Friday, May 27, 2011

Just Another Day in the Office

What you are seeing in the photo is a bunch of Secret Service Agents and Police.   Today’s special guest that is holding us hostage in our building is US Attorney General, Eric Holder.  Kind of cool to have a high profile person here but it also kind of sucks because the building is almost on lock down  and if you do make it out you have to wade through protesters.  At least I can say it is never boring here as there is always something going on or someone visiting.
I am getting really excited for the 3 day weekend.  We have a variety of things going on which will make the weekend fly.  It will be nice to have a chance to properly welcome Summer (if the rain holds off!).  I am no long afraid of caving in with any treats that will be at all of the events during the next three days.  Why?  I am down another pound.  That makes 7 total since Monday!   It is funny how a little success can rekindle the fire.
My run last night was nothing short of pathetic.  I actually headed out for a 3 mile run and stopped dead in my tracks at about a quarter mile.  That is when I decided to break in to the high school track and run laps there.  I did about 2 miles total but was struggling just to make it around the track once!  I am going to blame my extreme change in diet for this horrible run and I am going to keep trying.  I have a 5K on Monday so we will so how that goes.  My only goal for that race is to cross the finish line.
I know you must be getting so annoyed by my constant plea for votes, but we are closing on on the end date and I am FALLING FAST!  Please help me climb back up and stay in the top 25.  You can vote more than once (once every 24 hours!)  So please, click the link and give Chubby Chick Run Too a thumbs up!

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Marlene said...

Oooh kind of exciting!!

Enjoy your long weekend and good luck at the 5K!

ajh said...

Good luck at your 5K. Don't let one bad running day get you down.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Hi Carly! Thanks for the comment. You'll get me back I'm sure...before this silly thing is over. :)

Carly said...
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