Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is Rusty Still in the Navy?

Traditions are rich in the Chubby Chick household.  At Christmas time, our outdoor lights are turned on by 4PM on Thanksgiving Day and our tree is up on Black Friday.  Though it my look like Christmas, the season is not officially kicked off until we watch Christmas Vacation.  It is one night I look forward to every year.  The kids are in bed*, the glow of the Christmas tree illuminates the room, we have a Hugh Jass bowl of popcorn with an undisclosed amount of butter, and our favorite beverage in hand. This year we were a little late with welcoming Christmas as hockey dictated the schedule and we were not able watch this movie until last night.
This movie never gets old.  Is Christmas Vacation part of your tradition?  If so,what is your favorite quote?

*We exercised some really bad parenting judgement and let the kids watch the movie with us one year.  Oops.  They still talk about the middle finger they saw during the  "Hey kids, look a deer!" part. 

Back to blogging about other randomness.  Please pardon the ADD mind dump posting. 

Thank you to everyone that found me on My Fitness Pal (I am "prell003).  I like that I can be kept accountable.  My goal is to lose 10lbs by the end of the year.  I started this goal on Monday so I have a full 5 weeks.  It is lofty but doable.

I have been making smoothies in the morning before I go to work and I am in LOVE with my creation of the "Sewage Smoothie".  It looks like loose stool but it tastes amazing.  I always put spinach, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, water, milk, or juice, and random fruit.  I have been playing around with different ingredients and I don't have a lot to choose from.   I am allergic to most protein powders, cannot have wheat or gluten, and bananas are out of the question.  This concoction tastes good and actually keeps me satisfied.

I signed up for the Polar I guess that means I have a goal and a reason to get off my butt and run.
How can I love to run but need to pay in order to be motivated?  Crazy logic.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cyber Monday and Other Stuff

There is nothing like finding a good deal.  It gets better when that good deal comes in the form of a race fee (race fees have gotten RIDONKULOUS!)  Well, a good deal can make me do stupid sign up for the Warrior Dash.  I took advantage of the Cyber Monday $35.00* deal.  I know I VOWED I would not do it again but it was cheap and fun (kind of like me).  I had to be talked into it a bit but in the end the mud, beer, and the fuzzy helmet convinced me that I should do it.

*Plus a nifty $7.25 "handling fee"....ummmm handle this.

I am back to tracking on the online journal (My Fitness Pal.  Please friend me if you are on there....I am listed as "prell003").  I am on a mission to get control back after losing my mind post Chubby Hubby lay off.  I am not a fan of recording my pie hole stuffage but it truly is one of the only things that works for me.  Big girl pants are on and I am making it a habit.

Who wants to play hockey?????

This is our backyard rink this year.  Kudos to Chubby Hubby for building this for us.  The lights were my idea (that I stole from my friend) though he would tell you otherwise.  The lights are just part of it....they turn on by remote, he made his own "zamboni", and he did some plumbing to run HOT water outside. It took about nine hours to fill.  Now we are just waiting for the temps to drop so we can skate (I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD BE EXCITED FOR COLD!!!).  My role in this project is to stock up on firewood and the fixins for hot toddies. 

That is all I have for now.  I was hoping to post about my fabulous run tonight but it was not in the cards.  Instead, I hung out with the family and got caught up on some neglected things in my house.  Exciting, I know.

Friday, November 23, 2012


I can't believe that Thanksgiving was yesterday.    I am stuffed to the gills and not with just all the fantastic food but with how blessed we are.

Thanksgiving highlights:
  • 1 short run.... .3525 (notice the decimal point is BEFORE the 3).  I started coughing and cramping after that so I called it quits.
  • 2 Dinners.  Dinner number one was with my inlaws and dinner #2 was at my aunts house.
  • Thanksmas.  Dinner number was was a Thanksgiving and Christmas combo.  We have named this event Thanksmas. 
  • Jeans with the ass blown out.  Yep.  I split my freeeekin' jeans.  They were getting a bit tight during the stressful times in our house and they couldn't take it anymore.  
  • A sick dog.  My chewy little piss monster got into the garbage and ate ham scraps.  Nothing makes me want to eat ham leftovers more than cleaning up ham smelling dog barf.
  • Five glasses of wine.  Yeeee Hawwwww.
  • 1 Target run at 9PM.  CRAZY.
  • Crazy weather.   It was sunny and it the 60's in the morning and by 5PM, we had snow.  UGH.
  • 1 inappropriate dinner story.  *see below

Just like turkey and taters are a Thanksgiving tradition, telling crazy inappropriate stories are part of what my family does.  Topics include flatulence, extraordinary bowel movements, and detailed recounts of one's Colonoscopy.  It was my turn to have one this year.  Though it was not gross, my inappropriate story for the dinner table was how Playboy magazine got introduced to my boys last weekend.  My poor babies were subjected to full frontal at the very young age of 10 and 8.

It all started when Chubby Hubby, my dad, and my boys went to my brother's house to help him do a few odds and ends.  The men (Chubby Hubby, brother, and dad) were outside and the boys were hanging indoors watching Sponge Bob (or porn for all I know).  Somehow, the boys were drawn to the stack of mail sitting on my brother's table and in that pile contained a brand new Playboy.  When the men came back in a few minutes later the magazine was flipped over and the mail was not in its neat little pile.

My brother pulled my middle child aside and asked if he touched the mail.  Middle child responded with a quizzical look on face and said no, he didn't know what he was talking about.  Then he kind of changed his story and remembered that his big brother was looking through his mail and that he definitely remembers a "poster".  OH.MY.GOD!  My brother pulled my oldest aside and asked him the same question.  His response was the EXACT opposite of his little brother's story.  They were throwing each other under the bus.

Later that night at dinner, the two boys were giggling about the incident and how they saw "butts".  I let them know I was not happy that they dug through their uncle's mail pile.  They looked at their uncle and said that it was his fault that they saw the magazine and preceded to lecture him about leaving inappropriate items out where children can find them.  God, I love my kids.  Please don't judge my brother for subscribing to Playboy.  He is not the pervert you think.  He only reads it for the articles and as my eight year old pointed out, there was a REALLY cool car on the back cover.

 Ahhh good times.  I love my crazy family!

After we got home from all the feasting (and drinking), I started to hunker down and get cozy.  That didn't last long because my BFF called and asked if I wanted to check out Target at 9PM.  Normally I am not a Black Friday person because, well, I hate people.  Since I was half in the bag in the Christmas spirit, I told her to pick me up in 5 minutes.  We walked through the doors and it was pure chaos.  I felt so dirty....but it was some of the best people watching I have ever seen.  I am not sure how I feel about Black Friday shopping, on one hand I love a good deal and it is kind of fun shop in an out of the ordinary experience.  But on the other hand, seeing people scramble for material things is pretty disgusting.  I took advantage of a movie deal, some kid PJs, toothpaste, and milk.  I don't think I will participate again.  Do you do Black Friday?  Why or why not?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I am Back!

Well, I never really was gone.  I was just caught up in that crazy little thing called LIFE.  Another bunch of weeks have flown by since my last blog post and I was reminded of this fact when my father mentioned there has been a lack of writing and gave me a look like he was missing an episode of his favorite soap opera.  He also reminded me that a blog post was needed to express gratitude for all of the votes that helped me make the cut to be in the  Circle of Moms Top 25 Health and Wellness Blogs.  I am very excited to be one of the top 25 again this year!!!  I would not be there without you guys!!


The last month has been full of all kinds of ups and downs.  Here is a not so brief run down:

FIVE Years:
Chubby Chicks Run Too has been around for 5 years!!!  Wow, I can't believe how time has flown.  I celebrated by reading some of my old posts.  I have to say I am a truly a disturbed individual.  If you are interested, you can read my very first post HERE.
It truly seems like yesterday and I can remember the day well when I decided to launch a little blog that I never thought anyone would ever see.  I had a 3month old baby, a 3 year old, and a 5 year old. 
Wow.  It is fun to look back but kinda depressing to see I have not made much progress since the inception of this blog.

Craptastic Stuff:
Chubby Hubby got laid off last month.  Stressful?  Yes.  End of the world?  No (not yet). He has some things on the horizon that are looking promising.   I am crossing my fingers and holding my breath that he will be back in the breadwinner seat soon.

Stress (see reason above) + Halloween Candy = 10lbs.  I would have been better off not doing a Google search for "Gluten Free Candy" because the kids got a lot of my favorites and they ended up being things that are on my safe list.  Being that it was gluten free, I took that as a license to eat as much as I could.  Ugh.  Thankfully it is gone in the form of 1,353,123,586,257,369 calories consumed (lot of it was also donated to Operation Gratitude). 

We got so much candy because I think my little monsters won them over with their costumes and sweet personalities (ha).  I have to pat myself on the back because I made the boys' school costumes.  'Twas 9:00PM on the Eve of Halloween and neither boy had a costume.  I completely copycatted an idea from Twitter and pulled out some white electrical type, black sweat pants, and cardboard.  The result:  Chalk People.  What the hell did people do to wow their friends with their "creativity" before social media?
Diva on the other hand change her mind about being an adorable witch with a fun orange tutu and decided to go as a Minnesota Gopher Hockey player....with pink socks.  Whatever.  She is the cutest hockey girl around and though the "costume" was not great, it got her lots of loot.

Later on that night, my middle son wanted to do a costume that was not appropriate from school and ditched his chalk brother and became a zombie.  My brother was the make up artist for him and it turned out quite gross.  He even made a few kids cry.
Chubby Hubby and I did our annual Halloween Party and we got into the spirit too.

 Yes, in case you are confused about my costume.....I really did go as a marathon runner.  Lame but it worked in a pinch.  Chubby Hubby went as the dude from Breaking Bad (never saw it).  Does anyone want to guess what my brother is.  Here is a HINT.  Ahhhh fun times.

Back to School:
I am officially enrolled as a student again.  I am excited and terrified all at the same time.  I start January 14th!  I visited the campus and I felt like such an old coot.  I had the stark realization that my oldest child was only about eight years younger than most of these kids while I am over TWENTY years older.   I was assured by my advisor that I would not be the only adult in my program (WHAT? Do I not look 18?  Why would he say that to me?).  Aside from a potential midlife crisis, I am ready to jump in and learn something new.  Current people still take notes in class with pen and paper?

Hahahahahahahahahahaha.  What running?
Actually, I have not been running because I have had a wicked run in with Bronchitis.  I have not had even close to a full night sleep in over a week and I have coughed so hard that my Chiropractor has  had put my ribs back into place.  Finally today, I had enough and I checked myself into the ER.  I have been  progressively getting worse over the last few weeks and I got tired of peeing my pants from coughing so hard so went to rule out pneumonia.  Good news, no pneumonia.  Bad news, I still feel like ass and still have wicked bronchitis that had to just work itself out.  After a few breathing treatments and a cocktail of different drugs, I am breathing a bit easier.   I am taking it easy as directed for the next week and hopefully NEXT Monday waddle my way around the neighborhood and call it a run.  For now, you just have to put up with me whining because that is what I do best when I am sick.

So that is the skinny of the last month.  I am hopeful that Chubby Hubby will be gainfully employed soon and that I will not clear out rooms with my coughing fits.  Cheers to Thanksgiving week!!  How the hell is it Thanksgiving already??????

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Through the blogging grapevine, I learned of yurbuds.  I read countless product reviews about how awesome these things were.  Since I am typically the type of person that needs to physically touch things before buying, I never ordered a pair online despite their glowing review.  I was over the moon when I saw that yurbuds had a vendor booth at the Twin Cities Marathon Expo last year.  I got fitted and promptly purchase my first orange.  I fell in love with them right away.  There was no hurting ears and they stayed put; two problems solved!  I raved about these things and made all of my friends buy their own pair.  I think you can catch my drift on how much I love these headphones.  With that said, you can only imagine my horror when I found out that I lost one getting to the starting line of Grandma's Marathon! (The bud got caught up in an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction).

Someone, somewhere hear my primal scream and out of the blue I was contacted MomSelect and yurbuds to see if I was interested in a product review.  Better yet, they asked if I wanted to host an Inspire for Women running Party.  They had me at PARTY.  If it is one thing I do know how to do, it is throw a party. 

Delivered to my door, was 10 boxes that contained the following:
  • Pre-workout inspiration
  • yurbuds product information
  • Suggested workout songs from Ironman Champion Mirinda "Rinny" Carfra
  • During workout motivation
  • yurbuds Inspire for Women Sport Earphones
  • yurbuds Sweaty Bands®
  • Post-workout recovery
  • yurbuds "INSPIRE" sports towel
  • A yummy and nutritious snack

I decided to really get into the them of #inpspireforwomen.  I invited a few of my friends that have been a source of support and inspiration for me.  I had a couple of activities planned to make everyone think about what inspires them to run, what their goals for 2013 are, and a nice note of motivation written to another woman in the group.  I burned a play list of power songs that contained favorites from each of the guests.  We also went for a run, albeit a short one (we had some wine to drink!!!).  I kind of worried that my guests would roll their eyes and stone me for be Oprah-esque.  I was relieved when they got into it.

Two of my special guests participated in a virtual fashion.  I LOVE that they got into this (and love that they are still having summer weather as I am sitting here FREEZING).

When it came time to bust out the headphones, the ladies were seriously impressed.  I sounded like I should be the spokespersonon for yurbuds because I rambled on and on like I was getting commission for sales.  When I love a product I can't help but run my mouth.  The best part is that yurbuds are now available in Target stores (retail price $29.99).  I think they are a perfect gift item!!  I hope my friends like them as much as I do.  Speaking of liking can like yurbuds on Facebook.

The best part about the night was not the food, wine, or even the swag.  It was getting a group of busy women together to encourage and inspire each other (I know, I sound like Oprah and I am not trying to be like her).  We all realized that we could use more nights like this one so we are starting a monthly running club.  I am excited to be a part of something that will lift me up on the days where my motivation is low (like today).  It is nice to know that someone has your back.

Thank you to Momselect and yurbuds for this amazing opportunity!

Disclaimer:  I was provided the gift sets from MomSelect and yurbuds.  The opinions are truthful based on my own experiences.

Still begging for love!!!  vote for me (pretty pleeeeease)!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Three Things Thursday

I have been having a "nooner" with Sarge this week.  Get your mind out of the gutter, we have been running over lunch.  I am a bit shocked that I have peeled my arse away from my desk to join her.   Every time she would suggest it to me I would roll my eyes and tell her I was too busy with facebook work.  She called me out when I was whining about how I keep missing my evening workouts because of the kids' schedules and suggested that lunch was the perfect time to go.  I just rolled my eyes and told her that I was not interested.

She didn't buy it my excuse.  I received a text message telling me not to forget my running clothes on Monday.


I caved.  I have now run with her for the past three days and I have loved it.  We were running partners when I first started this blog and she is my perfect running mate.  I had forgotten how much I love running with her.  We ran for 20 minutes at a good chug and then we walked the remaining 1.5 miles back to the office.  I almost hit 2 miles in the span of 20 minutes today.  We are both working on building up our mileage, though she is in better shape than I am.  I piss, moan, and grunt (yes grunt) the entire time and she puts up with me.  

I have been gluten free for almost two weeks.  I am noticing a HUGE difference.   I have not changed anything besides removing gluten from my diet.  I have lost 6lbs and I am not as bloated.  My head congestion is a lot better, my eyes are not as itchy.  The biggest thing I have noticed is that my throat is no longer tight.  I suffered from having a tight throat and just figured it was anxiety.  Huh...who knew?  On a side note, why does typing "tight throat" sound dirty? Anyway....removing gluten has not been too painful......yet.

I am going back to school.  I can't believe I really typed that.  When I graduated from college I vowed I would NEVER take another class for as long as I lived.  Well, never say never.   At almost 40 years old, I have decided that I want a career in a field that I enjoy.  I have been checking out different programs (master's degrees, certifications, etc...) and I have decided on getting a couple of certifications under my belt for web development and interactive marketing.  This is the first time in my life that I have been able to articulate something that I am interested in pursing.  Though I am still trying to pick the program that will be the best fit for me, I am planning on starting in January.   It is so exciting and scary at the same time.  I will start with one class and see how it goes!!  I never thought I would be excited about school!!

Please vote for me!!!  Voting closes in 15 days and I am going to shamelessly self promote myself until the bitter end.  

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Speedy Mile

This is just a quickie drive by post to say....

I just rocked my personal best for covering a mile.
9 minutes and 51 seconds.
Slow for some, pukingly fast for me.

(Also a sneaky way to ask beg shamelessly to vote for me!)
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Friday, October 12, 2012


Today is my 600th post!

Sorry.  I really don't have an exciting post laid out today.  Cue the confetti for my bulleted list of boring BS today!  Woo!!!

  • I am entering my 5th day being completely gluten free. It could be my mind playing games, but I feel pretty good.  I don't feel as congested, my eyes aren't as watery, and I feel less bloated.   
  • So far, it has been fairly easy giving up the gluten.  Have I wanted the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin from Starbucks?  Ummm, yes.  But I seemed to forget about it pretty quick after I walked out of the store so I couldn't have needed it that bad.  The worst part about being gluten free right now is having to plan ahead.
  • We had a Trader Joe's open up in my 'hood and I couldn't be more excited.  I love that place!!  My latest favorite discovery was their corn pasta.    I made it for the family and it was really good.  They didn't know the difference. It is nice to have options for family favorites that are gluten free and don't cost an arm and a leg.
  • My mile runs this week have been pretty consistent between 10:20-10:30/mile.  I truly hope there is a day that I can string a bunch of miles together during a long slow run at this pace.  But for now, this might be my puking threshold.  My "long run" this weekend is going to be about 2 miles.
  • Gopher Hockey kicks off tonight!  I may or may not have made plans hang out at a local watering hole to watch the game while my son is at football practice.   I will adjust my Mother of the Year crown now.  A girl has to have her priorities.

Happy Weekend!

I am honored and humbled to be nominated again to be in the running for the Circle of Moms Top 25 Health and Wellness Blogs.  I would be even more honored and humbled if you voted for Chubby Chicks Run Too.... by clicking the link below (I am not above some shameless attention whoring).

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Midweek Mumbo Jumbo

The events of this past weekend really amped up my running mojo.  I knew so many people that ran either the Twin Cities Marathon or the BOA Chicago Marathon and I have to say, I was a bit envious.  It felt weird not prepping for a fall marathon this year.   I missed the build up, the 107 different wardrobe changes, and the training (yes, that too believe it or not).  Reading my friend's facebook posts and seeing photos of the events inspired me to lace up my shoes and run.

Though I didn't run this year, I still went to the expo.  I am such a sucker for all the vendors.  This time I didn't blow a month's salary on new running socks or clothes, but I did decide to become a card carrying member of Minnesota Distance Running Association (MDRA).  The benefits include special MDRA member races, training classes, and 20% discount at local running stores.  Plus I got a dandy race planner/training log.  Now that I have paid $25 to be part of a running club, that makes me a real runner, right?   
My allergy results are back and I have a few new ones to add to the mix....wheat and whey.  My doctor indicated that these tests need to be "taken with a grain of salt" but he also said that I should proceed with caution on foods that test back with levels higher than .5.  Both wheat and whey tested higher than .5.  I am eliminating them from my diet (at least for now).  I am allergic to the following:
  • All Poultry
  • Shellfish
  • Most nuts
  • Most fruit
  • Wheat
  • Whey

Now I can pretty much consume....water.  How am I not a size 2?  Oh yeah, I am NOT allergic to McDonalds, chips, or booze.  Hmmm.

I have started phase one of my elimination diet.  I am on my 3rd day of being gluten free.  So far it is pretty painless though I have had a hankering for bread (Ohhh a grilled cheese sammy would rock my world right now).  I am using this phase to clean up my diet and dump a lot of the processed stuff I like to eat (crackers, chips, etc...).  I thought giving up wheat and gluten would make me a beast similar to the time I quit smoking.  So far, so good....I seem to be pretty normal (Chubby Hubby might feel different).  I will be interested to see how I feel in a few weeks.  I am keeping a daily diary of what I eat and how I feel.

So back to this running thing....I had a dream that I ran a 4:27:13 marathon.  It was one of those dreams that was so real.  It actually took me a few minutes to realize that it did not really happen.  After I was fully awake, I pondered the time.  4:27:13.  I went to my computer and plugged in the time and distance to calculate splits and it worked out to be 10:11/Mile pace.  Challenge accepted.  I am going to train with this time in mind.  I truly think I can do it after all I have between 8-12 months and 2 marathons to try to reach this goal.  That would be one hell of a PR!

I am running, just not very far right now.  My goal for October is to start base building and to be able to run 2.5 with ease at around 10 minutes/ mile.  It is a start.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Allergy Testing

My September was an epic fail in the blogging arena.  As I mentioned in my last post, life has been a bit crazy with work, back to school, and just keeping up with my 3 monsters.  I am back to posting trivial details about my life because as I announced last week, I will be running two marathons next year.  Don't ask me how I am going to fit that in, I just am.

This post was supposed to be the kick off to my midlife crisis pre-marathon training.  You know, my goals, dreams, and wishes as I try to tackle this goal and enter my 39th year on this planet.  I will have to save that for another day because I am still not feeling like myself.  This past weekend was not pretty our house.  Most of my family was struck down with the most vile, gut wrenching, stomach flu.  It came out of nowhere.  It was literally like hitting a brick wall...fine one minute, wishing for death the next.  Think of the scene in the movie Bridesmaids and you will have an idea of what my poor house went through. 

I guess the moral of the above whining paragraph is to state, I haven't run in a few days.

On a completely unrelated note, I have started the process of getting my allergies under control.  If you have been reading a long time, you know that I have horrific food allergies and I suffer relentlessly from seasonal allergies.  I decided to get some testing done because of yet another severe allergy attack that required me to throw down a handful of Benedryl (I will do anything not do stab myself with an Epi Pen) and sleep off the effects. 

I talked with the Allergist for 1.5 HOURS and he was awesome.  Rather than push pills on me like other doctors have, he is trying to tackle the root cause.  He ordered some blood tests and told me to start analzying what I eat.  He warned that doing this is "not fun" and by "not fun" I need to go on an elimination diet.  Prior to the elimination diet, he told me to remove gluten for a week or two to see how I feel.  If better, keep it out of the diet and if I feel the same add it back.  Simple, right?  At least that is what I am telling myself.  Once I document how I do on my gluten free time I will start on a rice and water diet.  Well not that restrictive, but you get the point.  The idea is to add foods back in slowly and see how I react to them.  Silver lining is that I will be drop a few pants sizes?

Since I start all this BS tomorrow, may I present to you my last supper, err lunch:

This is a Bahn Mi sandwich for a local shop by the University.  This place rocks and I live and die for these things.  I enjoyed every little bite today because tomorrow there will be no gluten.

Has anyone had the blood testing for allergies?  Were you suprised by the results?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Carly's Long ADHD Catch All Post

I can't believe it has been over a month since I have updated my blog!  Life has been a bit crazy and I really haven't had anything blogworthy to post about weightloss or fantastic running.  Here is a brief run down of my life in the past month.

Operation Shrink da Ass was both a success and an epic failure.  The good news is that my shorts some how buttoned with ease.  It was not due to the workout schedule I posted.  I didn't do half of the stuff I set out to do, thus, an epic fail.  
Florida was fun!  Aside from the airline losing my luggage and the panic attack of not having the option to borrow the clothing of my very skinny travel mates, I had four glorious days in the hot Florida sun.  A typical day consisted of walking the beach, laying in the sun/pool, and coming up to the condo to play a hair raising game of Sorry. 

We take our Sorry playing pretty seriously and we even have a crown for the winner.  I am sad to say I was not the unlimate winner but I look damn good in the crown.


The kids started back to school.  I have a 4th grader, a 2nd grader, and a preschool diva.  School is going great so far.  My middle son's teacher pulled me aside at school and my first thought was "uh oh".  She went on and on about what a sweet, CALM, child he is in her class and how she loves how hard he works.  I busted out laughing and said she had the wrong kid.  When she assured me that she had the right kid, I jumped in and took all the credit.  I am a proud mama!  She doesn't have to know that this same child is the one who ran out of the house in his skivis just to punch his brother.

Both boys are playing football and Chubby Hubby is coaching one of the teams.  We have football every frackin' night for several frackin' hours.  And people say hockey is a crazy sport.  Speaking of hockey, that is going on too.  All three of them are playing and "preparing for the season".  I remember back in my day, there was a "hockey season".  Now you play all damn year.  Three kids in sports makes life interesting and we are never home.  As much as I love watching my kids play sports everyday, I do wish I had time to blog more, have clean laundry once in awhile, and remember what my husband looks like.  Oh well, first world problems, right?

Recognize the socks?  Yeah those would be my $65 marathon socks.  I only noticed he was wearing them when we got to the field.  Like any good mother, I told him to play hard and not ruin my expensive socks or I would kill him.

This year I did the Warrior Dash in Hugo, MN.  It was a flat, muddy, course that had many of the same obstacles as the one I did last year.  There was a lot funny costumes and I enjoyed the people watching very much.  Despite one little height freak out (my friend along with a nice young lady running the race in a bra and undies helped me over the wall), I felt I did okay I think I finished in 45 or 50 minutes.  I didn't look at the time closely...well...because I truthfully don't care.  It was all for fun.  I finished the race with my friend Uncle Larry (not a man, not my uncle, but her real nickname). Afterwards, we enjoyed lots of beer....lots of beer.

Final Thoughts:  Meh.  I am kind of over the muddy race thing.  It was fun  but I gotta say, I am over paying a lot of money to crawl through shit smelling mud. 

Oh yeah, because I am not crazy enough, I may have committed to not one but TWO marathons in 2013.  How did that play out?  Well,  It started with with a text to Kelli saying that I am NOT doing a 2013 marathon.
Then her response:

Then came the phone call. 
Kelli:  I totally understand. BUT when is life NOT going to be busy?  I am 100% in and I am doing Grandma's in June.
Me:  You bitch.  You know I can't be a spectator when you are running.

The next day:

And there you have it....marathon commitment #1.   Grandma's Marathon 2013.  Glad I have such a strong back bone and do not cave to peer pressure.

The second marathon commitment came when my friend "Uncle Larry" (not a man, not my uncle) stated she wanted to run a marathon.  She was hmmming and haawing about which one to do.  I stepped in and recommended Twin Cities Marathon in October.  When she said that would be a fun race to do, I said "Sure, I will run this with you".  She jumped for joy having me by her side.  She gave me "I didn't ask you to run with me look" and gave me the obligatory high five then mumbled "this should be fun".
So Twin Cities Marathon 2013 here I come.

Please don't question my sanity (because I think it is long gone).  I will post more about my midlife crisis decision to run two marathons next year in another post!  For now, I need to get reacquainted with Hal Higdon and resurrect my poor neglected blog.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One Week Till Florida! Uh Oh.

I leave for my annual Florida trip in just a smidge over a week.  I have one little shorts are all a little snug.  It probably has something to do with the three weeks of cake, high stress, and little sleep.  I am not throwing in the towel and I am not going out to frantically buy new clothes (which is what I usually do).  I am laying out an OCD plan for the next week that will hopefully get the shorts to button a little easier.  I am calling my plan:
Operation Shrink Da Ass.

Starting today.

This will be my workout schedule for the next week:
  • Tuesday 8/21-Shred and Hot Yoga
  • Wednesday 8/22-Shred and 30 minute Run/Walk
  • Thursday 8/23-Shred and Hot Yoga
  • Friday 8/24Shred and 30 minute Run/Walk
  • Saturday 8/25-Shred and 45 minute Run/Walk
  • Sunday 8/26- Shred
  • Monday 8/27- Shred and Walk Laps during spawn's football practice
  • Tuesday 8/28-Shred and Hot Yoga
  • Wednesday 8/29-Shred........and we leave for FLORIDA
  • No beer.
  • No pop.
  • Lots of water.
  • Lots of veggies.
  • No candy or chips.
  • No cake.
And for extra motivation:
I think I am going to purchase my tri photos.  They are DISGUSTING and I am too embarrassed to post them.  YIPES.  The image is burned into my brail of me coming out of a lake donning a tri suit with a tight white swim cap on (no make up by the way), with a dazed look on my face.  Hot.  Really hot.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a hot yoga class to get to.  Ms. Jillian has already kicked my ass.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cake Coma

August 2,2012-Dairy Queen cake for middle child birthday
August 5, 2012-Homemade ice cream cake for oldest child.
August 11, 2012- Marble cake for family birthday party
August 14, 2012-Chocolate cake for middle son's party
August 15, 2012-Ice Cream for Diva's birthday
August 17, 2012-White cake with light frosting for oldest sons party
August 18, 2012-Chocolate cake for Diva's friend party
August 19, 2012-The rest of Diva's cake for breakfast

Total cake calories over the last two weeks:  1,524,258,654


The definition of August in our house is Birthday Mania.  All three of my kids celebrate birthdays within 2 weeks of one another.  Because we are absolutely insane (or really stupid), we celebrate each child's birthday on their actual day with a dinner of their choice followed by some sort of birthday treat. Then we have a family party.  And finally we have allowed them to have a friend party.  What that means for us is nearly an entire month of birthday celebrating.......and a 10lb weight gain.

If I can peel off my stretchy pants, I will be going for a really really long run today.....probably 3 whole miles.

I am happy to say, Birthday Mania has officially come to an end.  I hope to not see another piece of cake until next August.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

YWCA Women's Triathlon Report

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to post about my first triathlon experience.  Well, I guess considering in the last two weeks all three of my children have had birthdays, I traveled north to my class reunion (2 day event), celebrated the kids' birthday with the family and have one kid party under my belt, hockey practice, board meeting, getting a knocked on my ass with a nasty cold, attended a going away party, and finally fitting my triathlon into the mix, I am not all that surprised that I haven't sat down to write.

If I want to get to the point, I should just sum it up by saying I finished, I LOVED it, and I can't wait to do another.  But being the person that I am, I want you to know every single detail.....but I will break it down  in bullets.  Before I even get started, I have to say that my number was "911".  I could shake that it was a bad omen.  My only goal of the race was not to have 9-1-1 called!

500 Yard Swim
  • I wore the "novice" swim cap.  It was white and made me look like huge Qtip.
  • The swim caps were latex.  I have a severe latex allergy.  It was mandatory to wear the provided cap.  I wore two and my head felt like it was going to explode. 
  •  I was in a "buddy wave" so we were in the 15 wave.  Waves were released every 3 minutes.
  • I stood to the back of my wave and started swimming as soon as I could.  I did the front crawl (head out of the water because.....ewwww) almost for the first 150 yards.  Then it was breast stroke, sidestroke, a flip to the back, and doggy paddle for the rest of the way.
  • I was chatting with other swimmers the whole time.
  • Yes, I can't stop talking even when I am in the water supposed to be swimming.
  • One woman apologized for grabbing my butt.  I told her not to worry about it and that I enjoyed it.  She laughed, I was all good.
  • I probably would have done better if I just shut up and focused on swimming.
  • I got out of the water and saw Chubby Hubby taking a photo (great just what I want, I photo of me half dead, dragging my sorry self out of "dog shit" lake).
  • I saw all these people lined up so I forced myself to run up the beach.  I am proud that I didn't vomit and that I didn't drop and army crawl.  I saved face.
Total swim time:  15:58

I took my sweet time.....4:49
15.5 Mile Bike
  • Hopped on the Green Beast on wobbly legs.
  • I felt my blood start to boil because I all I kept hearing was "On your left".  I think I may have grumbled "I show you on your left" while resisting flipping the bird.
  • I was peddling as fast as my legs would allow and I felt like I was going no where.
  • Race official pulled me over at the 4 mile mark and told me my tires were extremely low.  Here is how this conversation went down:
    • Race Official:  Your tires are REALLLLLY low, do you feel like you are moving slow? 
    • Me:  Yes, I can't get this beast of a bike moving.  My husband filled them this morning, I hope I don't have a leak.
      • Flashback to the pre-race conversation at home:
        Me: Chubby Hubby? Will you please top off my bike tires with air?
        Chubby Hubby: Sure.
    • Race Official: They are really low for him topping them off. You are going to have enough problems getting through this race on a mountain bike let alone low air in your tires.
    • ME:  Sigh
  • I spent the better part of the next 15 minutes stopping and starting looking for someone with a pump. Finally found someone with a mountain bike pump and they put in a SIGNIFICANT amount of air. Like double. I couldn't help but want to punch Chubby Hubby because after I got back on my bike, I was pretty much miles behind the other participants. Well, not really but it felt that way. 
  • Finally I was moving and I even passed a few people
 Total bike time: 1:13.42

Chubby Hubby was at the end of the bike route cheering for me.  I politely (evil grin) let him know about the tires.  That is when he indicated that the tires were quote "fine" and he didn't add air. 
Time in transition......2:22 which included a mild domestic altercation. 

3.1 Mile Run
  • My legs were a bit wobbly and crampy after the bike.  I did some walking and running the first mile.  It was slow going.
  • Mile two I ran a bit more and got a bit faster but still walked when my legs were cramping up.
  • When I had just a mile to go, I ran as fast as I could into the finish. 
  • Finished in an all out sprint (which indicated that I could have pushed a bit harder on the run)
Total run time:  37:25  (grrrrrr)

Official Time:  2:14:14  an instant PR!

Post Tri Thoughts by Carly:
  • Swimming would be easier if I could do it better
  • Don't talk during the swim 
  • I need a new fancy bike and I think Chubby Hubby should buy me one because of the incident with the tires.
  • Fill my own damn tires.
  • Do a few brick workouts so my legs will know how to function properly
  • By a silicone swim cap that matches the MANDATORY ones they provide
  • When can I do another one?????

Today is Diva's 5th Birthday!  Oh my God, where does the time go?????

Thursday, August 2, 2012

August? Already?

  • Birthday Mania is starting this week in our house. My kids all have birthday within 12 days of each other. I know, I gets cold in November, what can I say?? Today is is my middle son's special day. We started the day with donuts and are ending the day with burgers and ice cream cake. I may need to duck out and go for a short 4 hour run to burn off the calories.
  • I feel like I have been planning the parties for weeks.  The boys are having low key small parties with a few friends.  Diva, on the other hand wanted a birthday party at home and wanted a "Hockey Princess" theme.  She didn't earn the name Diva for being easy going (she is a lot like her dad).
  • Because there isn't a lot of prepackaged "Hockey Princess" stuff, I am taking matters into my own hands and getting (wait for it) CRAFTY.  I am making tutus for her friends and I am making a pink puck pinata.  I am sure the people that know me in real life are laughing their asses off at me stepping foot in a Michael's store.  I found a cute girly hockey t-shirt for and PINK hockey pucks. (I maybe getting out of control).  

  • I have been biking and I have been liking it way more than I ever thought I would.  I may have to let Chubby Hubby know that we need to set up a "Carly Needs a New Bike Fund"
  • I ran a sub 10 minute mile on Sunday.  This is a HUGE deal for me because I don't think I have EVER seen a single digit in minutes category for the mile.  I was only able to do one the rest of the run was a lot slower.
  • We had a family reunion on Chubby Hubby's side.  It was a beautiful day to hang out with his relatives we never knew existed.  My mother-in-law even made us wear matching t-shirts.  It is a good think I love her....sigh.  We had a great time especially playing bocce ball.  My parents would be proud that my years on the softball field made me the competitive bocce player that I am today (pitching technique rather than rolling).  Alas, the girls lost because the guys cheated. 
  • The best part of the day was the food.  The award for most disgusting went to the is marshmallow, cherry thing.  There may or may not have been cat food in there (I didn't try it but offered my son a dollar to try it).  No family reunion is complete without a little Jell-O!!!

  • I just  read "Two Kisses for Maddy" by Matthew Longelin. It is about a guy who lost his wife 27 hours after she gave birth to their child.  CRIED. MY. EYES. OUT.  I can't even post more about it without getting teary.  Great book book but I wish it was not a true story. 

  • I am going to my class reunion this weekend.  We are kicking it off with a Kegger.  Yes, a good old fashioned, backyard, steal your parents booze kegger.  The invite indicated that we should "come as you were".   I am showing up in an outfit from the oversized school sweatshirt and boxer shorts with spandex shorts underneath OR I am going to show up with pinned/rolled jeans and a denim shirt (what we Minnesotans call a Canadian Tuxedo).  I am going to complete the look with slouch socks and white keds.  I am not sure if these styles were ever "in" but that is what people wore back in the day at my school.  We know how to keep things classy in Duluth.
  • The Tri is in 10 DAYS!  YIPES!!!!
  • Yes, I have been running and biking and swimming too....nothing great to report with the exception of not running anything over a 11:30 minute pace in the last 3 weeks. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Luna Chix Mini Triathlon Report

On Tuesday night I got a taste of what a triathlon is all about.  Team Luna Chix put on a mini triathlon as a fundraiser for breast cancer.  I took advantage of this opportunity to see how a really tri goes down.  This team of women and fellow tri participants were super helpful by giving tips and trick as well as answering newbie questions.  I am glad I did because I truly had no idea what to expect. 

It was a casual event that was laid out by a 400 yard swim, 8 mile bike, and a 2 mile run.  It was not mandatory to do those distances.  We were told to do the distances we were comfortable with and/or skip events that we didn't want to do.  Sweet deal.

The following is my experience in real time thoughts.

SWIM {400 Yards}
Wow, there are a lot of fit people here that look like real swimmers.  Awesome....a demonstration, I have always wondered what "dolphining is" and how to get started with the swimming.  Um, no.  I will not be dolphining.  Was the the starting bell?  Okay, you ladies just go....I will be right behind you.  Why does that lady keep telling me to go???   I am going in the water but I just need to wait for the other ladies to swim out a little further.  I don't want to be too close and bump anyone.

Alright, this isn't that bad, the water is okay and I can walk out as far as I need to.  I can walk out to my eyeballs, right?  Okay, this is it...I am sw.....crap water in my mouth.  COUGH, GAG, COUGH.  Gross, gross, gross....I don't call this dog dump lake for nothing.  GAG.  Lets try that again....go slow Carly, go slow.   It is happening, I am swimming!  Why is this so much work?  Oh look, I am not last.  Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

*Doink*  ooops sorry.  I probably should look where I am going.  How embarrassing, I just about knocked the paddle board lady right off her board.  I am not sure why she is laughing when I pass her doing the doggie paddle, they did say do any stroke you feel comfortable doing. Why is this so HARD (that's what she said)!  I crack myself up.

Thank God, I can touch the lake bottom.  I am walking it in.  EEEEWWW  seaweed.  Wait, walking is almost harder.  I am going to swim/walk....that way I look like I am swimming but my feet are moving me faster.  Ahhhhh.... time to leave the lake.  Yay!  Finally!  Alleluia!

Whoa....running toward my bike after this swim is harder that the swim.  Jell-O legs.  Why is there a photographer taking my photo?  Don't flip him will probably end up on Facebook.  I can be done now, this tri stuff is not for me.  I am tired and why the hell is my bike so far away?  Sweet!  There are a couple of bikes left on the rack, I don't want to be the last one. 

BIKE {8 Miles}
Maybe I should have wiped down my feet a little bit better, my socks are more than  little wet.  OMG, what is wrong with my legs and when did biking get so damn hard?  Phew, I am finally in my groove.  What the?  Why are my pedals stuck?  For the love of Christ, Green Beast (green beast=my bike) don't fail me now!!!  Great, the chain is effed up.  Maybe if I futz with it it will be fine.  Okay...that was easy, lets get back on course.  Do I hear crickets?  Am I going the right way?  Everyone has passed me.  Every single person.  Geez, this course sure is lonely.  Oh look....a Luna person and they are cheering me on.  She totally just gave me the sympathetic head nod and told me I look great.  Sympathy worked, I feel like I am peddling faster.  Great.  Look at all the women coming back from the turnaround already.  Crap. 

Eff this, I am turning around.  The last thing I need is to be stuck miles away from the start with a bike that may or may not get me there.  This is okay now.   Hmmmmm I am still DFL though (dead effing last) but at least I can see other people.  Almost done......I see the transition....and done.  (I cut a mile off the bike)


GET ME OFF THIS EFFING BIKE! the hell do I hang this bike again?  I sure hope I didn't hurt that really expensive looking bike next to mine.  Ready, set, and I am off...oops forgot to take off my helmet.  Thankfully I only made a few steps before someone was yelling at me to take it off I realized it was still on my head. 

RUN {2 Miles}
Finally I know what I am doing.  I got this.....wait are my legs moving?  I gotta walk. I am moving faster when I am walking.  No really, I should be able to run.  I just crushed my 2 mile personal record this past weekend running, I can do this.  Jog to that tree over there....just a little furth....annnnnnd I am walking again.  Oh look, there is that nice lady that was on the paddle board in the water....she is cheering me on (with the sympathetic head tilt).  I see Leah!!!  That bitch is so quick and she is on her way back from the turnaround already.   Hmmmmpf.   I should trip her and then I won't be dead last.  She might be mad if I did that.  That was sure nice of her to let me know that the turnaround is a half mile ahead.  I may die before I see it. 

Just run. Just run. Just run.

Oh I just passed someone, and two more people, and another!!!  I am almost done!  I see the finish and I am not quitting now.  Just a few more steps and I am there!

WOOO HOOO!  I am done and never doing one ever again.  Oh wait, I have one on 8/12.  Shit.  After that, never again!!!*

  • It is really really really hard
  • I need to do my brick workouts
  • I need better tri clothes
  • I need swimming lessons
  • I need a better bike
  • I need a million dollars to be a tri athlete
  • Team Luna Chix is an awesome organization!!!

*I say never again all while I am looking for a tri bike.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mezamashii Run Project

A few months back, I got a rather cryptic email from someone asking for my mailing address with an explanation that they could not provide an explanation for the request.  I scratched my head and finally I played along and gave up my info.  After sent my information, I held my breath and waited for someone to scare the pants off me by showing up at my door wearing a ski mask.  Thankfully, that didn't happen.  Rather, an invitation showed up in my mailbox inviting me to be a founding member of Mizuno's Mezamashii Run Project.

What the heck is the Mezamashii Run Project? 
(Taken directly from the Mizuno website)
The Mezamashii Run Project is an effort by Mizuno to help create a more euphoric running experience — a more "brilliant" run — for more runners everywhere. The word "mezamashii" means "eye-opening" or "brilliant" in Japanese — it's a word that captures the euphoric feeling of a brilliant run.

I was honored to be a founding member and I was even more excited to learn that I would get to try out some new shoes.  I received a free pair of Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 Running shoes.  Honestly, I don't know that I have ever tried on a pair of Mizuno shoes so I didn't know what to expect.  For as long as I can remember, I have been a Saucony girl and habits are hard to break.  I spoke to a fit specialist and he helped me decide on the model that would fit my needs (see above).

I was excited to see the delivery and I ripped the shoes out of the box.  I picked them up and immediately my skeptical side started judging them.  The shoes looked great but they were extremely light.  I always am in shoes that are either a stability or motion control shoe and they resemble bricks (and feel like bricks).  In fact, I was once told as a selling point that my usual brick like shoes were for the "heavy-set" runner.  Nice selling point, huh?  Not only were my new shoes light as a feather, they did not look like my normal Flintstone shoes.  I liked them a lot, but I honestly wondered if they would work for me especially since I didn't try them on in a store. 

I tried them on and walked around my house in them for a bit. 
Not bad. 
I jogged in place.
Hmmmm....I don't hate them
Ran up and down my stairs and did jumping jacks (with the windows wide open for the neighbors to see)
These may have potential

The true test was going to be a normal run in them.  I have since ventured out on a couple of different runs wearing the new shoes and I am SHOCKED.  I LOVE THEM!!!!  Honestly, I was prepared to write them off before I tried them based on how light they were.  I could not deny that they were comfortable and extremely supportive.  My calves did not cramp and my knees did not hurt.  I loved how light they were and my legs showed me the appreciation by running a few miles faster than I normally do.  Well, I don't know if I can credit the shoes for running faster, but my point is that my feet did not feel weighted down.  I think I have found my new normal, these shoes were fantastic.  The one thing I worried about the most ended up being my favorite part of the shoe.

What the Mezamashii Run Project has taught me.....don't knock something until you try it.  Mizuno believes in their product so much that they gave out shoes knowing once you try them you will love them.

Running a marathon in brand spanking new shoes = not too brilliant (I did this)
Not training for a marathon= not brilliant at all (...and this too)
Putting shoes on runners for real feedback rather than spending tons of money on models and advertising=

Interested in the Mezamashii Run Project?
To participate, visit and click APPLY FOR AN INVITE to sign up for the weekly giveaway.

Thank you to Mizuno for outfitting me with free shoes.  The opinion are my own.  Thank you Mizuno for the invite, you have won me over!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Lake 1, Carly 0

I almost look the part of a triathlete in the photo above.  What you can't see are my water wings and floatation belt.  Alright, I am kidding, my kids wouldn't let me borrow them so it was just me versus the lake. 
I have known all along that my swimming skill are sub-par.  I do remember myself being a great swimmer in high school but what I do know is that swimming is NOT like riding a bike.  I have not done real swimming for about 20 years and I guess you could say I am a bit rusty.  With the triathlon in 42 days, I though I had better get crackin' on swim training.
I met my friend and tri-mate, Leah, at Lake Nokomis promptly at 9AM.  She wasted no time and got into the water right away.  Me, I was a really big whiner a bit hesitant and slowly made my way into the sledge color lake.  Ew, Ew, Ew!  I am not a prissy lady unless I am swimming in a lake....especially when I have witnessed a dog taking a shit in the water at said lake.  After a bit more whining acclamation, I dove in.  It wasn't as bad as my imagination made it out to be. 
My first goal was to swim to the swimming buoy and back.  I was kicking and moving my arms but I really wasn't going anywhere.  I felt like my body was upright while I was trying to swim forward.  I tried to freestyle and could not get my breathing correct....I am not going to lie, I had a few mini panic attacks.  Leah is a swimmer and told me that my strokes looked great.  I didn't feel great.  I could not breathe, I couldn't get the rhythm down and finally I gave up and dog paddled to the buoy and back.  We did the lap a second time and I am not sure what I did to get to the buoy this time but I was out of breath.  Swimmers always look so peaceful and full of grace in the water, I look like I am having a seizure.  Along with our swim, we practice running into the water a couple of times too (equally scary as my swim).  Total amount of time in the water....30 minutes.
Lake 1, Carly 0

(Getting in is the accomplishing something, right)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Midweek Mumbo Jumbo

I would like to thank you guys for the awesome tri clothing tips!!!!  I am taking notes like a maniac and checking out the recommended websites for good deals.

The Bike
I took my geezer of a bike out for a little spin last night.  The new smooth road tires made it easier to maneuver but it didn't ride well at all.  It felt like the chain was going to come off and the gears made funny noises.  I refuse to buy a new bike before this race.  I guess I had better haul that thing in for a tune up.   **sigh**There goes a few more of my hard earned dollars.  By the end of this triathlon, I am going to have to keep this as a hobby because of all the money that I am sinking into one stupid little race.  This race may fall under the terms "seemed like a great idea at the time".  The good news is that I didn't fly over my handle bars, wipe out, or get a flat tire.  

On a side note, my little ride of 3.5 miles last night really made for one sore arse today.  It seems obscene that someone like me with "natural padding" would have a need for padded shorts.  Perhaps getting a seat (or saddle in proper cycling terms) that resembles a tractor seat may help the problem.  Thanks Sarge for that awesome idea!
Mason Jars
Mason Jars seem to be all the rage these days.  It seems like everywhere I look, people are using them for recipes or crafts.  Several months ago, my friend told me about Mason Jar Salads and how she packs them on Sunday night for an entire work week.  I have been intrigued so I found some ideas on Pinterest and put together my own Mason Jar Salad.  I have to say this is GENIUS! You layer the salad in reverse order in the jar starting with the dressing.  The salad is fresh and not soggy and it keeps really well.  My version contained light balsamic, feta, onion, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppercini peppers, kalmata olives, and spinach.  It was easy to carry, the dressing didn't leak all over, and I liked having the option to eat right from the jar.  I think I have my new favorite stand by lunch!

I also have been packing Overnight Refrigerator Oatmeal for breakfast.  They are also made in a mason jar.   I puffy heart this recipe and it is an awesome to be able to quickly grab it out of the fridge to eat it at work.

Other stuff
I did hot yoga last night and I sucked at it.  I couldn't focus on "being present" and I kept falling over.  Not good....again, I will blame marathon legs even though it as been over a week now.

Today it is a bazillion degrees outside so I think I maybe try the bike again tonight if my arse can handle it.

Happy Hump Day!