Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend-Wrap Up

I am winding down this crazy weekend with a glass of wine and a chocolate cupcake.  Should I admit that this is my dinner? I am trying not to be in a foul mood because of Mother Nature's cruel joke of dumping snow on us in the middle of April.  The rest of my family is in a similar mood.  The kids are planted in front of the TV and Chubby Hubby is in some other corner of this house.  As I type I am wrapped in a blanket,wearing my fuzzy Uggs.  I am sick of being COLD!  I will quit bitching because I guess I would rather take this crap over the tornado shenanigans Mother Nature pulled down South.

My weekend started with a trip to the dentist.  I sat in the chair shaking....I am kind of a wuss.  The dental assistant took a look at my fractured tooth and did the Joey Lawrence "Whoa".  That settled my nerves.  The the sub dentist came in to took a look and said that I did a nice job with the break.    I told him about the popcorn and he laughed while told me that his other business was selling popcorn because it keeps his dental business hopping (FYI, popcorn is responsible for lots and lots of broken teeth).  He patched me up until my regular dentist could see me on Wednesday and sent me on my way.  I will need a crown.  The dentist said it was a multi-step process and expensive.  Grrrreat.

Chillin in the dentist can't see my white knuckles
Friday and Saturday was dance mania!  Diva had her very first dance recital.  It is no secret that I really was not into the whole "dance culture".  I was the mom rolling her eyes in the corner when the little girls would flounce by saying "I'm a princess!!".  I just about broke into hives when I walked into the backstage area and saw a sea of pink, purple, sequins, and glitter.  I am in no way shape or form a "girly girl".  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree either.  I had to tell Diva that there would be no sliding across the floor on her knees and to refrain from telling people she farted.

Diva surprised us all as she fearlessly danced stage and looked as cute as a bugs ear!  She danced and she did awesome.  My BFF and I were taking monetary bets if our daughters would be the ones running from the stages screaming.  Neither one of them did and I am very proud.  The recital was really low key and laid back.  The musical numbers went quick and they were entertaining.  Kudos to the dance instructor for knowing how to put on a good show and how to deal with sooooo many little girls.  I think she will be doing this again next year and I have a feeling that we may get sucked into be dance moms (Bwah!  That thought makes me laugh!)
Diva and her BFF

This is why you do not tell 3 year old girls to smile

She cleans up well if I do say so myself
Today we celebrated Easter with my inlaws.  Chubby hubby made the "salad: in the picture below.  His mom wanted us to specifically bring this dish.  I was poking fun at him all morning as he was putting this together.
This "salad" contains:
  • Pretzels
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Cool-Whip
  • Pineapple
  • Cream Cheese

It is really healthy!!!  Ha!  I have named this recipe "White Trash".  I do have to say, do not knock it until you try it....I finally gave in and had a bite.  It was was delicious.  I may run it through the recipe converter on my tracking website just to see how many calories is in this dish.  I could get used to eating "salads" like this.

I used the weather  and my busy weekend as an excuse not to run.  The wind, snow/rain/, and gloomy skies did nothing to help motivate me and going to the gym didn't fit in my schedule this I skipped it.  I am not off the hook, I have my plan in place for the week ahead and it is going to be kind of brutal.  In the meantime, I going to enjoy another glass of wine and watch some AbFab!  I love that show and was informed that there was a marathon today!


Al's CL Reviews said...

Diva is a cutie!
I love Abfab.
Sorry about the snow!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

What a great salad. I think it counts as "salad" since there is pineapple in it. We have a similar recipe that has chocolate striped shortbread cookies (and pineapple) in it!

Stephanie Anne said...

haha Ab Fab, I used to love that show!!

Id be sulking about the snow too!

Carly said...

awww, but those little ballerinas are so cute!

Cathy said...

Your little dancer looks so adorable! And that salad - I'm sure it's low cal! Reminds me of my mom's strawberry, pretzel, cream cheese salad. Isn't that funny that they're called "salads"?

Hope your weather, and your tooth, improve!

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