Friday, April 1, 2011

My Run and MY run

I will start with MY run. 
This list is I would describe my run (walk) that I did yesterday:
  • Hard breathing
  • Wheezy lungs
  • Crampy calves
  • Heavy legs
  • Miserable
  • Tight shoulders
  • Painful

When does it get fun again?  I really cannot wait until I can run a mile effortless and get up to a comfortable 3 miles.  It seems obscene that later this summer, my "short" runs will be 8 and 9 miles.  It was only my 2nd day running, I will keep at it until I like it.  Fake it until you make it, right?

My Run, The Movie.
My Run is the documentary about Terry Hitchcock's 75 marathons in 75 days.  My book for January was his book, titled "A Father's Odyssey:  75 Marathons in 75 Days".  My review of the book was less than stellar.  I thought the story contained a lot of holes and I was left with a lot of questions.   Most of all, I could not make a connection on any level with this guy.   I saw that it was coming out as a movie and figured there was no way in hell I would ever pay money to see it.  I changed my mind.  At the very last minute last night, I decided to go see what Hollywood could do for this story.

I got to the theater in Eden Prairie, bought my $12.50(!) ticket, and went to get a drink.  Right in front of me was Terry Hitchcock himself.  He was getting himself a big ol' bucket of popcorn and mingling with fans.  It was cool that out of all of the theaters in the nation, I picked the one that the "star" was at.  He seems to be a very nice man and appreciated all of the well wishes people were giving him.  It took everything in my power not to go up to him and ask him all of the questions I that my inquiring mind wanted to know.  I slapped on the filter (shocking), smiled, and simply said hello.

Like the book, I was not overly impressed with his story (I may be the only person in the world that feels this way).   I was moved and got a bit emotional when he and his family spoke about his wife who lost her battle with Breast Cancer.  Of course I am not going to pretend that running from Minnesota to Georgia is something to sneeze is INCREDIBLE.  As far as The Run (as he calls it), there was no substance to his story.  As a runner, I know there are aches and pains that come with running and I know the weather can be a bitch so I didn't feel I needed to be reminded.  I was not inspired by his daily pain, weather, and interview recaps.  I wanted to know more about what went on in his head.  Running for 75 days must have produced some amazing sights and thoughts.  I wanted to know more about his obstacles he overcame being a single parent and more about his relationship with his kids.  His recap of The Run seemed a bit superficial and I could not figure out what was his true purpose on this journey.  He was doing it to raise awareness for single parents and their children, but I didn't see that he raised money (I could be wrong, but I couldn't find any info on this matter).  If raising money wasn't the purpose, I am not sure why he would take on such a journey with sponsorship.  The movie also glossed over and even skipped some important pieces of his story that were included in the book.

I don't want to completely bash the movie.  I was reminded by a friend that this day and age any sort of feel good story is a breath of fresh air.  I may have some strong opinions and conspiracy theories but one cannot deny that this was an amazing journey.  I think his heart was in the right place but things didn't pan out the way he wanted.  I do know others enjoyed the movie.  There was a girl sitting right next to me in the theater and I kept hearing "gasp", "awwwww", and "ohhhh".  Either she was really into this movie or or she was enjoying a little "hitchcock" of her own if you catch my drift.  The one thing I did take home from this movie was what he said at the end...."Get off your butt and do something".  Good advice and now I can say I left the theater with a bit of inspiration.

Did you see this movie or read the book?  What were your thoughts?


Stacey said...

Cool that he was there! I haven't seen the movie or read the book...thanks for the honest review.

Diana said...

I just don't understand why people continue to do things that don't make 'em happy anymore. If running does nothing for you-you should find something that does. I really don't mean to make this sound mean, but if something brings such misery to me, I give it up and find something that brings pleasure!
Just my thought......don't be mad! :)
You can easily use the "4-Day Win" in this situation!

termite said...

i did see the movie and i didn't understand him. i still don't really understand what and why he did what he did. i was left with many questions.

*also, i'm not sure (just my observation) that he ran his journey for all the right reasons. in short, i wasn't impressed with this fella.

Cathy said...

I have not read the book, but I did hear about his journey. Thanks for being so honest in your review. I love your final assessment - Get off your butt and do something! Everyone can relate to that!

Marissa said...

heard about the journey but haven't seen or read the story. Glad you gave us your honest review...but yes, as you said pretty incredible journey!

Running Around Acres said...

I have neither read the book nor seen the movie. I do not think I need to do either now.

I suggest 'Personal Record' by Rachel Toor. Good book and a very easy, fast read.

Delane said...

I haven't read the book or seen the movie. I wait until I can see the move for free. I never really liked his story.

Jess said...

I haven't seen the movie or read the book, but I have heard similar criticisms like yours, so you must not be alone in your confusion.

Your runs will get easier! Hang in there!

Mary said...

WOW! I haven't read the book or watched the movie, but am really wanting to see it. I can't beieve he was there, I would have snapped a pic! Great post, good luck with the running getting easier, it will!!

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

Sometime I laugh when I am running a short run an it is so hard, I know that I can run 10 miles (or 26.2) so why is 2 so damn hard.

Are you making it fun for yourself? Are you running with friends, do you have music?

Give yourself a little something to take your mind off what you are doing.

Every run gets you closer to the one that will feel good.

Happy Running,


lifestudent said...

How long does it take? I'm starting to feel better - I've been running for almost 8 weeks, but took almost 2 of them off. Consecutively maybe about 4? So I'd say a month of running regularly has made me more confident and capable of easily doing three miles again!

Heather said...

We saw the movie last week as well in Massachusetts. Honestly, reading your blog entry I thought I was the only one who felt that way.

In 1997 I lost my husband to colon cancer and ballooned up to 250 lbs. Through diet and exercise I have lost 70 pounds and am training for my first half. Guess I was looking to identify with him more than I could - and I tried.

Also - not sure what is cause really did/does.

Karen said...

LOL. Too funny that he was in the same theater. I would have been tempted to pepper him with questions too. I saw the movie, wasn't a huge fan. It felt like it was missing something. You are right, they didn't go into much of what he was thinking or feeling during the run. It was just sort of "here I am running look at me". Yes, AWESOME accomplishment. Certainly not something I could do in this lifetime. At the end I was left with the impression that he was disappointed that he didn't get a big media following. Not because of the exposure it would have given the charity but himself personally. Maybe I misinterpreted it but that was my impression. Luckily I was given free tickets. It wasn't worth $12.50.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your review. I watched both , the terry fox story, and terry Hitchcock story on Netflix, same day. Terry fox brought tears, inspiration, and awareness. Terry Hitchcock made me skeptical, and left me with questions. Such as, did he really run marathons or just perform a cool demanding road trip with his son, for the sake of someday being a motivational speaker. Clever if he did, but still not inspirational to this doubting Thomas. Single parent still waiting for inspiration!