Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wild Wednesday Thoughts

  • It might be a Wild Wednesday because I am a bit hopped up on caffeine. Thank you to Starbucks for a free triple grande, non-fat, latte.
  • Yesterday was my anniversary. Chubby Hubby and I have been married for 14 years. He often says that I am worse than most guys because I am the one who forgot (oops).
  • We spent our anniversary watching The Biggest Loser and texting each other (while we were in the same room). We have mastered non-verbal communication. Now that is what I call love!
  • We are getting ready to put on our annual garage sale and I have decided to get rid of all of my “skinny” clothes *sniff*. The sad thing is they were hardly worn because I wasn’t skinny for long.
  • My mojo is UBER-fired up now to shed some weight….see above.
  • I did keep the famous bridesmaid dress. If you missed that story, you can read about it HERE.
  • I have started up the 30 Shred again. I am doing it every other day before work (4:30 AM!). Jillian works for me and I love the 20 minute workout.
  • Running is still giving me some trouble. I did a 4 mile run/walk. The good news is that I ran longer stretches of time and took shorter walk breaks. The bad news is my calves are still experiencing some HORRIBLE cramping.
  • To try solving the cramping problem, I am going to buy new shoes tonight, up my water intake, and add additional stretching time. Any other suggestions?
  • I just realized marathon training is officially starting in a week and a half! GULP!
  • And finally….because I am not too proud to beg (or spam the crap outta people)….Please click the link below and vote for Chubby Chicks Run Too on Circle of Moms. I would love to secure a spot on the top 25 list of Health and Fitness Blogs. My competitiveness is really starting to come out, but there are a lot of awesome bloggers that are also nominated. Speaking of being competitive….did you know you can place your vote once every 24 hours until 5PM on 6/1/11? Thank you for your support!


misszippy said...

Good for you for attacking the workouts like that, at 4:30 a.m. no less! You'll get where you want to be.

Happy anniversary!

Diana said...

Watching Biggest Loser and texting each other while in the same room! That is priceless!!! Congrats on 14 years, may you have many more!!

S said...

Last summer I was getting terrible cramping in my calves when I ran. I upped my water and my potassium intake. It seemed to work pretty well.

Good luck! I know how frustrating it can be.

Monica said...

Congrats on your proud of the distance.

Kristen said...

Congrats on your anniversary!

Jess said...

Triple grande?! Oh man, I'd love to have that volume of affeine cursing through my veins right about now!

Happy belated anniversary! 14 years without murdering each other is quite an accomplishment!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Congrats on the anny - ha that's funny about texting. My wife and I call each other from the other room because we're too lazy to get up.

ajh said...

Happy Anniversary and I voted for you!