Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Holy Sh*t! The marathon is on Sunday!!
2. Holy Sh*t! The marathon is on Sunday!!
3. Holy Sh*t! The marathon is on Sunday!!

That about sums up my 3 Things Thursday.

1. The marathon is of course on my mind. No, I know I am nowhere near ready to cover 26.2 miles but I am determined to do it. People who know me do not have any doubt that I will cross the finish line regardless of my current condition. I wish I had that much confidence right now. Others that may not know quite as well are suggesting that I drop out. In my mind I am telling them to "suck it". See....I am insane! I am going to do and do it to the best of my ability.

2. I ordered a cake for after the marathon on Sunday. It is a white cake, with vanilla bean Bavarian cream filling, and chocolate butter cream frosting. It may have been a total fat chick thing to be more concerned about a cake than the race itself but it is that good. The only thing that would make this cake taste better is if I am wearing my finisher medal while eating it.

3. I may have mentioned this before but this is my 10 year anniversary of running my first marathon. My friend from Phoenix ran it with me 10 years ago (she was the one who dared me to do it!) and she flew in last night so we could run it together again.    I am so excited because marathon mania has started.  Good race or bad, it will still be fun!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up-

Remember me?  I know it has been too long since my last blog post when my father asks me why I haven't updated my blog.  Huh, who knew he cared?  I thought I had better make him happy and finally write something.

Since the school year started, I have been doing nothing but running and I do not mean the type of running that entails training for a marathon.  I have had a lot to blog about but these children require a chauffeur to all of their various activities.  When I am not at work, I am either at the football field,the hockey rink, or helping kids with homework.  I know this is normal life for most parents but damn, I feel like I need an award or better yet, a crown for maintaining this balancing act.

I am trying not to hyperventilate but Twin Cities Marathon is SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Since history has a way of repeating itself, I am not even close to being ready.   This time next week I struggling to climb steps and vowing that I will never ever EVER do another marathon (this time I mean it!).  I know I have completely lost my mind because I feel like I will see the finish line even though I cannot run a mile without stopping. 
Because I have gone mad, I have done a few things that I swear will help me get through this race.
1.  I bought brand new shoes.
2.  I bought a Garmin
3.  I got a marathon pedicure

The Shoes
About a week ago I did a 14 mile route and decided that I LOATHE my shoes.  I bought them back in the Spring but they still have some good mileage left in them because I have alternated with other shoes and really haven't run many miles in them.  They were not horrible enough to return but they never rocked my world.  At about mile 12 on last week's run, I decided I needed new shoes ASAP.  Right after my run, I took the shoes into the store and told the sales people my problems.  They analyzed my wear patterns and watched me run and it was determined that the type of shoe I have is not for me.  I tried on a bunch of new shoes and fell in love with an Asics model.  This is a problem because I am a loyal Saucony girl.  I asked the store owner if he thought I was nuts for buying new shoes/new brand a week before a marathon and he said "no".  On top of that, the shoes were pink and in a size smaller than I normally wear (vanity sizing for shoes! Woot!).  I ended up buying them based on that criteria.

After all that, the jury is still out on the new shoes and I will probably end up wearing my old shoes for the race.

See?  I told you I have lost my mind!

The Garmin
I have developed a run/walk interval that I am comfortable doing and I plan on doing it for the race.  I was scarred by last years experience when I was getting chased down by the sag wagon so I wanted a way to keep my pace in check (even though the bus my still be nipping at my heels).  I have to at least maintain a 13:44/ mile to be a legal finisher.  I wanted a way to monitor my pace throughout the race and started thinking about upgrading my Garmin.  I took a poll on facebook and the results were overwhelming that I needed this gadget.  I bought one and it is coming this week.  I call it my little security blanket.

The Toes
Last year's my friend had a crazy pedicure done to commemorate the event.  This year, I decided to do something funky as well.  My vision was to honor my alma mater, the University of Minnesota, by doing my toes in a maroon and gold theme.  I asked the lady if she could free hand draw a maple leaf and she said okay.  It wasn't quite a maple leaf.....

Hmmmmm.....I am not sure what this is but this design definitely has some school spirit mixed with some Vegas.  I have rhinestones on my big toenail!  I am counting on this bling as being a good luck charm!  After all, there are exactly 10 rhinestones which could signify my 10 year anniversary of my first marathon.  On a side note, no matter what you do to toes (especially mine) they are UGLY!

I am kind of feeling a bit Charlie Sheen right now with all of the marathon insanity.  WINNING!  Anyway, hopefully I will be back to more "normal" (using the term normal loosely) next Monday.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School!


Do I hear angels singing?  Woooo Hooo!

I can already tell the year will be off to a raging start.  The middle child was practicing his spelling.  If you see ASS and MORON in the photo below, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  My 7 year old is not only a fabulous artist, but he knows how to spell cuss words.  Hmmmmm.....all I can say is that this occurred on Dad's watch and the proud papa sent this photo to me.  I just pray he doesn't make an "ass" out of himself in front of his first grade teacher.

I just came back from Florida on Sunday night.  Every Labor Day weekend, three awesome ladies and myself head to Singer Island for a little RnR.
I didn't have a single care in the world.  The days went something like this:
  • Wake up when I wanted...(usually 7AM)
  • Drink coffee whilst listening to the crashing waves of the ocean and watch the sunrise
  • Walk the beach for a good hour.....that workout is not for  the faint of heart!!!
  • Roll around in the sand because my calves locked up and cramped during beach walk.
  • Limp my way back down the beach.
  • Breathe a sigh of relief that I made it home without the help of the Coast Guard. (yes, I did this to myself more than once.)
  • Make a batch of beergaritas for the pool.
  • Lay by the pool and read while soaking in the very harmful UV rays
  • Leave pool around 5PM for "happy hour"
  • Happy Hour involved some very fun and almost violent games of Sorry (that game brings out the BEYOTCH in people)
  • Dinner of some sort (Triscuits and wine can count as dinner, right?)
  • Bed....usually at 8:30 (party animals!)
Ahhhh, if only I was that relaxed now.  The school year crazy schedule has begun!!!!!

Believe it or not, I still have been training.  Albeit, it has been about a week since I have focused on my actual plan.  Right before I left, I was able to knock out 14 agonizing, long slow miles.  I was able to do them just under the time cut off for the marathon.  Yay me.  This week, I am going to make my return to Hot Yoga and get an ass whoopin' from the trainer.  It has only been a week out of my routine, but it feels like a year!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I am enjoying the sounds of the ocean crashing into the shore, soaking up some harmful UV rays while ready trashy books, and having for wine dinner.   AHHHHHH....I am in Heaven!!

Be back soon!

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