke up, grabbed my phone (yes, it was the first thing I grabbed) and saw that I had been tagged in a Facebook post.  I learned that my friend Kelli had signed me up for our next racing adventure.  I rubbed my eyes and read it again.  I really thought she was pulling my leg until I read my email:

Lost Dutchman Marathon Arizona

Dear Carly,

Congratulations! You are now registered for Lost Dutchman Marathon Arizona. Please check the event's official website for updates:

We had been casually chatting about our next race and this one came up in conversation.  It was a strong MAYBE.  She asked if I registered and I said no and explained that I wouldn't be ready for a half marathon in February.  I told her that the most I could do was potentially a 10K (the new and improved Carly is going to be smarter this year).  Honestly, wasn't sure if I wanted to get off my lazy ass and subject myself to training in the cold could truly commit to a race. 

When I first saw the email, I saw MARATHON and just about fainted.  NO NO NO!!!   There is no way!  Then I looked a bit closer, she signed me up for the 10K.  That I could do.  Even so, I am laughing that my friend just signed me up.   I learned that I should never leave an idea hanging on a maybe when I have an impatient friend who is left alone with a computer and a credit card.  Ha!  Despite my shock this morning, I am very excited.

Now I really have to step it up and start running again.  I have about 10 weeks (or 73 days, but who is counting) to get on it and I will be following Hal Higdon's 10K training program.  Arizona, HERE I COME!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Weight Watchers
Today is weigh in day and the weekly meeting.  I am not going to lie, but I gained a few lbs.  I won't blame my gain on my many Thanksgiving over indulgences but rather than my heavy bulky clothing I decided to wear today (yeah, I am sure that is it)  When I laughed at my gain total, the lady weighing me in shot me a nasty look.  I wanted to say that she should welcome a gain here and there.  Afterall, my being fat is what keeps her employed.

Anyway...Weight Watchers kicked off a new program this past week.  It is not much different from what I can tell but it does encourage making better choices with food.  I think the idea behind the change was that a large apple and a handful of M&Ms were the same amount of points.  Now most fruits and veggies are zero points.  I still have to read more about the new program but I think I will like it.
My car decided to give me some attitude tonight.  It started chugging and sputtering on my way to pick up the kids.  Thankfully I made it home before it stalled completely but it wasn't pretty.   It sucks because I have a million errands to do tonight and a road trip planned for tomorrow.  I am not sure how my car knows when it is time for a trip because every time the check engine light comes on.  I am resisiting the urge to have a glass of wine at 4PM (only because they frown upon parents coming to their children's sporting events drunk and also because a glass of wine is now 4 points instead of 2!!!!!)  Everything should be back to normal tomorrow.  At least I am crossing my fingers that it will be a cheap quick fix.

Silver Lining
Because of said problem above, I have tomorrow off.  So, I may have to be stuck home until the car is fixed but at least I can play catch up with the mountain of laundry that is lurking in my laundry room.  I guess I can start my weekend early!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gym Time

December is off to a good start.  I went over to the Rec Center at lunch today.  It was a very easy (almost non-existent) workout because I had to take care of some housekeeping.  I first had to figure out if I wanted to change at the office or in the locker room.  Did I want to rent a locker?  I decided that it was worth the 4 bucks a week to rent one.  The process to get one was a bit nuts and took up most of my time to workout, leaving me only about 20 minutes.  Rather than leaving, I hopped on a treadmill for 16 minutes and briskly walked.  I wasn't much but it was something.

Remind me to never cancel this membership.  It is a total pain in the ass to get everything started again.

Photo of the Day:

It maybe kind of childlike, but I like stickers.  I keep track of my gym visits with foil stars on my work calendar.  It is nice to see that I started out the month on the right foot.  I have since switched out the sticker because it wasn't on straight.  Anyone else slightly OCD like that.?