Monday, July 25, 2011

Warrior Dash

First, I feel like I need to get my head checked because I SIGNED UP FOR THIS!  The waiver was plain crazy....I feel like I signed away less doing my mortgage papers.  My favorite line was "water has not been tested for dangerous chemicals or disease".  Keep in mind, this girl will not swim in a lake.  With that out of the way, we picked up our packets and had a few moments to take in our surroundings.

Our wave started promptly at 8:30AM with a fire cannon.  Chubby Hubby and I started running when we hit the timing mat.  We were very cheery until we saw the crazy MOUNTAIN hill in front of us.  We knew there were going to be hills, after all the race was held at Afton Alps Ski Resort, but we were not expecting to run up an entire ski slope while we were in our starting euphoria.  Let me tell you it was not a bunny was a frickin' black diamond, steep ass, lean into it hill.  We ran about a quarter of the hill before we decided to say screw this conserve energy.  I reviewed the course online prior to the event, I seriously think that battleground map was just more of a suggested course because this was not like the website indicated.

We finally huff and puff our way to the top and we have our first set of obstacles.  It was a junk yard of cars to climb over.  Climbing through the cars and tires were easy enough, though I had to tread lightly because of the sharp objects that could potentially puncture a person.  I survived that without too much trauma.   Then we were off to the next surprise......there was some water spraying.  It didn't occur to me that that was an obstacle, I thought the water was there as a cool off mechanism.  NOPE.  They were snow making sprayers and we had to run through them.  The force and pressure of this water was crazy.  I was so disorientated when I came out of it.

Once I completed the first couple of obstacles it was all downhill from there.  Literally downhill. And then back uphill, and back down.  I would run as much as I could on the uphill, walk with long strides the rest, and then I would gingerly run the downhill...usually sideways.  It was pretty slick in spots because of the mud and water.  My goal was not do die or blow out a knee.  Success!

Yeah....I jumped that.
The other course obstacles were challenging and required a lot of upper body strength.  There were walls to jump, barbed wire to duck under. There were cargo nets and high walls to scale, boards to balance, and a dark tunnel to crawl into.  I completed all of the obstacles except one....the high cargo net.  I am TERRIFIED of heights.  I got about half way up and froze with fear when I realized I could see for miles!  I felt sick and it didn't help that the netting was not a solid stable surface.  I climbed down and walked around that one.  I made up for that obstacle doing the next one where I scaled the high wall with a rope.  I whimpered a bit but felt pretty bad ass after I conquered it.  The last 3 obstacles were awesome!  There was a water slide (which I have a pretty rad bruise on my leg from hitting the end), fire hurdles, and finally the mud pit/barbed wire crawl to the finish.

Chubby Hubby and I stuck together most of the race.  There were times I ran ahead of him, but he always caught up to me doing the obstacles. We finished together.  It was a very fun race and I can't wait to do another one.  The only thing I would do different would be to have a whole team of people to add to the fun factor and to have a person to "crew".  We left our stuff in our car and we were shuttled in from the parking lot.  At the finish we didn't have any of our cash.  We ended up leaving the party a little early.  Next time we will know better!  This was a double thumbs up race!

My official results were:
Time:  1:00:01  19:52/Mile
AG Place:  492
Place:  7645  NOT LAST!!!

Me looking tough after showing that wall who was boss!

A beer never tasted so good!

Believe it or not this is after we were hosed off.
I make horns look good!

Still so dirty


Michelle said...

That looks beyond crazy! Good for you for taking it on - definitely fierce :)

Jamoosh said...

You are a warrior indeed!

Lisa said...

woooohoooooo way to channel your inner warrior!

Anonymous said...

i was so upset i missed the one in new orleans. sounds like you had a blast and you did great!


*love the pics!

WannabeRunner said...

Love the Warrior Dash! Glad you had fun!

Barbara Chrisensen said...

You are amazing!! I don't know if I'm up to a Warrior Dash yet, but I'm doing a Dirty Dash soon and you really give me motivation, and I'm glad to read that I'm going to really enjoy it. Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

Wow that sounds amazing!! You do look like a warrior in those horns. Way to go!

Beth (i run like a girl) said...

Goodness! That's one heck of an obstacle course. I have a friend who did one of these races recently, and all she said was "we had fun!" Then she tried to get me to sign up for next year's...

... Now I know it's just an evil trap! If she told me what the race was really like, I'd wouldn't go! ;)

But seriously - you make it sound like fun!

Megan said...

lol I love it! Good Job!!!!

Vaudiophile said...

Nice! I'm doing this one this upcoming weekend, and I'm a little nervous. How tall are the cargo nets? 10', 15', 20', 30'? I don't much like heights either, but I plan on toughing that one out.

Julie said...

What the hell Carly!!! I did this race too! I agree that it was a total blast....way too much freaking fun! You look like a togh Chica for sure!! Nice work!

Anna said...

I did the Midwest Warrior Dash in IL a few weeks ago - it was SOOO much fun! Looks like you and I had the same goals - Do not die or get injured too badly! i agree that having a 'team' or 'crew' to do it would make it so much MORE fun! Great Job!!!! :)

Carolina John said...

Come on, I loved the high rope wall from my mud run a few years ago! It was tough but fun to get over.

Way to Warrior Up! Cool report. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. I like the absolute anagram finish time too. Couldn't plan that if I tried.

Megsie said...

You are crazy. I am impressed that you did it!! I don't really like the mud, so no chance for me. It does sound like you had fun, what a great thing to do with your hubby!

Brooke said...

Congrats! I did the one in Houston and LOVED it - hoping to do another one soon.

Glad you guys had a great time.

Fruit Fly said...

That is so crazy. I can't believe you had to run up a freaking ski resort AND go through snow making machines blasting water. Crazy - yet fun!!