Monday, May 30, 2011

It is a Good Sign When....

Your Bib # is 262 on the first official day of marathon training.  Twin Cities Marathon, here I come!

This weekend was a whirlwind!  Almost every second had something planned, but it was all great things.  I photographed my friend's surprise renewal of vows on Saturday (yes she surprised the hell out of her hubby) , Sunday we had a family get together to celebrate two of our nephews' graduations, then we attended my friend's Big Memorial Bash.  Today it was a 5K, more photos, and then a cookout.

With all of the food centric events, I am happy to say I survived and rocked the South Beach Diet despite all of the temptations.  I stuck to the plan (except one tiny little salted nut roll bar that I made for the was mostly protein anyway).  I achieved the almost impossible....I made it 7 full days with not one glass of wine or a beer.  You bet your ass I am patting myself on the back being able to make it through Memorial Weekend without one sip of alcohol (does that me sound like an alcoholic?).

Today's 5K was a race hosted by Charities Challenge.  It was not a personal best nor was it a personal worst.  It was not chip timed so I really do not know what my time really was.  I do know it was under 40 minutes.  I feel more energetic yet I felt like I was dragging a bit on the course.  I am going to blame the lack of carbs.  Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet seems to be great so far, but I will admit it is the best thing for running..  When we started, the storm clouds were rolling in and the skies were BLACK!  But alas, the rain held off until we were done.  I was happy it did not interfere with the race because I was able to complete my 5th race of the year.  I am now five for five!

One cool things about today was I saw a bunch of pink shirts referencing a very familiar blog... Prior Fat Girl.  I spotted Jen, the blog author of Prior Fat Girl.  I have been following her blog for a few years.  She has an amazing and very inspirational weight loss story!  She looks AMAZING.  She was not running this event, however, she was there cheering loudly.  I introduced myself before the race and as I crossed the finish line, I heard her cheering me on.  I love reading blogs that are local to me, and I love it when our paths cross.

Total weight loss so far is still hover right around 7.5lbs which I cannot complain about since it has only been a week.  Chubby Hubby is still going strong and has lost 10lbs.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Just Another Day in the Office

What you are seeing in the photo is a bunch of Secret Service Agents and Police.   Today’s special guest that is holding us hostage in our building is US Attorney General, Eric Holder.  Kind of cool to have a high profile person here but it also kind of sucks because the building is almost on lock down  and if you do make it out you have to wade through protesters.  At least I can say it is never boring here as there is always something going on or someone visiting.
I am getting really excited for the 3 day weekend.  We have a variety of things going on which will make the weekend fly.  It will be nice to have a chance to properly welcome Summer (if the rain holds off!).  I am no long afraid of caving in with any treats that will be at all of the events during the next three days.  Why?  I am down another pound.  That makes 7 total since Monday!   It is funny how a little success can rekindle the fire.
My run last night was nothing short of pathetic.  I actually headed out for a 3 mile run and stopped dead in my tracks at about a quarter mile.  That is when I decided to break in to the high school track and run laps there.  I did about 2 miles total but was struggling just to make it around the track once!  I am going to blame my extreme change in diet for this horrible run and I am going to keep trying.  I have a 5K on Monday so we will so how that goes.  My only goal for that race is to cross the finish line.
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

3 Things Thursday

1.   Day #4 of South Bitch Beach Diet seems to be going well.  I am not sure if it is my imagination or if I feel a bit "peppier" today.  I actually feel like I could run whereas yesterday and the day before I felt like I could not get up to go to walk across the room.

Thanks for all of the great comments and ideas about your experiences on this plan.  I am absolutely taking notes!  This weekend is going to be a bit challenging and I will really have to plan.  The hurdles I am facing are:
  • A movie-at least I won't be temped by the popcorn because of the tooth incident.
  • A wedding-I will be too busy working, but it will be hard to resist cake
  • A Grad Party-Again with the damn cake
  • Another Party- We are stumbling distance from home and no alcohol!
  • Post race treats-I always get a fun treat after a race and I will have to think of something fun.  A Ricotta creme something ain't gonna cut it.
The 6lbs lost is a huge boost to the self esteem and will more than likely stay motivated because of this.

2.   I forgot how much work puppies are!  Man, do I love my little fuzz mutt but they are just as bad as toddlers.  She is actually a really good puppy.  She sleeps through the night and knows to go to the door to be let out, but she still has an occasional accident.  I can't step out of the room without her nose up my ass....she has to be with us constantly.  I seriously turn my head for a moment and she is into something.  Chubby Hubby is home with her all day right now so she is not alone during the day.

The kids are loving her and are actually excited to help take care of her (Any bets when they will lose interest?  That is why I am taking full advantage of their willingness to scope up dog poop).  I wasn't completely sure that we were ready for a dog but I see how this little 5lb creature puts a smile on all of our faces and I know this is exactly what we needed.

3.  I bought this the other day:
It is the Pro-Tec Athletic Roller.  I bought it because of my cramping calves.  It seems to be helping but I am not completely in love with this apparatus.  The foam pieces move slide around while you are rolling.  It was cheaper than the "The Stick" but I am almost wishing I spend the extra.  Anyone have this model?  What are your thoughts?

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome to South Beach!!!!

Oh how I wish I was at this beach right now! 
(this photo is a text from my parents who are vacationing and making me very jealous of the sun)

The South Beach I am referring to is of course the South Beach Diet. 

Chubby Hubby and I have both reached epic proportions and have hit rock bottom in regard to our weight being the highest it has ever been.  I can say that the past year has been quite stressful and our bodies took a hit.  Now that life is calming down (a little) we are faced with chubbier versions of our already chubby selves.  We came to an agreement that now was the time to stop fooling around and do something about our weight because it affecting more than just the ability to button our jeans.  Our health is in jeopardy.  He has sleep apnea and is snoring excessively WITH the CPAP mask.  My extra junk in the trunk is wreaking havoc on my ability to run and making me breath heavy walking up a flight of stairs.  I purchased the South Beach Diet book several years ago, skimmed through it, and then let it collect dust.  I pulled this book out and thought this would be the perfect way for us to jump start our weight loss and clean up our diet or at the very least put a fire in our belly to start.

The jump start is working.  If my scale was correct this morning, I have lost 6lbs in two days (I know it is all water).  We are half way through day 3 of phase 1 and I am not in a whole lot of pain.  I have found it easy to follow when I am prepared and I am not hungry throughout the day.  Oh....but I miss my carbs!  The bakery case at Starbucks has my nose imprints on it because I was drooling over the breakfast pastries.  Monday, we took a long walk for lunch and I said no to these:

These are some of the best cupcakes in the whole wide world and I said NO!!!!!

My goal with South Beach Diet is to break my addiction to sugar and eat cleaner most of the time.  I don't know that I will be able to 100% embrace the South Beach lifestyle for life, but I do want to adopt a lot of the program.  I have found that it is very similar Core program that Weight Watchers had several years ago.  The Core Program is how I lost all my weight in 2006.  I thrived on it but never regained my Mojo to go back to eating cleaner after Baby Diva was born. 

I have only noticed a few negative side effects but I am sure that they will pass.  I am tired!!!!  I mean dragging ass tired!  I ran on Monday and had a few issues but yesterday all I could do was bike for 20 minutes.  If I were to self diagnose, I would think that it because my diet has changed 180 degrees literally overnight (duh).  I am a little moody (okay maybe more than "a little" considering my morning greeting to Chubby Hubby was a middle finger).  Perhaps if I read the book, they would go over these side effects.....but true to Carly form, I jumped right in. 

One non-side effect issue is breakfast meals are harder for me to deal with.  I have been having some sort of egg and I am at the point where I am gagging trying to get them down the hatch.  This could be trouble because we are only on day three.  The only other negative is there is NO ALCOHOL in phase 1!  You may as well cut off my air supply.  Kidding!!!  Oh well, I was going to sober up cut back on alcohol during marathon training anyway.  I am looking at it as a pre-training detox.  I am chipper now, but we will see how I am in a few days.

Who has tried the South Beach Diet?  Care to share an experience? 

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Super-fabulous Saucony Giveaway

Next Monday, my 18 week journey to the Twin Cities Marathon begins.  To start my training out on the right foot, I replaced my shoes.  There is nothing like a new pair of shoes to put a spring in your step and now you have an opportunity to get new ones too.  The very nice people at Online Shoes have made it possible to celebrate the kick off of my marathon training by sponsoring a giveaway.  Once lucky winner will win a new pair of Saucony shoes (up to $100).

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  • Why do you need a reason?
  • "Just Do It" (can I quote a competitor?) 
As I mentioned, Saucony has been my running partner for over ten years.  I got my first pair to train for my very first marathon.  These shoes were made for me!  They are a solid, quality shoe that has never failed me. If I was Cinderella, the Saucony Progrid Hurricane 12 model would be my glass slippers:

(I also love these because they make my size 10.5 feet look smaller)
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Life Lessons

  • Life is way too damned short to host a garage sale.
  • You can learn a lot about your friends when the bring stuff to sell in your garage sale. I am wondering why my friend had a hand bag with a real stiletto heel? Funny thing is IT SOLD.
  • Giving to charity makes me feel really good....especially when they take drop offs onSaturday.
  • Watching all of your skinny clothes go to charity is a really really good way to find your Mojo
  • If your table umbrella is stuck, do NOT pull as hard as you can from the inside. Chances are it will break hit, give you a goose egg on the noggin, and your so called BFF will laugh her ass off.
  • Evidently the thing to do when there is rapture on the horizon is to go to Target. Evidently Target is a lot of people's "happy place".
  • Justin Timberlake is the best SNL host EVER! 
  • It is impossible to be productive when there is a sweet sleeping puppy on your chest.
  • A puppy might be better than antidepressants to pull one out of a funk.
  • Mother Nature hates Minnesota.  We just can't win with this weather and I am struggling to get my run into today.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Remember her?

Well, we have a new addition to our family.  Meet Mischa.  She is a 10 week old Morkie (although I do not think she looks like one, but we will see in a few months).  We chose the name Mischa because she is TINY and kind of reminds us of a mouse and in Serbian the word for mouse is pronouced "Meesh".  Our whole family voted, it seemed to fit, and eventually it stuck.

I certainly was not expecting to get a dog last night.  My parents drove to Minneapolis to watch the boys' baseball game.  The met us at the field and when I greeted my mother, I didn't notice the little fur ball in her oversized purse.  Surprise!!!!  I of course freaked out.  I was pretty damned excited.  The kids went nuts!  My friend who had the dog lives near my parents and she called them to see if they would be bring her to us because she needed a home with kids.  How sweet is that???? 

She is a sweet dog and a great cuddler (although she did have a couple of Kujo moments but I showed her who was the queen of this castle).  I am happy to have a dog again!  With that said, I forgot how crazy puppies are!  Wish us luck!

Wow....and her I had a whole post in my head about running shoes.  I will save that for another day.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wild Wednesday Thoughts

  • It might be a Wild Wednesday because I am a bit hopped up on caffeine. Thank you to Starbucks for a free triple grande, non-fat, latte.
  • Yesterday was my anniversary. Chubby Hubby and I have been married for 14 years. He often says that I am worse than most guys because I am the one who forgot (oops).
  • We spent our anniversary watching The Biggest Loser and texting each other (while we were in the same room). We have mastered non-verbal communication. Now that is what I call love!
  • We are getting ready to put on our annual garage sale and I have decided to get rid of all of my “skinny” clothes *sniff*. The sad thing is they were hardly worn because I wasn’t skinny for long.
  • My mojo is UBER-fired up now to shed some weight….see above.
  • I did keep the famous bridesmaid dress. If you missed that story, you can read about it HERE.
  • I have started up the 30 Shred again. I am doing it every other day before work (4:30 AM!). Jillian works for me and I love the 20 minute workout.
  • Running is still giving me some trouble. I did a 4 mile run/walk. The good news is that I ran longer stretches of time and took shorter walk breaks. The bad news is my calves are still experiencing some HORRIBLE cramping.
  • To try solving the cramping problem, I am going to buy new shoes tonight, up my water intake, and add additional stretching time. Any other suggestions?
  • I just realized marathon training is officially starting in a week and a half! GULP!
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

She Almost Was Mine

Last night my girlfriend posted a cryptic message on Facebook and I immediately called her to see what was up.  There was some hullabaloo that left this sweet little puppy needing a loving home.  As I was listening to what happened, I was madly texting Chubby Hubby begging him to consider letting us adopt her.  His normal response to my doggie requests is "Go to Hell!".  Rather, he just ignored my text messages altogether.  Since he was ignoring me, I pulled out the heavy artillery and showed the kids the photo.  They went apeshit and it was now 4 against one.  When he got home, we got to him and he caved.   I was shocked that he said yes!!!! (While he didn't exactly say yes, his agreement was in the form of a heavy sigh, stating that he would NOT let the dog out at 2AM, and that I needed to make him a drink ASAP.  That was a yes in my book!!!).

I made the call to my friend to announce that I would be happy to adopt this little fuzz ball.  Then she broke the bad news to me....she said that her family could not let her go.  They had grown too attached to her over the past week.  Then I hung up on her and told her to stick it.  I hung up a little disappointed because I got everyone excited about potentially have a new puppy.  Boo.  If I were in the same situation, I would have done the same thing.  I guess it was not meant to be.  My gut tells me that we will not be dogless for long.  Afterall, I do need a walking companion to keep me moving.  *evil grin* 

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Hot Stuff

Blogger's glitch lost my very informative and witty post that I wrote yesterday.  Okay, truthfully it was nothing more than a rambling about the crazy weather and how it was almost 90 degrees one day and how I am back to fleece the next....ugh....blah blah blah.  I won't bore you with the details.  Mother Nature does not make it easy to be a runner in Minnesota!  On to the good stuff.....

Hot Yoga
Yesterday I purchased an unlimited 30 day pass for hot yoga through Groupon.  I keep hearing people rave about hot yoga and I have been wanting to try it for a long time.  I have been hesitant to do so because of the cost (I already have 2 gym memberships and lots of race fees) and the potential gag factor.  Thanks to Groupon I get to try this for $35.  Even with the good deal it took me a long time to purchase these sessions.  You see, watching other people sweat and smelling other people sweat make me gag.

For those of you that have done hot yoga, what can I expect?  What should I bring?  Hand sanitizer?  Air Freshener?  A barf bag?  The studio boasts that it has "antimicrobial" cork floors rather than carpet (WTF) and fresh air circulating the room.  I need to know the gross factor before stepping foot inside the studio.  I do know there is strength in numbers and that is why I am dragging my BFF with me.  It is always great to try something at least once, right?  At the very least, there is bound to be a good story with me, a 105 degree room, and tight yoga pants.  I just hope it doesn't involve a hairy sweaty dude (or chick) dripping sweat anywhere near me.

Circle of Moms
I am pretty excited that I have been nominated for to be on the Circle of Moms list of Top Health and Fitness Blogs.  Whoever gave the shout out....Thank you!!!  There a lot of great bloggers listed and many that I read regularly (and a lot of new ones to read).  Voting is now taking place to determine their list of the top 25.   If you are interested in voting, please click the button below and give Chubby Chicks Run Too a thumbs up (or vote for one of the other awesome bloggers).  Even if I do not make the list, I am honored to be nominated.

PS.....You can vote once every 24 hours. 

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!  Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Will Run for Helmets

I think I found just the thing to pull me out of my funk.  I signed up for the Warrior Dash.  It has the Holy Grail of swag; a t-shirt, a medal, and a fuzzy black helmet!  A Helmet! 
Since my goal is to complete a race a month, I though this race would be a perfect way to shake things up.  I guess nothing shakes things up like a 3 mile obstacle course that contains walls, mud, and FLAMES.  Is anyone taking injury bets yet?  If not, this would be a good thing to bet on since I am rather clumsy.  Our friends just completed the Arizona race and said it was an absolute blast.  With that kind of endorsement, my July race was planned.  The best part....CHUBBY HUBBY signed up too!  First snow in May and now he is doing a race with me.  Hell really is freezing over!

This lack of Spring weather and the gray skies have set my mood dial to perma-bitch.  Although my running is coming along, it is not where I need it or want it to be.  I have a half marathon coming up!!!  Ack! I even considered not doing the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon in June.  After all, I am behind on training.

When I mentioned that I was thinking about dropping out to my friends, they stepped in with their own encouraging opinions such as: 
  • There is plenty of time to train (lie)
  • That I am too stubborn to back out (true)
  • That I am way too cheap to lose out on this entry fee (BINGO!)
I am going to suck it up and do what I can.  Plus, if I drop out of this race, it will just be a downward spiral for Twin Cities Marathon.  I know I will not be breaking records but I won't be sitting on my couch eating entire chocolate bunnies out of my kids' Easter baskets (not that I would ever do such a  thing).  Running slow is a better option than not doing it at all.  With the help of Jillian Michaels and Hal Higdon, I should be able to accomplish this mission.