Thursday, May 26, 2011

3 Things Thursday

1.   Day #4 of South Bitch Beach Diet seems to be going well.  I am not sure if it is my imagination or if I feel a bit "peppier" today.  I actually feel like I could run whereas yesterday and the day before I felt like I could not get up to go to walk across the room.

Thanks for all of the great comments and ideas about your experiences on this plan.  I am absolutely taking notes!  This weekend is going to be a bit challenging and I will really have to plan.  The hurdles I am facing are:
  • A movie-at least I won't be temped by the popcorn because of the tooth incident.
  • A wedding-I will be too busy working, but it will be hard to resist cake
  • A Grad Party-Again with the damn cake
  • Another Party- We are stumbling distance from home and no alcohol!
  • Post race treats-I always get a fun treat after a race and I will have to think of something fun.  A Ricotta creme something ain't gonna cut it.
The 6lbs lost is a huge boost to the self esteem and will more than likely stay motivated because of this.

2.   I forgot how much work puppies are!  Man, do I love my little fuzz mutt but they are just as bad as toddlers.  She is actually a really good puppy.  She sleeps through the night and knows to go to the door to be let out, but she still has an occasional accident.  I can't step out of the room without her nose up my ass....she has to be with us constantly.  I seriously turn my head for a moment and she is into something.  Chubby Hubby is home with her all day right now so she is not alone during the day.

The kids are loving her and are actually excited to help take care of her (Any bets when they will lose interest?  That is why I am taking full advantage of their willingness to scope up dog poop).  I wasn't completely sure that we were ready for a dog but I see how this little 5lb creature puts a smile on all of our faces and I know this is exactly what we needed.

3.  I bought this the other day:
It is the Pro-Tec Athletic Roller.  I bought it because of my cramping calves.  It seems to be helping but I am not completely in love with this apparatus.  The foam pieces move slide around while you are rolling.  It was cheaper than the "The Stick" but I am almost wishing I spend the extra.  Anyone have this model?  What are your thoughts?

Okay, I am throwing out more pleas for votes.  Please hit Chubby Chicks Run Too with a thumbs up!  HERE

Also, There is still a lot of time to enter the Super-Fabulous Saucony Giveaway.  You can enter HERE. I do not do giveaways often, but these are for the most essential running staple (at least for me as I am not a barefoot runner)  SHOES!


bobbi said...

I tell my kids every. single. time. they ask me if we can get a dog that I am responsible for ENOUGH members of this family, thanks. It's almost like having another kid.

But so so CUTE. :)

I've always wondered about the stick, but never tried it before...

Diana said...

That is one cute dog! Congrats on that 6lbs-that's a huge boost to keep things going!

Marlene said...

Good luck this weekend! There are no temptations - only weaknesses, and you are not weak! Keep that 6 lbs off, baby!

Claire said...

I have the stick..and the only thing I use it for is to threaten Skip and the kids.

Love the puppy..she is completely adorable!

Just keep thinking about that 6 pound loss this weekend....feels better then a bite or two of sugary cake!

Vee and the Kid said...

We're going to get a puppy soon ... it will be trained to be my son's service dog (for seizures and autism) but I am NOT looking forward to the puppy training. Ugh.

Sounds like you're doing great in all areas. Great inspiration.

Vee at

DaphneB said...

I recently told my husband that having this puppy is awesome birth control....I like my rest way too much and when I was out in the yard with puppy on a leash in January praying for him to just POOP ALREADY at 3 am, I was reminded of how I really like the kids sleeping through the night. And not having to worry about them eating everything on the ground.