Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up-Hockey, Puking, and Winning the Lottery

Friday night, Chubby Hubby and I scored some sweet Gopher Hockey Tickets from one of my coworkers.  We had a blast and we had 3rd row seats.  It was an amazing view; there is nothing like seeing the facial expression on someone getting checked into the boards.  We go to games any chance we get.

To celebrate the Gopher's 5-2 win over Michigan Tech, we grabbed a burger at Buffalo Wild Wings.  A couple of hours later, Cubby Hubby's joy went down the toilet....literally.  He was sicker than a dog.  He spent the majority of the weekend on the couch.  I avoided him at all costs.  I am desperately trying not to get this sickness.  Although....he has lost a NOTICEABLE amount of weight and I am a wee bit jealous.

Speaking of hockey, this weekend, the boys had their last practice and last hockey game.  I am not going to lie, I am SAD that the season is over.  The boys had a blast and LOVED the sport.  Back in October, neither one of them could skate.  AT. ALL.  Today my oldest son played on an select team mixed with advanced players.  I don't sound like a proud hockey mom at all, do I?  Well, this family is hooked on this crazy sport. The next 15 years and our retirement money will probably be spent in cold ice arenas.
I can always pick out my kid....he is the freakishly tall one with the bright red socks
We call him the bowling ball....he skates as fast as he can only to knock down several players in the process

Diva is getting ready for next year!

Chubby Hubby the trooper.....he didn't want to miss the last game of the season and he got roped into working the clock.  He was so sick he had to leave after the first game...and he has been on the couch ever since.

Last night, I got some GREAT news....I am in for the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon!!!!!!  I have registered so many times and this is only my second time having my name drawn.  Wooo Hooo!  I know it is crazy to get this excited over a half marathon but my life has been in limbo for several months and it is so great to have something go my way!  I know that sounds a bit dramatic and I know it is but sometimes it is the little things that can make everything seem A.O.K.  Training starts ASAP.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

ABC's of Me

(A) Age: 37 but I act like I am 12

(B) Bed Size: Queen

(C) Chore You Hate: Cleaning the Bathroom.....There are 3 boys in my house, need I say more? *gag*

(D) Dogs? Not right now, but I am wearing down Chubby Hubby.  He will CAVE!
How can he say no to this face???

(E) Essential Start Your Day Item: Starbucks with my crew

(F) Favorite Color: Blue

(G) Gold or Silver? Silver

(H) Height: 5'8.5"

(I) Instruments You Play: None right now, but I did play the clarinet in 7th grade (poorly) and the Tambura when I was younger (also poorly)

(J) Job Title:  At work I am an A/R Accountant at home I am Queen.

(K) Kids: 3 of them.....2 boys and a girl

(L) Live: Minne-SNOW-dah

(M) Mom's Name:  Janice

(N) Nicknames: Car, Carl, Car Car, CarDUCHEka (?) CP, Holmes, Duecie, Chuckie.....I have had several and I answer to all of them.

(O) Overnight Hospital Stays? Quite a few

(P) Pet Peeve:  People who whistle their "s" when they speak, mouth breathers, loud eaters, know-it-alls, helicopter moms, the general public....hmmm, I guess I am chronically irritated.

(Q) Quote from a Movie: "Real tomato catsup, Eddie?" ---Vacation ,"Tommy want wingy"---Tommy Boy,  "Merry Christmas, shitters full"---Christmas Vacation, "Nobody puts baby in the corner"----Dirty Dancing (RIP Patrick Swayze)

(R) Right or Left Handed? Right

(S) Siblings: One brother and my mom's dog that she refers to as my sister

My "sister" 

(T) Time You Wake Up? Alarm is set for 4:30  It rarely happens that I am out of bed and moving before 5AM.

(U) Underwear: yup

(V) Vegetable You Dislike: I don't dislike any veggies.....I am just too lazy to eat them

(W) What Makes You Run Late: The children.  I always blame the children and not Facebook or blogging.

(X) X-Rays You've Had Done: lots of them

(Y) Yummy Food You Make: I make a fabulous Italian Shredded Beef Sammy

(Z) Zoo, Favorite Animal: sea lions or the orangutans

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Arizona and Other Miscellany

The Lost Dutchman 10K Race Report
I will keep this short and sweet.  Not too much to say except I came, I saw, I conquered.....well....I finished it.  My official time was 1:19:12.  That is roughly 12:44/mile.  I completed this race doing a run walk combo.  I did much better than I expected because the last time I ran was the Polar Dash.....January 1st.

The course was beautiful and it the back drop was the Superstition Mountains.  It was an out and back route and I believe all of the races (excluding the full marathon) ended up on the same course.  The course was a lot hillier than expected.  Being from Minnesota, I was happy that we had cool (cold) running weather.  It was rainy and very cold.  It felt like a damp fall day.  Certainly not weather I would have expected in sunny Arizona.  But it was PERFECT for running.

My friend ran the half marathon and she passed me at the last mile of the race.  It was quite funny when she did pass me because she yelled, HEY LADY, MOVE YOUR ASS to me and another woman looked at her and started bitching her out for being rude to slow runners.  She was relieved and laughed when she found out we were good friends.

On side note....if you are looking for a kickass song to get you moving, put your college fight song on your playlist.  It is impossible not to get a little spark when you hear it.  It worked for me and I even got a few strange looks yelling "Rah Rah Rah for Ski U Mah" and then spelling MINNESOTA.

Post Race
I got nekkid with a really cute man and he made me moan.  (Was that my mother I just heard gasp??!!).  Actually, while the above statement is true it was nothing kinky...we treated ourselves to an hour message to work out some of the knots from running.  It was amazing and truthfully, I need to do it more often.  He concentrated on my calves, IT band, and shoulders....he asked if I ever stretch.  I am guessing he thought they were pretty bad.  I was sore for 2 days after the massage but I am feeling better.  Do any of you get regular massages and do they help your running?

Dinner was next on our agenda and we both had a couple of martinis.  Needless to say, it was a pretty early night!  ha!

The Rest of the Time
My inlaws are snowbirds and have a little rental property in Sun City.  It was perfect because they were only 7 miles from where I was staying.  I got to see them a good portion of the weekend.  They were trying to talk us into to moving there!!!  Along with my family, they are the reason we are still in Minnesota.  Ha!  I definitely saw a new side to them and it was like they came alive.  They were so sweet were my airport chauffeurs all weekend.

Other Stuff
I signed up for the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon again.  It is kind of an obsession because I have such horrible luck getting into this race.  I have gotten in ONE time.... ONCE!  I have been throwing my name in the hat for several years.  It is a very popular race.  If I don't get in, whatever.  I will volunteer again.  Either is tradition to be part of Grandma's weekend.  I should find out early next week.

I am somehow functioning on 6 hours of sleep since Tuesday and I am going to hit the hay!  I hope to catch up with you all very soon!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Plotting Revenge

I am a bit too tired to produce a proper report from Arizona so I thought I would show you what my "friends" did while I was gone. They wrapped my entire workspace.  I found it quite comical....especially after only 2 hours of sleep.  I have to think of good retaliation when they are gone. It is nice to know I was missed.

Ha Ha!

Stuffed animals EVERYWHERE

Fun packages all over my desk.  I have been unwrapping for hours.

My chair.....I did make it crinkle-rific most of the day

All of my pens

Files anyone?

My new family and friends is individually wrapped.  Yeah....not so funny anymore.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Arizona Tidbits

First things first.....I will refrain from bitching about the cold and rainy weather here in Arizona because we got 2 feet of the white stuff back home.   But is the desert and it has been raining.  I was expecting to show off my pasty white skin.

I finished The Lost Dutchman 10k in 1:19:12.  I ran most of it which is amazing since I have not attempted a run since January.  I will post a full race report when I get home.

Post race, I went for an hour long massage.   ouch!  I think I need to do this more often.

We celebrated our races with a night on the town and a martini dinner.

Today we are just hanging out without a schedule and we might even see the Sun!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Butt Shield

I had the opportunity to test out 2Toms Butt Shield.  With a name like Butt Shield, how could I NOT test it?  If you are imagining me laughing like a 12 year old boy, you would be right!  What IS Butt Shield?  The following information was taken directly off of the 2Toms site:

Do you suffer from Butt Irritation while participating in your favorite sport or hobby, at the gym or even while at work?

Well look no further as 2Toms has the solution for even the worst Butt Irritation. 2Toms is excited to introduce ButtShield®, a revolutionary new product which is applied to your butt to create a frictionless satin smooth surface that prevents chaffing. ButtShield® is applied with an easy to use roll-on applicator (no messy powders) and will not rub off even under the most extreme condition. One application of ButtShield® is all you need to guarantee a day of comfort, since the last thing you want to be doing all day is thinking about your butt!
What ButtShield® brings to the table:
• Eliminates the friction that causes irritation and chaffing
• Prevents Friction Burns, Saddle Sores, & Butt Rashes
• Lasts all day, even under the most extreme conditions
• Non-staining, Non-toxic, Non-Greasy,
• No messy powder or cream
• Easy roll-on applicator
• Waterproof
 (Giggling yet?  Because I am!!!)

Yesterday was the perfect day to do this review.  The gals and I walked to Cupcake, an amazing little cafe not too far off campus.  It was well over two miles round trip and it was worth it to get one of these.....
Photo Credit:  Cupcake
Salted Nut Cluster-Vanilla cupcake topped with marshmallow frosting and peanuts dipped in nougatine.  I have to admit, it still sends shivers up my spine just thinking about it.  YUM!  Anyway...back to the walk.  It was almost 50 degrees here today so it was imperative that a good portion of our lunch needed to be outside.  A walk was a perfect idea......well, almost perfect.  Walking in jeans isn't always the best idea.  At the risk of toeing the line of TMI....I was walking a little bow legged as I headed back to the office.  Dang inner thigh chaffing!!!

I just received this sample in the mail and I was waiting for the perfect time to do a review.  There is not time like the present!   I do know that this product is similar to Body Glide, I got home and I right away ripped open the sample and applied it to my raw skin on my thigh.  AHHHHHHH relief!  I then decided I was going to take the review to the next level.  I applied the Butt Shield to all the hot spots I kept those tight blue jeans on and I went ice skating for almost 2 hours.  No chaffing.  AMAZING!

While I do believe that the product is intended to be applied between the cheeks if you catch my drift, I applied it where I normally would apply body glide...inner thighs, toes, and bra straps.  It worked great!!!  Truthfully, I didn't know what to expect because this product was a roll on rather than a stick like Body Glide.  As can see from the photos, it is slick.. it is the consistency of baby oil.  It dried nicely and and stayed on the whole time.  I had no chaffing issues, even wearing blue jeans.  It also did not leave marks on my clothing and it washed off with soap and water.  This product gets two thumbs up.  I will be taking it with me to Arizona for my 10K!

I almost for got my favorite part, the label!  It says "Go longer, finish stronger"......BWAHAHAHAHA.  What did you really think I could do a MATURE review?

2Toms also carries a variety of other products that are beneficial to athletes.  Products are available online and at authorized dealers. 

Disclaimer:  2Toms was kind enough to send me a sample to try, however, the opinions are mine.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blue Toes

First Pedi of the year!   I am usually very conservative when it comes to toe polish...I am a sensible red or neutral kind of gal.  For some reason, blue seemed appropriate this go round since I am traveling and all.  Pardon my ugly manlike feet, but I just had to post this photo because this is so out of my norm.  I am sure I will scream tourist in Arizona while I am there because I will be wearing shorts and open toe shoes!  I will try not to blind people with my pasty white skin.

I have been pulling out my warm weather clothing and let me just say, I am glad it is only February!  I am not thrilled how these clothes fit.  I have time to whip my sorry ass into shape before I have to wear these everyday.  Trying on clothes is truly an eyeopener.  Lets just say, I wear my stress and not in a good way.  The good news is that in the next few weeks, the crazy stuff should all come to a head and calm down all at once.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend WARM-Up

It is AMAZING what a little sunshine and above zero temps will do for a mood!


It could be the wine that I am drinking on a Sunday Night WAY past my bedtime.

I think the thaw has was 45 degrees today and the sun was shining!!!!

I really have NOTHING to blog about.   I didn't do crap for working out this past weekend (unless you count lifting a 5-8 Juicy Lucy as pumping iron). has been awhile since I have been in a great mood like this so I thought I would share my happiness.  Or...maybe I am just blogging while buzzed.  Either way, I hope you had a great weekend.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Over It

I have officially hit the part of winter where I am completely mentally unstable.   If one more person says "Spring is coming", I am going to really have to resist the urge to throat punch them.  It is like telling someone running a marathon at mile 18 that the end is right around the corner.  Thankfully, the winter crazies are the norm around my house.  We have all resorted to our own corners and we act like rabid dogs when someone dare infringe on our space.  The weather man says it is supposed to be 40 this weekend.  He better have meant 40 degrees WITHOUT a minus in front of it.

I am sick of being cold!
I am sick of bundling up!
I am sick of snow!
I am sick of being stuck inside!

The only thing keeping me from really losing it is that in one week and one day I will be on a jet plane heading to sunny Arizona.  Wahoooo!  Hooray for the sun and snow free roads and a lot warmer weather and running.  Oh yeah....running.  I almost forgot that I am going there to do a race.  This is the race that I learned I would be running via Facebook. 
As far as the race I am supposed to do, I couldn't be less prepared.  Winter depression got the best of me and I could not make myself run.  There was nothing desirable about running on a treadmill or running on slick road in subzero weather.  So I didn't do it.  I sat home and pouted instead (worked really well for me).  The race is a 10K, 6.2 miles.  I do know I will finish however I think there will be more walking than running.  I am not fretting though....I am on vacation!

I do realize that I must stop sulking about winter sucking. I have not lost sight of my goal to run a race each month and tackle 26.2 miles in October.  So with that said, I took some time  to be a bit productive and figure out my running schedule for the rest of the year.  For almost every race I have ever done, I have been a loyal Hal Gal.  Hal Hidgon's free training programs have gotten me across many finish lines.  I wanted to try something different because I want to do more than just survive the marathon this year.  I wanted something with some speed work and hills.  I found another free training program at  I decided to use their 20 week beginner program and gradually ease into their recommended base week for the next 14 weeks. 

I recorded all of the workouts on my calendar and highlighted potential conflicts.  One problem I had last year was my lack of planning.  I found myself missing long runs and suffering majorly because of it.  This time I have quite a bit of flexibility in my weeks.  I have planned alternate days for my long runs when the week gets tight (yes, I have a lot of stuff on the calendar already!).

Just doing that little task of planning my running put me in a slightly better mood.  Six more weeks of this crap and Spring should be here!  I hope or my house will be outfitted with padded walls.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend-Wrap Up, Award Time!!

I may be the only person in the US right now that really doesn't give a rat's ass about the Super Bowl.  For my Cheese Head relatives and friends, I am very excited that the Packers are there, however, Chubby Hubby has banned any cheering for the green and gold.  So since I have been banished to my little office corner, I thought I might graciously accept a couple of awards given to me last week.  I love getting tagged because it give me something to blog about.
 The wonderful Ms. M gave me the 7 Facts Blog award.  This is a girl that I need to switch places with....She is in Texas and wanting to live in Minnesota, and me...well, I am the opposite!  There isn't too much that you probably do not already know about me, but here are 7 more random facts.

1.  I really hate Winter.  I am sure you are shocked by this statement.  Hockey and Netflix have made this Winter a tad tolerable.  Moving south isn't an option because all of our family and most of our friends are here and we would miss them too much.
2.  Aveda Blue Oil and Burt's Bees Lip Balm are two items I cannot live without.  I have a thing for peppermint.
3.  Chubby Hubby and I met our Freshman year of college.  Minus a two week break-up we have been together since January of 1993.  Time to trade him in for a new model...I kid.  I kid.
4.  Holy Moses,  I just realized that last real job interview that I had was back in 1999.  EEK!  I will be in big trouble if I ever decide to leave my current job.  I know it sucks to have a job with great management and fabulous coworkers.....and the work isn't half bad either.
5.  I am not a fan of shopping.  If I can't find it at Target, I really don't need it that bad.
6.  I am trying to become a reader.  I like reading but I just never make time to do it.  Right now I am carving out a few minutes before bed. 
7.  I am very excited for 2011 goals...especially Twin Cities Marathon on October 2nd!

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award
Thank you Charbelle for the tag.
Guilty Pleasures
Chubby Hubby's popcorn with the undisclosed amount of butter, Top the Tater Dip (a Minnesota favorite chip dip), Chocolate scones from the cafe in my building, cheap wine, and good coffee. 
The movies Blazing Saddles, Dirty Dancing and Bring it On are just 3 of my favorites that I love to watch and quote time and time again.
I have some pretty crazy stuff on my iPod, I have pretty much everything from classical to hard core rap....cartoon themes to country (only a couple country ones though).  I am not ashamed to admit that I have a few songs from Phineas and Ferb (my kids' favorite cartoon).  Those songs are quite catchy and have a great rhythm for running.
I am always amazed at how small the world is and I love finding out and seeing how people are linked....the whole 6 degrees of separation thing.  I also love reading status updates.  The funny ones make my day.  There are some that are cryptic and drama filled and quite honestly, I like them too.  It is like a real life soap opera!

I am supposed to tag people back so TAG you are all it!
I guess the game is over.  Congrats Packers!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I admit it, I had a two year old hissy fit melt down today.  My patience is being tested in the worst way and my level of frustration is just about maxed out.  It seems like almost every single aspect of our life is in limbo right now.  We do not know if the kids will be able to go back to their school, Chubby Hubby's job is coming to an end and will have to seek other gainful employment soon, Diva is in a lottery for preschool next year, and most recently (event that caused the meltdown) we don't know if our boys can play baseball for our own community this Spring due to politics and crazy rule changes.  I am really sick of this wait and see game.  This uncertainty coupled with my winter crazies is not a good combo.  Someone is likely to get hurt.

I do know that things will all fall into place and life will peachy again.  But it is hard to work on any sort of  plan B when there are so many things are are up in the air.  I do however know EXACTLY what I will be doing on October 2, 2011........

Congratulations Carly, you are officially registered for the 30th annual Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on October 2, 2011. We are looking forward to another spectacular day in the Twin Cities.

I can sum up my thoughts with one good old fashioned Minnesota saying UFF-DA! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Month Down

As much as I feel that winter is dragging on (and it is), January flew by.  I am happy to report that I accomplished all of my goals for January.
  • I met my gym requirement
  • I ran my January race
  • Lost a couple of pounds
  • I read my one book.  See below for review

Book for January:
A Father's Odyssey:  75 Marathons in 75 Consecutive Days
By:  Terry Hitchcock and Peter Jessen
About:   Terry Hitchcock lost his wife and became a single father of 3 young kids.  When he was thrown into the role of single parent, he compared daily life to a marathon.  He decided to taken on the Epic marathon to raise awareness about single parents and their kids.

My Thoughts:  Meh.
I got guilted into buying the book at the Twin Cities Marathon Expo I bought this book at the Twin Cities Marathon Expo because I met the star of the book, Terry Hitchcock.  I was excited to read it because he was local guy and I wanted to read about his big 75 marathon adventure.

While I thought it was impressive that he could run so much for so long, I was bored with the story and I actually got kind of  ANNOYED.  I felt his sponsors that he rounded up to help support him with this project were really funding his own personal goal and the philanthropy came second.  I am not saying he is not passionate about his cause, but I was expecting more about what was done for his charity rather than the trial and tribulations of his run.  The one thing that really left me scratching my head is that he took on this adventure it was to raise awareness for single parents and their children and the back of the book indicates the proceeds of the book benefit autism, breast cancer, and diabetes research.  WTF?

Goals for February:
  • Lose a few more lbs
  • Run 3+ miles without stopping
  • Run The Lost Dutchman 10K and not die
  • Meet my 8x requirement at the gym
  • Read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • Not kill anyone due to Winter crazies

How was your January and what are you goals for February?