Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BTB Sunglasses Review

REVIEW:  Be The Ball Sunglasses

I recently received a pair of Be The Ball Sport Optics. Per their website, btbsunglasses.com, the glasses are the "best $100 sunglasses you can buy for under $50" and marketed for all types of activities. Prior to my review I chose the 500 series to test and chose this model because of the design and because fit "medium to large faces".  When I received them the glasses were a little too big for me.  So I enlisted a friend and fellow Blogger, Rich, to do the review.  If get a chance, check out his blog Diver Stuck in Minnesota.  He is blogging about his journey to India and his trip to dive in the Maldives.

He tested the sunglasses playing a full hour of touch football.  Here is an excerpt of his review.  To read the entire review....click HERE.

Pros - The first thing I want in sport sunglasses would be a lightweight frame. These sunglasses are very light. The frame is primarily plastic but with some rubber accents. Which leads me to the second thing I liked about these: comfort. The rubber is in key pressure points: the two sections that bridge your nose and the two points that hold the glasses on your head. Both sections felt great the entire game and barely left a mark after wearing them for closer to 2.5 hours. Final comment I'd make is that they stayed in place all game. No issues with having to readjust at all during active gameplay. That said, I DID readjust which brings me to the...

Cons - The major comment I have against these glasses were the fact that they fogged up several times forcing me to readjust. While they fit terrific, they didn't allow for airflow to keep them from getting fogged up. A few times after several runs this happened. I'd be concerned when running that it would happen as well. My other con was very intermittent. During some views into the sun, I got streaks and unnatural bright spots from the lenses.

Verdict - These are good sports sunglasses. They fit great, were light and didn't leave marks, and stayed put though a full game. The cons weren't enough to detract from my experience. A quick readjustment took care of the fogging issue and the intermittent streaking was not enough to change your overall sight and view. Bottom line, if you are looking for some good sports sunglasses, give Be The Ball Sport Optics a look.

Thank you to Be the Ball Sport Optics for a chance to review your product and Thank you to Rich for stepping in to test them out.


Carolina John said...

Cool, those sound great!

RunToTheFinish said...

uh oh the fog factor is a major issue for me, I find that in Miami i have to have really good glasses to avoid that

hope you are doing well!!