Thursday, February 17, 2011

Butt Shield

I had the opportunity to test out 2Toms Butt Shield.  With a name like Butt Shield, how could I NOT test it?  If you are imagining me laughing like a 12 year old boy, you would be right!  What IS Butt Shield?  The following information was taken directly off of the 2Toms site:

Do you suffer from Butt Irritation while participating in your favorite sport or hobby, at the gym or even while at work?

Well look no further as 2Toms has the solution for even the worst Butt Irritation. 2Toms is excited to introduce ButtShield®, a revolutionary new product which is applied to your butt to create a frictionless satin smooth surface that prevents chaffing. ButtShield® is applied with an easy to use roll-on applicator (no messy powders) and will not rub off even under the most extreme condition. One application of ButtShield® is all you need to guarantee a day of comfort, since the last thing you want to be doing all day is thinking about your butt!
What ButtShield® brings to the table:
• Eliminates the friction that causes irritation and chaffing
• Prevents Friction Burns, Saddle Sores, & Butt Rashes
• Lasts all day, even under the most extreme conditions
• Non-staining, Non-toxic, Non-Greasy,
• No messy powder or cream
• Easy roll-on applicator
• Waterproof
 (Giggling yet?  Because I am!!!)

Yesterday was the perfect day to do this review.  The gals and I walked to Cupcake, an amazing little cafe not too far off campus.  It was well over two miles round trip and it was worth it to get one of these.....
Photo Credit:  Cupcake
Salted Nut Cluster-Vanilla cupcake topped with marshmallow frosting and peanuts dipped in nougatine.  I have to admit, it still sends shivers up my spine just thinking about it.  YUM!  Anyway...back to the walk.  It was almost 50 degrees here today so it was imperative that a good portion of our lunch needed to be outside.  A walk was a perfect idea......well, almost perfect.  Walking in jeans isn't always the best idea.  At the risk of toeing the line of TMI....I was walking a little bow legged as I headed back to the office.  Dang inner thigh chaffing!!!

I just received this sample in the mail and I was waiting for the perfect time to do a review.  There is not time like the present!   I do know that this product is similar to Body Glide, I got home and I right away ripped open the sample and applied it to my raw skin on my thigh.  AHHHHHHH relief!  I then decided I was going to take the review to the next level.  I applied the Butt Shield to all the hot spots I kept those tight blue jeans on and I went ice skating for almost 2 hours.  No chaffing.  AMAZING!

While I do believe that the product is intended to be applied between the cheeks if you catch my drift, I applied it where I normally would apply body glide...inner thighs, toes, and bra straps.  It worked great!!!  Truthfully, I didn't know what to expect because this product was a roll on rather than a stick like Body Glide.  As can see from the photos, it is slick.. it is the consistency of baby oil.  It dried nicely and and stayed on the whole time.  I had no chaffing issues, even wearing blue jeans.  It also did not leave marks on my clothing and it washed off with soap and water.  This product gets two thumbs up.  I will be taking it with me to Arizona for my 10K!

I almost for got my favorite part, the label!  It says "Go longer, finish stronger"......BWAHAHAHAHA.  What did you really think I could do a MATURE review?

2Toms also carries a variety of other products that are beneficial to athletes.  Products are available online and at authorized dealers. 

Disclaimer:  2Toms was kind enough to send me a sample to try, however, the opinions are mine.


One Crazy Penguin said...

Oh how many times I could have said, "That's what she said!"

Great review :)

Emz said...

OCP's comment - awesome. ;)

while at work? what are these people doing at work?

Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!! Carly, you owe me a diet coke coz i just spit mine all over my computer screen.. :D

Al's CL Reviews said...

This review had me cracking up.

Carly said...


MCM Mama said...

OOOh, I want some!

Great review!

RockStarTri said...

It is great when you can't tell if the product is real or not and then you see the picture......

Grammie Brown said...

Wonderful and very funny review!

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Great review!! I could make so many off color comments!

M said...

bahaha I love it!

Are you thawing out yet?

I tagged you in a handwriting post if you are interested. You know where to find it :)

Running Librarian said...

ha! too funny...who would have thought you could use it other than as a Butt Shield?? lol