Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Final Thoughts on 2012 Twin Cities Marathon

It has been just a little over a week since the marathon and life is getting back to normal.  My Achilles is feeling much better.  I think between the chiropractor and the 90 minute massage most of the kinks were worked out.  I still have a little bit of soreness that I am working out by stretching, resting, and ice.  I think I will be just fine.
It occurred to me during this past week that as much as I love the Twin Cities Marathon, I don't know if I will run it again.  The training cycle is just too crazy for me.  Summer is just too unpredictable for scheduling and I do not do well with training in the heat.  I have run it twice, dropped out once, and did not even make it to the starting line a couple of times.  My attempts at this race have been half-assed, I have never been fully trained for it.  Truth of the matter is, I love my BBQ eating and beer drinking Summer too much to devote to the training. 

This year also brought on some additional challenges for training such as extreme anemia, juggling schedules of three very active kids, looking to transition into a new career, and dealing with Chubby Hubby's new status of being unemployed.  Needless to say, this impacted my running huge this Summer.  There were too many uncertainties that were stressing me out and I am not one that can run to get sane.  Ultimately the ankle/Achilles thing took me out of the race but with all of the other things behind it, my heart was not in it.

I don't really have much going forward.  I will be running the Monster Dash on October 29th.  It is a 5K and I my only goal is to run the entire thing.  From that point, I will play it by ear with different races.


Michelle Dragoo said...

Best of luck to you Carly...all you can do is listen to your heart! XOXO!!!

Diana said...

So sorry again about the race, but it's only a race right?
Once you get your mind organized, the rest of your life will follow. As easy as it is to put exercise on the back burner because our lives are so busy, it's the worst thing. Try and keep something going-such as kb's! You know 20 minutes is all you need! Even just a quick 20 minute walk.....
Keeping the body in motion-keeps the mind in motion! :D
PS/If you're tired of that same marathon, you can always come over and do Green Bay with me!!! Just no viking apparel allowed...;)