Saturday, April 30, 2011

Get in Gear 5K

This morning I ran the Get in Gear 5K with two of my friends from work.  Just like last year, it rained and rained.  I ran this race back in 2008 and it was snowing!  I think bad weather is just a requirement of this event.  One of the race announcers yelled "Suck it up!  You people are from Minnesota, you are tougher than this weather".  True.  He had a point.  But I will say it was tough getting out of bed to be excited about running in this stuff!
I was very glad that I switched from the 10K to the 5K.  Not only to cut time off of being on the course but because I am behind in running.  My only goal for this race was to give it my all.  I started the race off pretty slow because of the crowds.  It was hard to pass because there were so many people.  It was probably a good thing for me so I didn't poop out too soon.   When the crowds spread out a bit, I found my groove and ran pretty strong up and I almost made it 2 full miles.  At that point, my legs cramped up and I had this weird heartburn feeling.  I slowed down and then ended up walking for about 3 blocks.  At the 2 mile marker, I started running and I picked up the pace.  I know I was running faster than the first 2 miles.  I kept going and when I saw the finish line, my inner Flo Jo took over and I was somehow able to sprint it in.  I crossed the finish line and felt like I was going to throw up.  That is how I know I gave it my all and I have no regrets.  I felt like I did a good job.
I chose not to wear my Garmin or any other timing tool.  I just wanted to run and have  good time.  I know I am slow right now and I don't need a reminder.  When I crossed the finish line, I missed the clock so I had no clue how I did.  Thankfully the race results were posted shortly after I got home.  The results:
Chip Time:  38:13
12:18 per mile
1344 out of 1861
842 out of 1253 Females
322 out of 450 Females in age group
Overall, I am very happy with my results.  This race is now my fourth race of the year.  I am four for four and right on track with my race a month goal.

 Michele and Kathy looking happy even though they are soggy!

We are done!  Soaking wet and cold but happy with our results.
The Swag.  A tee shirt and a nice reusable bag.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Great Day and a Great Run

It is just another day in paradise here.  It was cold, rainy, gray, and ....wait for it....snow.  More fracking the end of April!!!  The weather set the stage for a funky mood right away this morning and I was sure my day was going to go down the toilet.  I was wrong.  It ended up being kind of a great day. 

I started my day off with a super duper high maintenance coffee order from Starbucks.  I am normally a tall black coffee girl but today I was the pain in the ass that ordered a total diva coffee....a  nonfat, triple grande, half pump of vanilla flavor, latte.  It was TASTY and worth the 215 calories!  I can say it certainly fired up my heart before 7AM this morning.

 I received an appreciation award from work.  It is basically the equivalent to "Employee of the Month" without the rock star parking.  Today, my big boss handed me a certificate and a gift card.  Even though it is minor thing, it is always nice to get a little pat on the back and know that you are appreciated.  When I hung my certificate, I noticed "appreciation for ?".  Ha!!  They know me too well!     

The day continued to get better because I had lunch with my favorite girls, two major problems I have been working on were solved today, and we head back to Starbucks for a late afternoon caffeine boost and a little treat......HEAVEN!  These are tiny treats that about about 3 bites.  It is the perfect size to satisfy a sweet tooth.  I had the mini chocolate peanut butter cupcake.

Then best part of my day happened.....drum roll please......
I RAN 3 MILES!!!!  I ran three whole miles without stopping.  I have not done this since LAST AUGUST!
It was slow, but I did it.  This is a huge milestone for me.  I have been struggling for months to break through the 1-2 mile barrier.  I finally did it!  I think it was all the extra caffeine that helped!  I hope I can repeat this tomorrow and for Saturday's 5K.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Recap, Family Food Traditions

This year American Easter and Serbian Orthodox Easter fell on the same day which does not happen every year.  The Easter Bunny usually gets to visit our house twice.  We had a small celebration at my parents home and I can sum up the weekend with one word....FOOD.  Traditionally for Serbian Easter we have Lamb, Sarma (cabbage rolls), a big tossed salad, and some crusty bread.  My brother and I wanted to get a but cultured and we begged our mom to teach us how to make Sarma. 

Step one:  Make a drink.  You cannot prepare Serbian food without a cocktail.  Done!

Step two, dig out the largest bowl and pot you can find (I think my kids' toddler swimming pool is smaller)

Step three:  Prepare the meat.  This bowl contains 7lbs of meat.  Yes, in our house 7lbs of meat is completely appropriate for 8 adults.  The meat mixture is 3lbs of ground beef, 3lbs of ground pork, and 1lb of ground ham.

Step four:  Add eggs.  Season. Mix by hand.  Ewwww.  I made my brother do this part because I really do not enjoy touching raw meat.

Step Five: Not pictured add cooked rice and mush some more....also my brother's job.

Step Six:  Prepare the sour head cabbage by separating the leaves.  These leaves are what we will hold the meat.  I really can't tell if my brother is smelling the sour heads or if he is simulating a self-motorboat.  Knowing him, my guess is the later.

Step seven:  Roll the meat mixture into small footballs.  Then roll with the sour head leaves.  There is a very specific way to do this and I think my mom was getting annoyed that I didn't do it  right.  After about 2 of the rolls I lost interest and left the rest for my brother.
Step eight:  Layer rolls in big toddler sized swimming pool pot and add smoked meat.  My mom had kielbasa and ham hocks (*shudder*).  I got the "Ugh...Carly, it is Easter.  Don't talk like that!" when I told her what the ham hock looked like.

Step nine:  I can't remember what step nine was but I believe it was on the stove at this point.  Like I said, the alcohol ADD kicked in and I was done.  The rest was up to them.  Once they were done, they popped them in the fridge and they were set to go for Easter Sunday.  I think it may be awhile before my mom teaches us anything else in the kitchen.  ha!

Easter Morning, the children woke up around 5AM to hunt for their Easter Baskets.  They found them right away and had a sugar high by 5:20AM.  Since I was barely awake, I didn't care that they were eating jelly beans by the fist full.  A bit later, we were all dressed and ready for church.  The photo below was the only quasi-nice one I could get of them dressed up.

After church we feasted...maybe a little too much.  My pants were a bit tighter when dinner was over.  I have to say our Sarma turned out great!(I am taking my fair share of the credit because I am in the photos, ha!).  With full bellies, we headed back to Minneapolis.  Some of us came crashed

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a Happy Easter (if you celebrate).  What are some of your family food traditions?

Note:  I did do a small run while I was visiting my parents.  I may have canceled out the wine I drank.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Easter

I will not bitch about snow on April 20th but I would like to point out to our weather man that this is way more than "flurries".  Hmmmmmfp.....(and it is still coming down).  I am seriously dreaming of moving to a state where Winter does not eat up 7 months out of the year!  On the bright side, it will make hiding our Easter eggs fun.

On a side note a 2 mile run + a 60 minute Boot Camp class = one sore chubby chick!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday's Bulleted Random Thoughts

  • The weather forecast indicates MORE SNOW today.  April 19th.  I am overjoyed.
  • This forecast has put everyone in a really chipper good mood today.
  • I have been tracking my food on for over 2 straight weeks.
  • I have lost 7lbs.  Yay me.
  • I guess this tracking stuff really does work.
  • I hate that the only sound I can hear in my office for 8+ hours out of the day is the air flowing through the vents and the sound of my typing.
  • Boot Camp is tonight.  I am looking forward to it.  Why?  I am not sure.
  • It is not a good idea to eat ice cream before a run even if it is your favorite flavor.
  • Please God, do not let the boys' personal story they need to tell for play auditions be about farting or pooping.
  • My new running play list rocks....I don't care what people say, Rebecca Black's "Friday" is a great tune to take on a run.
  • I miss reading blogs and I think things are settling down to get caught up.
  • I am really glad that Chubby Hubby's softball schedule caused me to dump my Pilates class.***

***Last night was my last night of Pilates with my current instructor.  This time last year I quit her class.  There were several reasons why I quit the class this time.  Her rates went up, she treated her class like a personal therapy session (I don’t pay to hear her drama), and her routine never ever changed.  On top of that, she never once walked around the class to ensure we were all doing the moves properly.  
Chubby Hubby spared me the uncomfortable conversation when he informed me that his softball league plays on Monday nights.  I simply told her that the schedule no longer worked.  I am a huge believer in signs and my pilates band broke during our routine last night.  That was enough to tell me I was making the right decision. I have no plans to give up my core workouts.  I need them but I do not have to go to this class.  I have Pilates at my gym.....for free.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend-Wrap Up

I am winding down this crazy weekend with a glass of wine and a chocolate cupcake.  Should I admit that this is my dinner? I am trying not to be in a foul mood because of Mother Nature's cruel joke of dumping snow on us in the middle of April.  The rest of my family is in a similar mood.  The kids are planted in front of the TV and Chubby Hubby is in some other corner of this house.  As I type I am wrapped in a blanket,wearing my fuzzy Uggs.  I am sick of being COLD!  I will quit bitching because I guess I would rather take this crap over the tornado shenanigans Mother Nature pulled down South.

My weekend started with a trip to the dentist.  I sat in the chair shaking....I am kind of a wuss.  The dental assistant took a look at my fractured tooth and did the Joey Lawrence "Whoa".  That settled my nerves.  The the sub dentist came in to took a look and said that I did a nice job with the break.    I told him about the popcorn and he laughed while told me that his other business was selling popcorn because it keeps his dental business hopping (FYI, popcorn is responsible for lots and lots of broken teeth).  He patched me up until my regular dentist could see me on Wednesday and sent me on my way.  I will need a crown.  The dentist said it was a multi-step process and expensive.  Grrrreat.

Chillin in the dentist can't see my white knuckles
Friday and Saturday was dance mania!  Diva had her very first dance recital.  It is no secret that I really was not into the whole "dance culture".  I was the mom rolling her eyes in the corner when the little girls would flounce by saying "I'm a princess!!".  I just about broke into hives when I walked into the backstage area and saw a sea of pink, purple, sequins, and glitter.  I am in no way shape or form a "girly girl".  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree either.  I had to tell Diva that there would be no sliding across the floor on her knees and to refrain from telling people she farted.

Diva surprised us all as she fearlessly danced stage and looked as cute as a bugs ear!  She danced and she did awesome.  My BFF and I were taking monetary bets if our daughters would be the ones running from the stages screaming.  Neither one of them did and I am very proud.  The recital was really low key and laid back.  The musical numbers went quick and they were entertaining.  Kudos to the dance instructor for knowing how to put on a good show and how to deal with sooooo many little girls.  I think she will be doing this again next year and I have a feeling that we may get sucked into be dance moms (Bwah!  That thought makes me laugh!)
Diva and her BFF

This is why you do not tell 3 year old girls to smile

She cleans up well if I do say so myself
Today we celebrated Easter with my inlaws.  Chubby hubby made the "salad: in the picture below.  His mom wanted us to specifically bring this dish.  I was poking fun at him all morning as he was putting this together.
This "salad" contains:
  • Pretzels
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Cool-Whip
  • Pineapple
  • Cream Cheese

It is really healthy!!!  Ha!  I have named this recipe "White Trash".  I do have to say, do not knock it until you try it....I finally gave in and had a bite.  It was was delicious.  I may run it through the recipe converter on my tracking website just to see how many calories is in this dish.  I could get used to eating "salads" like this.

I used the weather  and my busy weekend as an excuse not to run.  The wind, snow/rain/, and gloomy skies did nothing to help motivate me and going to the gym didn't fit in my schedule this I skipped it.  I am not off the hook, I have my plan in place for the week ahead and it is going to be kind of brutal.  In the meantime, I going to enjoy another glass of wine and watch some AbFab!  I love that show and was informed that there was a marathon today!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

You Got a Purdy Mouth!

Last night after the kiddos were all nestled in bed, Chubby Hubby and I  also settled in for our Wednesday night ritual.  Modern Family.  He popped some of his famous undisclosed amount of butter popcorn for us to have while we camped out in front of the television.  We were not going to have any, but the mood hit us.  Before I could protest, Chubby Hubby was in the kitchen pulling out his beloved popcorn pot.

I hold his popcorn responsible for part of my weight gain (always his fault) because it is so awesome.  It not the healthy air-popped stuff, it is the real deal made on the stove with real oil and real butter.  We got into a bad habit of having it every night.  We were like crack addicts looking for a fix when 8pm rolled around.  Finally, we had a come to Jesus talk about breaking our addiction to this treat because the needle on the scale was going the wrong direction.    We acknowledged we had a problem and we have slowly been weaning ourselves.  We gave in last night and dove into our washing machine sized bowls.

I made a deal with myself that I was only going to have a couple of handfuls.   After my first four handfuls, I promised myself I would not eat more than a third of the bowl.  Okay, half of the bowl.  I finally settled on leaving a few kernels (the unpopped ones).  Just as I was getting to the final fist fulls..... that is when it happened....Divine intervention.  I dropped the popcorn immediately and ran for the bathroom.

I thought I had a hull stuck in my tooth or gum, but some thing felt really wrong.  I was hoping and praying that a little floss would take care of the problem.  I looked in the mirror and my eyes widened with horror.... I realized that half my tooth was GONE!!!!!!!  The worst part about it is that as I was inhaling the popcorn, I must have SWALLOWED my darn tooth (I am not going to look for it...eeew).  

I started FREAKING OUT!  Chubby Hubby sprinted to my side to see what happened and his eyes got really big.  Then my wonderful, supportive husband (sarcasm) started on about root canals, bridges, drills, and fake teeth.  I don't remember much after that except a string of expletive words that I mumble on my way to bed.

This is quite traumatic for me.  I am quite OCD about my teeth.  I have had braces twice as an adult just because one tooth was "not quite right".  I brush and floss and I am very proud of my minimal cavity record (only a couple very minor ones).  My discussions about drugs with my children involve showing them photos of meth mouth.  I mourned when I found out that my oldest needs to visit an orthodontist because his teeth will require quite a bit of work and I found out he is missing one of the permanent adult teeth (Genetic...but not from my gene pool!).  Anyway, I think you get the point that I like my teeth and I am not taking this real well.

I called the dentist last night and left a frantic message.  I promptly started calling their office at 7:30 (they open at 8AM).  I finally got someone on the phone and told them who I was and why I was calling.  The woman on the phone started laughing and stated that she received my insane message that my have included hillbilly as description of the problem.  She then went on to tell me that my dentist was ON VACATION!!!!!!  She could tell I was about to hyperventilate and immediately referred me to another dentist.  We will see what happens today.  Wish me luck and wish me sedatives as I HATE going to the dentist!

I am a huge believer in signs and this sign was loud and clear that I should never eat that popcorn again.  Message heard.  I also like to find silver lining in stories and this story has one as well...Since eating is a bit challenging now, perhaps I will lose some additional pounds.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up-Progress

This morning I ran 2 miles without stopping.  This is a huge step for me as I have not been able to accomplish this since last August.  I have run several races in past 8 months, however, I somehow manged to finish  them despite the fact that I could not run for one continuous mile.  I am happy that I was finally able to break through the wall and it feels GREAT.  It was not easy and I was very slow.  So slow that I think I could have walked faster with one leg.  Meh, whatever at least I did it.

The problems I was faced with my last few runs seem to be going away.  I have been dealing with my calf cramping with a lot of stretching and drinking a lot more water.  Staying hydrated seems to help things.  The wheezing has been brought on by good old seasonal allergies.  I have combated this problem with allergy drugs that require identification, signature, and a pharmacist questioning my meth making abilities.

Long story short, I happy about the progress.

This past week has been a crazy and not worth recapping.  However, I do believe I can offically say Spring is here because Summer Shandy is back in stores!  I went to buy beer after a run this past week in running tights and a sweaty t-shirt.  Classy.

Cheers to Spring!
We are hitting the 70's here in MN today ( I will pretend I didn't see the snow forecast this week)

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Run and MY run

I will start with MY run. 
This list is I would describe my run (walk) that I did yesterday:
  • Hard breathing
  • Wheezy lungs
  • Crampy calves
  • Heavy legs
  • Miserable
  • Tight shoulders
  • Painful

When does it get fun again?  I really cannot wait until I can run a mile effortless and get up to a comfortable 3 miles.  It seems obscene that later this summer, my "short" runs will be 8 and 9 miles.  It was only my 2nd day running, I will keep at it until I like it.  Fake it until you make it, right?

My Run, The Movie.
My Run is the documentary about Terry Hitchcock's 75 marathons in 75 days.  My book for January was his book, titled "A Father's Odyssey:  75 Marathons in 75 Days".  My review of the book was less than stellar.  I thought the story contained a lot of holes and I was left with a lot of questions.   Most of all, I could not make a connection on any level with this guy.   I saw that it was coming out as a movie and figured there was no way in hell I would ever pay money to see it.  I changed my mind.  At the very last minute last night, I decided to go see what Hollywood could do for this story.

I got to the theater in Eden Prairie, bought my $12.50(!) ticket, and went to get a drink.  Right in front of me was Terry Hitchcock himself.  He was getting himself a big ol' bucket of popcorn and mingling with fans.  It was cool that out of all of the theaters in the nation, I picked the one that the "star" was at.  He seems to be a very nice man and appreciated all of the well wishes people were giving him.  It took everything in my power not to go up to him and ask him all of the questions I that my inquiring mind wanted to know.  I slapped on the filter (shocking), smiled, and simply said hello.

Like the book, I was not overly impressed with his story (I may be the only person in the world that feels this way).   I was moved and got a bit emotional when he and his family spoke about his wife who lost her battle with Breast Cancer.  Of course I am not going to pretend that running from Minnesota to Georgia is something to sneeze is INCREDIBLE.  As far as The Run (as he calls it), there was no substance to his story.  As a runner, I know there are aches and pains that come with running and I know the weather can be a bitch so I didn't feel I needed to be reminded.  I was not inspired by his daily pain, weather, and interview recaps.  I wanted to know more about what went on in his head.  Running for 75 days must have produced some amazing sights and thoughts.  I wanted to know more about his obstacles he overcame being a single parent and more about his relationship with his kids.  His recap of The Run seemed a bit superficial and I could not figure out what was his true purpose on this journey.  He was doing it to raise awareness for single parents and their children, but I didn't see that he raised money (I could be wrong, but I couldn't find any info on this matter).  If raising money wasn't the purpose, I am not sure why he would take on such a journey with sponsorship.  The movie also glossed over and even skipped some important pieces of his story that were included in the book.

I don't want to completely bash the movie.  I was reminded by a friend that this day and age any sort of feel good story is a breath of fresh air.  I may have some strong opinions and conspiracy theories but one cannot deny that this was an amazing journey.  I think his heart was in the right place but things didn't pan out the way he wanted.  I do know others enjoyed the movie.  There was a girl sitting right next to me in the theater and I kept hearing "gasp", "awwwww", and "ohhhh".  Either she was really into this movie or or she was enjoying a little "hitchcock" of her own if you catch my drift.  The one thing I did take home from this movie was what he said at the end...."Get off your butt and do something".  Good advice and now I can say I left the theater with a bit of inspiration.

Did you see this movie or read the book?  What were your thoughts?