Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday's Quick Mind Dump

  1. I went for a little run last night and everything felt pretty good.  There was a still a little tightness in the foot and Achillies but I am going to the Chiropractor again today for another treatment.
  2. I am pretty sure my new Garmin is going to make me a better runner.  I am kind of a data nerd so seeing my pace and distance pushes me a bit.  (I love how a new Gadget gives me motivation to get out there)
  3. I did hot yoga last night and accidentally went to the 80 minute class.  This class is for the more advanced yogi which is soooooo not me.  I was able to hold my own in the class even though I could not wrap my leg behind my head while balancing on one arm (okay, nobody in class did that but there were some crazy poses).
  4. I made a week's worth of dinners on Sunday.  Yay me for being proactive quite Martha Stewart-ish!  Actually I made them because my children embarrassed me while I was getting them a quick fast lunch.  I asked if they wanted to stop and Rotten Ronnies (our term of endearment for McDonald's) and they said no because we went there two other times that week.  Ooops.  I got a couple of judgemental glares from some perfect parents.  Since I was afraid one of these parents was about to call CPS, I decided to plan ahead and actually make something we could at home.  Success.  Tonight we are having stuffed shells.
  5. I have kind of a busy night tonight but I am going to go to the gym and run on the treadmill if it kills me. 


bobbi said...

SO glad your achilles is better!

(and I need to get used to meal planning. I suck at this.)

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Those judgemental parents. At least you have taught your kids well. They did not want Mickey D's 3 times ina week.

Jess said...

Sometimes, Mickey D's is a necessary evil, but kudos to you for making a whole week's worth of food! That had to be time-consuming!

Diana said...

"Rotten Ronnies".....I love that name!

RockStarTri said...

"run on the treadmill if it kills me"

Why would the tmill kill you and if it did you would THEN run?

In all seriousness, good thing you are feeling better. Go get it!

Carolina John said...

Glad the tendon is starting to loosen up a bit! That has to make you feel better. And nobody can totally avoid rotten ronnie's (i like that name a lot). don't feel bad about it.