Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Thought Timeline Through Bootcamp

Last Friday, I got together with a few girl friends for a some drinks.  My friend mentioned that she has been doing the Bootcamp at one of my gyms and she was raving about it.  She told me is a was a great workout and a lot of fun.   I told her I would give it a shot because she was so excited about this class.   So, I did and these were my thoughts:

6:25-I am kind of nervous, why was the person at the front desk laughing when I said I was new?
6:29-Oh look 2 young girls as instructor, they won't be mean to me.
6:30- I have never used a medicine ball before.  Bring it!
6:33-Interesting, did I miss the warm up?
6:35- Wow, I really think my arms are getting a killer workout.  I am feeling the burn.
6:40- Yikes, the squats and lunges with this ball over my head are effing killing me quite challenging.
6:45-Push ups on the ball....really?
6:47-One arm push ups on the ball.....F#$@!
6:50-Oh goodie more effing squats
6:55-You want me to do WHAT??????  A bear crawl?  *dry heaving* 
6:58-Note to self....never commit to anything over a beer ever again.
7:00-Ahhhhh we get to sit down, on the bike. assssssss! did NOT just increase my resistance and tell me to pedal faster.
7:11-I'd rather be waterboarded than to get off of a bike and go right into a 30 second wall squat.
7:11-This chick can't read a clock.....this seems WAY longer than 30 seconds.
7:12-Please legs do not give out because we have to run after this.
7:13-Don't puke. Don't puke. Don't puke.
7:15-Suicides?  Crap.  Only for 3 minutes?  I think I can handle that.
7:18-Okay 3 minutes is a really really really long time.
7:19-Plank this.  I will give YOU a plank!  If my arms didn't hurt so bad, I would punch you.
7:20-Oh Little Ms. 20 Year Old sans C-section flap......I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!
7:25-I think I can, I think I can, I think....screw this I need water.
7:28-Sure, I would love to run stair repeats and I love it when you yell at me to move my ass.
7:30- I see a white light...Am I dead?

I can't believe she talked me into this.
I can't believe I survived.
I can't believe that I have made plans to go again next week!


Deanna @ The Unnatural Mother said...

HILARIOUS!!! I was trying to pick a favorite...but they all ROCK! You are so funny! And good for you for signing up next week, I say BRING IT!

Marlene said...

This is HYSTERICAL! I have so been there. Awesome job, lady!

Karen said...

LOL - yep that sounds like a pretty accurate description of the boot camps I have attended. Loved every minute (once it was over)!

L Finch said...

Your post made me LOL. Way to go woman!!! Keep up the AMAZING work!! (side note:) If you're ever looking for a guest blogger I'm your gal! Check out my blog and follow me back! Cheers!
- Liz

Anonymous said...

Ummm...I always wanted to try one of these classes...I might try to punch the instructor afterwards, however

Al's CL Reviews said...

Thank you for this! I will never be going to boot camp!

Awesome job!

Heather said...

You are hilarious, Carly. Thank you for the insight so I never step foot into a Bootcamp class. :)

misszippy said...

That was great..can totally picture it! Glad you'll be back.

Diana said...

That was F**king hilarious!!! So damn true-now add a kb to the mix and that was my class this morning!!!

Hang tough and always smile during class, it pisses us instructors off big time! hahaha!

akjenniekt said...

sounds brutal- but those are always the best classes (because you feel so good for surviving it :) ).

Delane said...

yeah I actually laughed out loud. I feel your pain.

Lindsey Lu said...

so funny! I have been known to cuss at my TV from time to time (exercise dvds)

WannabeRunner said...

Haha love it - i can totally see me having the same dialouge in my head.

Running Around Acres said...

Awesome and funny. Way to go.

Melinda said...

I love it...and I can totally relate! Good luck next week!

Tish said...

You make me laugh! Good for you for planning to go again next time. We'll be checking . . . .

MCM Mama said...

Awesome! Where do I sign up? ;o)

Running Down a Dream said...

LOLOLOLOL I just died. You are hysterical. I went to a bootcamp class a few weeks ago and I seriously have never felt more out of shape in my life. I have no muscle strength!

You description makes sound as hectic and insane as it is!

trifitmom said...

giddy up

that's what she said...'s so true!

MizFit said...

you are too freakin FUNNY!!!

this is why Ive never bootcamped :)

Anonymous said...

i did bootcamp for a few years.

here's my objection: in the summmer (and it can get very hot down here) the outside workout can be very intense for some of the participants. after the 3rd person was sent to the hospital for dehydration, i resigned.

that's serious stuff.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

So very true. I think in all of my painful exercise endeavors I have had that conversation.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

this sounds alot like me at Core Fusion!!! seriously I kow it's good for me, but OUCH

Bethlin said...

Love it! This reminds me (a little) of my first rowing race - a 500m sprint. I can remember everything I thought and it mostly consisted of, "WTF was I thinking, I'm no athlete, don't puke. don't puke don't puke. situp. dontpuke dontpuke dontpuke. is this race STILL GOING ON?!? dontpukedontpukedontpuke", etc.

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

I love the play by play. I do a spin class that I curse my instructer in my head through most the class, I might call him an evil little man in my head.

Have fun at the next class,


Marissa said...

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