Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Shakey Start

Three months of 2011 have passed and I can count on one hand how many times I have ran.   Three.  Once in January, once in February, and once in March.  Did I mention that all three times were during a race?  I was hoping that I would be a lot further along with my running this year.  A crazy winter and a bit of anxiety induced depression kicked my 2011 off at a snails pace.

Training kick off week is certainly kicking ass.  First there was boot camp (still traumatized).  Then I went out for my first official training run and it was humbling to say the least.  The schedule called for 3 miles today and I shaved it down to 2 miles.  I was hoping by cutting the mileage, I would be able to have a better quality run.  It was brutal.  I cramped, I huffed and puffed, and I eventually broke down and walked.  I certainly could feel those 10 extra pounds taunting me the whole time.

It is pure hell starting running again.  I often imagine starting up running is like coming off of drug addiction.  The difference is that you but your self through hell to get to enjoy running rather than liking it right away.  Since I am serial running starter and stopper, I do know that the next two weeks are going to be HELL!  So bear with me while I complain about ever single ache and pain of getting my running legs back.  I am having a hard time believing that running can be enjoyable.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Boot Camp Round 2

I am a glutton for punishment, I went back to Boot Camp.  This week I found strength in numbers because two of my friends also came to class.  It is nice to have people that I know around me when I start chanting curse words.  Misery loves company!

The first half of the class was devoted to squats, lunges, planks, squat jumps, push ups....all the fun things.  Not.   The second half of the class was devoted to work on the track which I have to say I enjoyed (but do not let the trainers hear that!).   We did running drills that I did in high school track and for a moment I got my competitve edge surfaced.  When they said sprint, I ran as fast as my legs would take me.  No times were recorded, but I was booking it.   If I don't die from this class, I may start seeing the benefit with my running. 

  • Too many squat and lunges.  I really am feeling it in my knees.
  • Because of the high stress on the knees, I wish they had more modifications.  Unfortunately, the are equal opportunity ass kickers.  Keep up or get yelled at.
  • The trainers do not anything but bark orders at you whilst sitting on their arses.  I think if they are going to talk the talk, they need to walk the walk....just sayin'. 
  • Having to do these ass whooping workouts in front of the whole club.  I am sure I provide awesome entertainment for those that are watching while walking on the treadmill.
  • It is the longest hour of the whole week!
I am sure I will like this class once my pants start getting baggy.  ha!

I am sore now, I can only imagine what getting out of bed will be like tomorrow!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up-Training Kick Off

I do not have anything exciting to report for this wrap-up.   I was a golf widow/ single parent this weekend.  Chubby Hubby flew South to enjoy some warm weather and a lot of golf.  It was a well deserved trip for him.  With him gone, I headed North to see my family.  It was fun to hang out and do nothing as well as having other people entertain my spawn something for the kids to do.

The relaxing ends today!  Today is the official kick off of Runapalooza 2011.  My goal is to run a race each month, but I have two big races this year that overshadow the rest.  There are 12 weeks until the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon and 27 weeks until Twin Cities Marathon.  I have settled on using another Hal Higdon training program because it has a great track record on getting me across the finish line.  My only goal for each race is to run and enjoy them and not just survive the distance.

In order to succeed, I pledge the following:
  • I will following the training program
  • I will not skip a long run.
  • I will be flexible, yet, dedicated
  • I will cross train and do the strength and stretching
  • I will do speedwork and hills
  • I will do speedwork and hills
  • I will do speedwork and hills (I really hate hills) 
  • I will get on a treadmill if I am forced inside.
  • I will not tie one on the night before a long run
  • I will not gain any more weight during training
  • I will remember that a long run is not a license to eat my weight in cheeseburgers and french fries
  • I will try not to complain about training.  I signed up for this because I love running
Cross my heart to all of the statements above.

Kick OFF Week Workouts:
Monday-Pilates or Jillian DVD
Wednesday-3 mile run
Thursday-3 mile run and Jillian DVD
Friday-Rest day (April 1st!!!!!!! Maybe Spring will get here this month)
Saturday-2 mile run and Jillian DVD
Sunday-Long run 4 miles

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I am a few days late posting this, but last Friday Delane from Euphoric Agony posted an inteview with yours truly.  You can read it here.  Thanks Delane for letting visit your blog!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Confessions of a Stress Eater

In previous posts I may have mentioned how my life was in limbo.  We did not know if our kids could go to the same school next year, we had to wait to see if the lottery Gods would let Diva into our first choice of preschool (at the same school as her brothers to make like easy for us), and Chubby Hubby was set to be unemployed, oh and then there were a bunch of  politics with the kids' little league.  Thankfully my issues are not too major when I put them into perspective.  I will say that the combination of it all was pretty stressful for a "what if" kind of person like me.  A long dreary Winter on top of all of those unknowns made me a NUT JOB!  I am not going to lie, the stress got the best of  me and to the scale slapped me in the face....I have put on 10lbs since October.  10LBS!!!!!! %$#%U^%%^$^%;^!!!!!!!!!!!

But Carly, I thought you were doing Weight Watchers through work?

Oh yeah...Weight Watchers.  Well, I did complete the series through work but I dumped it.  I dumped it for two reasons. First, my head was not in the game.  Call me crazy, but I didn't give a damn about how many points were in that ice cream that I consumed when I was feeling anxious.   Second, the Weight Watchers at work was a little too close for comfort.  I like to remain a bit anonymous at these meetings and one day the person weighing me in started calling people back by their first and last name.  Not cool!  I deal with a lot of people over the phone and I do not necessarily want them to know me from a Weight Watcher meeting.  Plus, the crowd was not my type.  They were down right hostile.  I honestly thought a riot was going to break out when they announced their new program.  Great program, great opportunity, wrong time.  I believe I have hit "lifetime".....a Weight Watcher reject for life! 

The dust is finally started to settle; the kids are back into their school, Diva gets to go to preschool, the boys are okay to play baseball this summer, and well,  Chubby Hubby is now officially unemployed (which officially makes me a Sugar Mama).  While I like him gainfully employed, things are not bad.  In fact it is a nice break for him to regroup.  We will be fine financially for a bit and I have someone to keep the house clean and have dinner ready when I get home.(Chubby Hubby, if you are reading this....GET OFF YOUR ASS AND SCRUB TOILETS!  kidding).

I guess I am only putting this out there to say the storm has passed, life is good, and I am back on the wagon.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Got Lucky

Get Lucky 7K Race Report
Yesterday I ran the Team Ortho Get Lucky 7K.  The short story is I finished with a PR (only because it was an instant PR as I have never run this race before).  There really isn't too much of a long story but I will bullet my thoughts on the race:
  • It was FREEEZING at the start.  I am really glad I made the decision not to check my sweatshirt and that I went back for my hat.
  • This was a WAY bigger race than I thought it was going to be.  I found out via Facebook that several friends were running and there was not going to be a chance in hell of seeing them through the sea of people.
  • It took almost 10 minutes to cross the starting line.
  • I really wish I would have had a better running outfit that fit the theme of the race.  There were a lot of cute costumes sporting the green theme.  Next year!
  • The course was awesome.  The route went through parts of Downtown, over the Stone Arch Bridge, through St. Anthony Main, and wound back into Downtown Minneaopolis.  Again, I am always shocked at how hilly Minneapolis can be.  
  • I ran hard for the first 2K which roughly translates to 1.242742384474668 (I love Google).
  • For the remainder of the race I did a walk/run combo.  I mainly walked up the hills and ran on the flat and downhill terrain.
  • I had some major calf cramping at the 6K mark and told my friends to run on.  
  • I walked out the pain, put on my headphones and finished the remainder of the  last KM of the race running very strong.
  • Finishing time 54:36/ 12:34 per mile pace.  A PR!  Don't burst my bubble that it is an instant one.

Post race reward, a Matt's Bar Jucy Lucy!!!  The photo just does not do it justice!  A burger filled with molten cheese is a little bit of heaven!  If you are ever in Minneapolis, this is a must on your to do list!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Thought Timeline Through Bootcamp

Last Friday, I got together with a few girl friends for a some drinks.  My friend mentioned that she has been doing the Bootcamp at one of my gyms and she was raving about it.  She told me is a was a great workout and a lot of fun.   I told her I would give it a shot because she was so excited about this class.   So, I did and these were my thoughts:

6:25-I am kind of nervous, why was the person at the front desk laughing when I said I was new?
6:29-Oh look 2 young girls as instructor, they won't be mean to me.
6:30- I have never used a medicine ball before.  Bring it!
6:33-Interesting, did I miss the warm up?
6:35- Wow, I really think my arms are getting a killer workout.  I am feeling the burn.
6:40- Yikes, the squats and lunges with this ball over my head are effing killing me quite challenging.
6:45-Push ups on the ball....really?
6:47-One arm push ups on the ball.....F#$@!
6:50-Oh goodie more effing squats
6:55-You want me to do WHAT??????  A bear crawl?  *dry heaving* 
6:58-Note to self....never commit to anything over a beer ever again.
7:00-Ahhhhh we get to sit down, on the bike. assssssss! did NOT just increase my resistance and tell me to pedal faster.
7:11-I'd rather be waterboarded than to get off of a bike and go right into a 30 second wall squat.
7:11-This chick can't read a clock.....this seems WAY longer than 30 seconds.
7:12-Please legs do not give out because we have to run after this.
7:13-Don't puke. Don't puke. Don't puke.
7:15-Suicides?  Crap.  Only for 3 minutes?  I think I can handle that.
7:18-Okay 3 minutes is a really really really long time.
7:19-Plank this.  I will give YOU a plank!  If my arms didn't hurt so bad, I would punch you.
7:20-Oh Little Ms. 20 Year Old sans C-section flap......I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!
7:25-I think I can, I think I can, I think....screw this I need water.
7:28-Sure, I would love to run stair repeats and I love it when you yell at me to move my ass.
7:30- I see a white light...Am I dead?

I can't believe she talked me into this.
I can't believe I survived.
I can't believe that I have made plans to go again next week!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Haaaaave You Met Mary?

If you haven't met Mary from Fit This Girl, you should.  Today she is my guest and she is sharing her story.  Mary's blog was one of the first ones that I started following.  I was impressed by her weight loss and excited that she is a local Minneapolis girl.   Though, I have not officially met her in person, I do hope to take one of her Boot Camp Classes sometime soon!

Here's Mary.......

Working Hard Because We Are Worth It!

Hi everyone! It’s Mary from Fit this, Girl! I am thrilled to be able to talk to you about my story today! In High school I was athletic but I had a horrible diet! Sure I ran track and cross country and considered myself a runner, but I drank pop and at sweets like no body’s business. After high school, my lifestyle slowly got more and more sedentary and unhealthy! I didn’t run or work out, I didn’t eat well, drink water or take time for myself. I was a smoker and a heavy drinker to add insult to injury, but more than all of that I was hurting and unhappy.

When I started on my weight loss journey it was a hugely jarring experience! My lifestyle was SO over the top, that even changing my breakfasts was a hard row to hoe! “HOW many calories in that muffin?” But with any process, it takes a while to get going and get used to doing things a NEW way. Eventually I found my healthy food groove, I found my portion size groove and I rediscovered my running groove. It didn’t’ take very long after that and I started to see the pounds drop.

Fast forward to today, I am a personal trainer, boot camp and kettle bell instructor. People look at me and assume a few things: 1) I have always been fit and 2) that I work out all the time. First of all, jut because someone is always at the gym (because they work there!) they are not always working out. I teach three times a week and for a very long time that was ALL I was doing. For a while I was training for the Honolulu Marathon in addition, but for most of January, I was teaching only.

And, what we see is so deceiving—a fit person, a happy person, a thin person. We don’t know what their life is like behind closed doors. People are shocked to hear that I was a heavy drinker, heavy smoker and heavy period! But we can all stand to be examples at every stage of our journey.

As a trainer, I talk to a lot of gym members and clients about their goals.

It gets to the point where it’s not about being skinny, but healthy and strong. Hopefully it starts out that way to be a lasting journey and lasting change. Just the other day though I had a woman ask me if losing weight and getting fit was hard. The answer was yes and no. When I buckled down, when I put aside what my body wanted and I counted calories (WW points for me!), got to the gym and drank water—then yes, it was pretty easy. My weight came off about 1-2 lbs a week.

Then the other side of that is NO. It wasn’t easy at all—how can that be? I just said it was… the biggest obstacle that I faced was being consistent, being diligent and challenging myself. Was it HARD to do more than 3 pushups—YES! Was I tired? YES! Did it HURT my lungs, my side and my out of shape legs to run for more than 10 min ? YES! But did I find the motivation to push through, to challenge myself to that next level and be consistent in it? Yes I did, and YES that was extremely hard.

The feeling that I was consistent in my accomplishments was almost better than seeing those numbers come down. It was about what I could do, my strength, my level of fitness and the dedication that for me was the biggest part of my lifestyle change. It was not about the skinny jeans or the dress size, it was about my life and my health and whether or not doing something hard was worth it…in the end whether or not I was worth it.

And I AM and so are you—that’s why you are here reading!

Thanks for letting me share part of my story and stop by and visit me at! Work hard, laugh loud and be well! Mary

Thanks for sharing your story Mary!

Monday, March 7, 2011

More Jillian
I was browsing my Facebook newsfeed last Tuesday and Ms. Jillian posted about her new DVD.  Since I have a love-hate relationship with her I NEEDED this DVD stat.  I set out and purchased right away.  I came home and ripped it out of the case and completed the workout.  All I am going to say is that this DVD is Shred on CRACK! 
This workout is tough!  There are 4 levels to complete and each level should take about a week (I think I may have to hang at level one for a bit longer).  This DVD is in the same format as Shred with her 3-2-1 system (3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio,and 1 minute abs).  The total running time of this work was about 24 minutes.....any longer and I think I would have been dead.

It took me a few days to regain feeling in my arms for the soreness to go away but I think this is going to be a great challenge for me.  I was going to start the 30 day challenge today but I was struck down with a WICKED cold.  I will stick with just Pilates tonight and if I feel better, I will start it up tomorrow.  Has anyone else tried this workout?  What do you think?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Surprises

I love Fridays and I especially love them when there are surprises that make me happy.
1.  Diva got chosen for the lottery for preschool (sad that there has to be a lottery for preschool)
2.  I just got off the phone with the Superintendent's office....the boys can stay at their current school!!!!
3.  Diva's Preschool is in the SAME building as the boys' school!  ONE STOP PICK UP!!!!  You do not know how much I appreciate this!
4.  More puking has earned me a half day out of the office today.  Thankfully it is not me.
5.  Finally, the best part of today..... I walked into my office to see this today:

You maybe wondering why I am so excited over doughnuts.  Sarge's hubby was traveling to Portland for work and sent a link to some food porn aka VooDoo Donut.  This site not only catered to the fat chick in me but also to my 12 year old maturity level.  The box says "The magic is in the hole" and "Good things come in pink boxes".  BWAH!  They have some really unique types (and shapes) of doughnuts.  One of my favorites was the Voo Doo Doll, it is filled with red jelly!  Bite into it and it starts "bleeding".  Sarge had fun with that one this morning.  He had one custom made just for me (sorry if this offends anyone):
Yes, it is what it looks like,  and it had "Carl" written on it (I have to admit I didn't know what it was right away). I was too big for me to eat myself (ACK!) so I ended up sharing it with a friend (hahaha!). Needless to say it provided me with endless jokes this morning and a massive sugar high.

You need to check out the names of some of these doughnuts, they are hysterical.   I wonder if they ship to Minnesota? 

Well, this week ended up being very crazy.  I had lots of things I wanted to blog about but they will have to wait until next week.  Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!