Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend-Wrap Up

This weekend I did the following:
  • Ate awesome pizza 
  • Registered for 2 races
  • Had coffee with my BFF
  • Hockey practice for kids
  • Had awesome roast beef sammies at Wally's Roast Beef with the Family
  • Went to Ikea
  • Bought a new bookshelf for our basement
  • Watch Chubby Hubby put together said bookcase
  • Reorganized my office and downsized (huge task!)
  • About 400 loads of laundry
  • Hockey games
  • Went out to dinner with my parents and brother
  • Drank wine (drinking wine)

This weekend I did NOT do the following:
  • Go to the grocery store
  • Run
  • Shred
  • Eat Veggies
  • Record what I ate
It was a very productive weekend, unfortunately it didn't include workouts.  I really have no excuse except lack of planning on my part.  Back to my routine tomorrow.

In other news..... Delane is hosting a a February challenge to "waist" away.   If you are looking for something to jump start your weight loss or keep your mojo going, join this challenge.  Check out the details here.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Racing on the Calendar

I woke up at 4AM.  I was hoping to sleep in but it just was not going to happen.  I was too tired to work out so I did the next best thing.  I pulled out my credit card and started signing up for races (I do not think too clearly prior to having coffee).

I took care of adding my March and April races to my calendar.
March 19th will be running the Get Lucky 7K.  The best part about this race is that it is an automatic PR for me as I have never run a 7K before. I am also excited because there are a lot of people I know running this race.

On April 30th, I will be running the Get in Gear 10K.
My first four months are on the calendar!  Yee Haw!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Week Full of Random Thoughts

  1. I bet this past week I have started and deleted 20 blog posts.   I have had some blogable things but I just could not get them typed out.  I have been so busy at work that my mind is completely mush when I come home.
  2. Our office created a team for the Biggest Loser Minnesota Challenge.  It is a fun way to kick off the new year and create some new healthy habits.   It is kind of fun to have a group of people to keep the momentum going and we can win prizes too.  The challenge is being kicked off by former Biggest Loser contestants.  My coworker's nephew Jesse was on The Biggest Loser last season and he helped kick off the Minnesota Challenge.  He was the only one I liked on the show....not because he is a local lad, but because he didn't blubber like the rest of them. 
  3. I think I am finally over my nasty chest cold.  I do not think I have ever had a cold that has lasted so long.  I am patting myself on the back because I worked out the whole time I was sick.  Normally you would find me fused to the couch.
  4. I have already exceeded my gym requirement for the month.  That makes it two months in a row and perhaps a new record.
  5. Weigh in today kept me exactly the same as last week.  I was expecting a loss but staying the same is better than gaining.
  6. Chubby Hubby is doing P90X as we speak.  Tony Horton is I decided to stick with Shred today.   I am not ready to start that craziness.
  7. Today I felt more like myself today.  Perhaps the winter funk is lifting.  It is staying lighter out later and it was nice the 20's (heatwave)!  And....we had sign up for the boys' baseball teams already.  Spring is coming!!!
  8. Twin Cities Marathon registration starts next week.  I am signing up again because this year will mark my 10 year anniversary of becoming a marathon runner.  There is no better way to celebrate than to run the race that started it all.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good-bye Chuck!

Today was the big MRI reveal with the foot and ankle specialist and decision day on what do to with "Chuck" the gross ganglion cyst on my ankle.  The build up was killing me.  The ominous voicemail from the orthopedic office sounded like I may need an amputation because this cyst was taking over my foot. Today was the day.  I sat in the waiting room, waiting to see the foot and ankle specialist to schedule my surgery.  I saw it as  scheduling another set back for my running.

The doctor came in and went over the MRI with me and checked out my ankle.  He looked at me and told me that I have two options.....drain it or have surgery.  He went on to say that I could go under anesthesia, take time off of work, and then recover from surgery OR he could pull out a needle, drain it, and be on my merry way.  He told me that if he drains it, there is a 40% chance of it coming back.  If he does surgery the odds of it coming back are only slightly less.  He peered into the MRI very closely and told me the cyst wasn't causing harm.  As far as the extra bone in my ankle he told me to leave it alone (exactly what I wanted to hear!)

My decision was a no brainer.  I told him to STICK ME (hahahaha, I have been waiting all day to write that).  So he did....stick the ankle with a needle.  In 30 seconds, "Chuck" was gone.  Done and done. 

I am so over the moon happy that I do not have to have surgery!!  I am signing up for my March race today.  I will say that even though I am happy about today's outcome, I am very irritated at the other TWO clinics that would not even consider this option.  I had to have two doctor visits, an x-ray, a MRI, and ultimately a trip to a specialist all to drain a damned cyst.  I wonder what that bill will be?  *sigh* 

In other good news, I lost .6 today at Weight Watchers.  A loss is a complaining here.  Also, I did run on the treadmill the other night.  Ouch....running and I need to be come friends again.  It helped posting about getting on the treadmill before going because I would catch hell if I didn't. 

Now I am gearing up for the weekend.  Can you guess what I will be doing?  If you guessed hockey and laundry, you would be correct!  It is a great weekend to stay indoors here as we are all coughing like 2 pack a day smokers and the weather will be about -40 below zero.  Yay Minnesota!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Three Day Weekend Wrap-up

I am back to work after a three day weekend. It was three glorious days of hockey and laundry.  Which by the way, I believe I set a new world record for the number of consectutive hours that a washer and dryer can run.  I know you are jealous of my glamorous life and my ability to fold socks.

My winter funk has set in and it is pretty bad.  I am a bit claustrophobic with all of the snow.  We quite literally have little tiny paths dug out from our house to our car.  To add insult to injury, it is going to get cold this week.  Bitterly cold.  Confined to the house cold.  According to the calendar, I have 1 month until I can escape the wintry hell for a few days when I visit my girlfriend in Arizona.

This weekend while I was feeling sorry for myself, I ended up noshing on anything that wasn't nailed down.  Boredom?  Depression?  Whatever it was, I could not keep food out of my mouth.  I did put a stop to the craziness yesterday.  I drank lots of water, ate my veggies, dusted of Shred (ouch), and did an hour of Pilates. I do feel a bit better, but I still feel the winter blues.

I am having a hard to motivating myself to run.  I am not willing to risk injury running on icy/snowy sidewalks and roads, especially since I am healing so well.  Yet, running on the treadmill makes me want to gouge my eyes out.  I have a race in 4 weeks so I have to do it.  If I type it....I have to commit, right?  Sooo....tonight, I am going to squeeze myself between the rails of the treadmill and force myself to run on it.  Even if it kills me. 

Have the winter blues hit anyone else yet?  What are you doing to help them?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Well, Then....

Last month I was contacted by the people that represent the website Well, asking if I would be willing to add content to their newly launched site.   I really pondered it because there is not a day that goes by that I do not have some offer to do some sort of review or a request for a free advertising and I truly want my blog to remain my own boring thoughts.  Can anyone else relate?

I checked out the website and actually really like it.  It is a social networking site that provides ideas on ways to be well from real people in their own words.  I agreed to do a few blog post and VIDEO blogs posts (that is a huge step for me because I am so uncomfortable in front of a camera!).  A few of my blog topics for this site include getting back on track, working out when sick, and keeping resolutions.  In the process, I have found several other people that peaked my interest on their ways to be well. 

This site is not solely devoted to weight loss and fitness.  There are topics the that run the gamut from reducing stress, staying organized, and living with Asthma.  Again, the content is added by average people that are sharing things that work for them.  You can join the discussion or add your own ideas about wellness.  You can check it out at

Disclaimer:  I have been compensated for my participation, however, that does not change my opinion on the website.

Friday, January 14, 2011

TGIF and Stylish Blogger Award

Wooooo Weeeeee, what a week!  This is really one of the first times I have been able to sit down and get on the computer for ME.  This week was full of life stuff.  You know, PTSA meetings, kids activities, and catching up on a ton of work.  Plus Chubby Hubby in a horrible busy time at work right now and has been pretty much working around the clock.  Needless to say, I am happy it is Friday.  Here a a brief recap of my week.

Monday was our first Pilates class with our sub instructor.  OUCH she worked us hard!  I am still a little sore.....5 days later.  My thoughts are with my regular instructor as she had her double mastectomy on Tuesday.

I am really beginning to hate Wednesdays.  It is the one day where all the kid activities collide.  I race out of work to pick up the kids (who are spread out across the metro) and then we head to Diva's dance class.  After dance we go home for literally 10 minutes to wolf down a sandwich and then my oldest heads out to church and my middle child hits the outdoor rink for hockey practice.  Chubby Hubby and I come home and drop from exhaustion.  Thankfully, we are pretty organized and do the shuffling with not too much stress.  My friends with older kids told me that this is what to expect when the kids start doing things.  Hmmmm, I remember when I had a life.  ha!  At least it is Modern Family night on TV so at least we have an excuse to veg out after the kids are in bed. 

I guess the mom jeans did kind of scare me back into reality.  I guess it wasn't so much where the waist landed it was how I looked in them!  Yipes.  Since finding my give a damn, the Gods of Weight Watchers smiled down on me.  I was down 2.6 this week and I am back below my starting weight.
Ohhhhh....last night, on a whim I grabbed a movie off of Netflix.  I thought to myself "Oh, I heard Precious was a great movie".  For some reason, I assumed it was going to be an uplifting and comical movie (I obviously didn't read the description).  For those of you who have seen this movie, image my shock when I realize it wasn't a funny movie.  It was not funny at all.  Great movie but very disturbing.

Thank you to Grammie Brown for tagging me as a Stylish Blogger.    I am supposed to share 7 things about myself.  I am pretty much an open book but here are a few more tidbits that you may or may not know about me.

1.  I am allergic to all poultry, shellfish, most fruit, latex, and most recently tree nuts.  Pretty much a freak of nature and it is all healthy stuff.

2.   The best burger I have ever had in my entire life was at The Nook, in St. Paul.  I had their Juicy Lucy.  Just thinking about it makes me drool.  The restaurant recently burned down (they will be rebuilding and I can't wait!)

3.  I have the maturity level of a twelve year old.  I think farts are funny, the words unit, box, and package make me snort.   One shining moment of my adulthood was when Chubby Hubby and I almost got kicked out of our birthing classes because we were giggling like 5 year old children when they passed around the fabric uterus and we both had to excuse ourselves during the birthing video.  I still giggle thinking about those classes.

4.  I got kicked out of college for bad grades.  I reapplied, got in, and then rocked all my classes.  My cumulative GPA still sucks despite doing well.  There are days I think about going back for a Master's Degree but right now I cannot add one more thing to my plate or I may have the same result as I did in my early twenties.

5.  My first race I ever did was Twin Cities Marathon in 2001.  I plan on doing it again this year to commemorate my 10 year anniversary of becoming a marathoner.  My only hope is that I do better than I did last year.

6.   I was a pretty decent runner in high school.  I was pretty fit and fast.  I do regret that I didn't stay with it and that it took me so long to reconnect with running.

7.  Since this award is the Stylish Blogger Award, I must confess...I sense of style is pretty non-existent.   I am totally a jeans and t-shirt kind of a gal.  Thankfully I have a job with a very lax dress code and jeans are more than acceptable to wear to the office.  I can usually be found wearing blue jeans and a some variety of fleece jacket/shirt.  I do however, always have a fun hair do!  I love to try new things with my mop.  I am currently trying the longer look which I have not done since high school.

Thank you Grammie Brown for the tag.  I can never decide who to tag so please tag yourself because I want to stalk read more about you!

Happy Weekend!!!  Could this post be any longer?????

Friday, January 7, 2011

Mom Jeans

My weigh in yesterday was not good.  I was up 1.6 pounds.  It was not a record breaking gain, but it was the second week in a row that the scale moved up.  I really enjoyed the holidays, okay?  The person weighing me in gave me a look of pity and patted me on the shoulder saying that this next week would "be my week".   I rolled my eyes and mumbled meh, whatever.  My give a damn went up in smoke over the holidays and it hasn't really found its way back.  I am getting on the wagon slowly,  I am exercising but I am still eating like a linebacker.  The calories I am burning on a 30 minute workout is no match for a cheeseburger.

That was my attitude yesterday.
My give a damn came back and slapped me in the face.  HARD.  I had a major wake up call in the fitting room at Tar-jay Boutique when I was searching for a pair of jeans.   I slipped into a pair, I buttoned them with ease, and thought they might just work.  That was until I looked in the mirror.  To my horror, I was sporting mom jeans.  You jeans are where the waist buttons above the belly button, has pockets to accentuate a fat ass, and it holds up the c-section flap.   I didn't like how I looked at all, all I needed to complete the look was a sweatshirt that had my kids names embroidered on it.  Even though they were a comfortable fit, I just couldn't make myself buy them.  So I did what every sane girl would do and I headed to the the intimates area and bought me a sausage roller (aka Spanx) to minimize the muffin top (and of course I am reclaiming my love for zero point soup).

I could have modeled for this photo
In other self pity news, I have a cold and I am about as whiny as a 2 year old when I am sick.  The icing on the cake was a phone call I received from the doctor regarding the cyst that I affectionately call Chuck.  The MRI results are back and I guess Chuck is a pretty big little bugger that is causing all sorts of fun problems with some tendons and ligaments.  So, I will need to have surgery.  Surgery.  Surgery for a stupid cyst.   I wasn't worried before today, but now I am a bit scared that I will have a longer recovery time.  I want 2011 to be my year of a race a month and this stupid benign grown may put a damper on things. 

That is enough boo-hooing for one day. Thanks for reading my piss and moan fest.  Despite all the crap from above, I am in a very chipper mood (thank you to my double dose of Starbucks). I am happy that it is Friday and that I have a weekend to look forward to enjoying.  Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Oh come on now, I think it is impossible for me to be wordless.  This was proven to me when I butt dialed my home voicemail and left a 5 minute message.  I have a serious motor mouth.

Anywhoooooo....look what showed up in the mail yesterday!  I am a bit fearful.  Thoughts????  Should I start off by easing into it by doing Shred (I am laughing at the thought of Jillian Michaels Shred DVD as EASING into something).

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Carly vs. MRI

MRI Lady:  I have you all set up.  Do not move.  You need to be very still.

Carly:  No Problem (I can hold still for a minute)

MRI Lady:  This will take about 30-40 minutes

Carly:  Okay, even for a little cyst? (WTF????  What the hell are they scanning?!?!)

MRI Lady: Yep, and I will talk to you through a little speaker.  Just stay still.  Very Still.

Carly:  Done.  ( nose itches)

MRI Lady:  Are you OK Carly, I am seeing a lot of movement.  Stay very still.

Carly:  I am fine....I moved?

MRI Lady:  Ooops you moved again.....

Carly:  Sorry

MRI Lady:  Lets try that scan again....Okay that one looks good.  The next scan is 4 minutes long.

Carly: %^&%&$&%*^

MRI Lady:  STOP MOVING!  We have to do that one again.

Carly:  (Thinking don't move, don't move, don't move....commence giggling)

MRI Lady:  dramatic sigh... Okay, We are done.

It is pretty safe to say that I would rather be stuck with 10 needles than to have to sit completely still like that.  It was torture!!!  Seriously, why does it take so long?  I should find out in a couple of days what the doctor says.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to the Grind

  • I am back to work.  The kids are back to school.  I am not going to lie, it was a slow start to the day.
  • I earned my first foil sticker of the day.  Lunch time workout was 5.14 miles on the recumbant bike.
  • I have my MRI tonight to take a peek at the disgusting cyst that I have affectionately named "Chuck".  I will have to decide what to do about the extra bone in my ankle.
  • Tonight also starts my next series of Pilates.  Our instructor dropped a bomb on us two weeks ago informing us that she has Breast Cancer.  The good news is that it was caught extremely early and she should be just fine.  The bad news is that there were two lumps and she automatically has to have a mastectomy. Her recovery will be long.  She is a tough cookie and will hold her session no matter what, she hired a sub to take over her class when she is absent.
  • I am not going to lie, I am having a hard time climbing back on the healthy bandwagon. 
Short, sweet, and bulleted.  Happy Monday!

    Saturday, January 1, 2011

    Happy New Year..and..Polar Dash Recap!

    Happy New Year!!!!  I know 2011 is going to be a great year. To kick it off, I ran the Polar Dash this morning.  It was cold, slippery, and my time SUCKED, but I had fun.  That is all that matters, right?  My official time was 40:04.  In the big scheme of things it is pretty good since I have not been running.

    It was a big race and the course followed the East River Road on the Mississippi River.   It was a pretty tough 1.5 mile out and back course with several steep hills.  The first half was mostly uphill which made a nice downhill return for the second half.  The route was mile 20 something of the Twin Cities Marathon Course....and that brought back some crazy memories of last October!

    The only expectation that I had for this race was to finish.  I was very happy because I ran a whole mile without a walk break and there was NO hip pain.  I started walking shortly after mile one because my calves were cramping.  For the remainder of the race I did a run/walk combo resulting in a strong finish.

    After the race we headed home to a warm house and some ginormous mimosas (My champagne flutes went MIA so we drank them out of fishbowl wine glasses).  2011 is off to a great start!  Cheers!!!

    Oh Yeah, I decided to join the group at Run for the BLING of it.  This is a race challenge to complete 12 races in 2011.  It is really cool to read about people who have the same goal.