Friday, December 30, 2011

Summing Up 2011

It has been a very interesting year.  I describe it interesting because I can't call the last twelve months crap nor can I call them fabulous.  It was definitely one of a lot of ups and downs.  Hence..interesting.  

To start with the not so great stuff:
  • Chubby Hubby lost his job in March
  • I had to have a blood transfusion in June because of extreme anemia
  • Not being able to run the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon (again with the anemia).  Bummer because this is a race that is extremely hard to get into and I actually got drawn for the lottery.
  • My Achilles seizing up during Twin Cities Marathon forcing me to drop out at mile 15.5 ( can't forget the .5!)
  • Not getting the job I really really wanted.  I picked a horrible time to attempt a career change.
  • Weight gain, depression, and frustration.  The three went hand in hand.

Now I will stop being a Debbie Downer and go over the good that 2011 brought:
  • I went on three awesome mini vacations this year.  Phoenix in February, Vegas in July, and then Florida over Labor Day.  These getaways were awesome!
  • I completed the following races:
  1. January- Polar Dash 5k
  2. February - Lost Dutchman 10k
  3. March-Get Lucky 7k
  4. April- Get in Gear 5k
  5. May-Charities Challenge Memorial Day 5k
  6. July-Warrior Dash.....what a blast that was!
  7. August- Urban Wildland 5k.....with my son
  8. October- 59% of Twin Citites Marathon and the Monster Dash
  • I volunteered at the finish line of Grandma's Marathon where I saw many of my friends finish and it got to meet a couple bloggers.
  • Speaking of fellow bloggers, I got to meet and spend some time with Bobbi!  She blogs at Zero to 26.2 ( I can't figure out how to link on this thing).   She is awesome and we will be seeing each other again sometime this year.
  • We got a puppy....can I put that in both categories?
  • Chubby Hubby returned to the working world and he got to spend the Summer with the kids.
  • I started hot yoga and love it both for the workout as well as the stress relief 
So how did I do with my goals?
  • Have a lunch time date with the gym at least 8 times a month.  It shouldn't be hard with my motivated friends, Leah and Sarge.  The plan is to go every M, T, W, and the occasional Friday.  FAIL
  • Participate in an event every month.  So far I have committed to the following races:  SEMI SUCCESS, I didn't quite make it but I did I'd 8.5 races.
    •   January:  Polar Dash 5K
    •   February:  Lost Dutchman 10K
    •   March:  Get Lucky 7K
    •   April:  Get in Gear 5K or 10K
  • Continue with my Pilates class and not give it up this year like I did last year.  It is boring but a very necessary evil.  SEMI SUCCESS....I dumped Pilates and found hot yoga.
  • Make some more progress with Weight Watchers.  After all, it is free for me right now and it would be a shame not to use it. FAIL
  • Twin Cities Marathon.  It will be the 10 year anniversary of me becoming a marathoner.  I will do better than I did this year. least I finished last year.
  • Do P90X with Chubby Hubby who is also whipping himself into shape.  I sort of promised him I would do it.  *sigh*  That program scares me. is still in the package.
  • Read 12 books.  A book a month?  I can do that.  Any recommendations?  SUCCESS or close to it
  • Take a lot more photos for fun and learn the basics of digital scrap booking.  FAIL
  • Reduce self-induced stress.  We are in the process of making some decisions that will be simplifying our family's life.  BIG FAIL
  • Catch up on Modern Family episodes.  Damn that show is FUNNY!   SUCCESS
There was absolutely a lot more great things that happened in 2011, most important my friends and family are healthy.  I will be thinking of what I want to accomplish in 2012 over the next few days.

Resolutions?   Do you make them?

I am blogging for the first time on my new iPad.   It is a fun gadget and I am learning more about it everyday.  I am so overwhelmed by the things that it can do so I have just stuck to the basics ( Angry Birds).  What are your favorite apps? 


bobbi said...

You count TCM as a fail, but think of how GREAT you were doing until your ankle decided it didn't want to play anymore! You were kicking ass!

Can't wait to see you again this year - bring on 2012!

Happy New Year!

Andrea Crookston said...

Here's to the new year!

My goal is to run 1000 miles...eeks..can I start now?

ajh said...

Yes, here's to the New Year. You certainly had some downs. Let's hope the new year has a lot more ups for you!
Best Ap - words with friends.

Neon Blonde Runner said...

OOH I really want to get an iPad.....that way I can stalk blogs from all corners of the earth haha.

Cheers to a new year, have a great NYE!!

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Those sound like great goals for 2012. Keep up the hard work

Rad Runner said...

2012 is gonna rock, I can see it in your stars

Megsie said...

An ipad?? LUCKY! I want my resolution to be something about staying in my pajamas all year long or napping or eating as much as I can. I think you get the picture.

Al's CL Reviews said...

2012 is your year!