Monday, January 9, 2012

Carly's Consumer Critique- 2Toms Stinkfree

My Weekend Wrap-up can be summed up into two words laundry and hockey.  I thought I would take this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone do a product review on 2Toms Stink free Sports Detergent.  A few weeks ago 2 Toms sent me a couple of trial size packets to review.  Since I have a household of people that participate in stinky activities, we would be a perfect test market for them. 

The Challenge:
2Toms Stink Free Sports Detergent versus Casa de Chubby's stankiest clothing.

My personal belief was that these "sports detergents" were nothing more than a marketing scheme and nice smelling soap. I was not going to make this challenge easy for them.  I pulled out the big guns including.....3 sets of sweaty kid hockey gear that missed a few washings (on purpose....just for this challenge).   There is nothing that compares to hockey stank.  Even my sweet little Diva makes me gag when she is done playing. 
The 2 wash cycles included:

  • 3 pairs of hockey socks
  • 3 shock doctors (polite speak for nut cups and pelvic protector)
  • 3 pairs of Under Armor pants
  • 3 kid sized tech shirts
  • 3 practice jerseys
  • 2 regular jerseys
  • 2 neck guards
  • 3 hockey skate blade towels that have never been washed
  • 1 pair of running tights
  • 1 technical race t-shirt
  • 1 fleece jacket
  • 2 sweaty knit hats
  • 2 pairs of boys wind pants
  • 4 pairs of sweaty socks
  • 3 pairs of under britches
  • 2  "clean" tech shirts that stilled smelled like my last workout
  • a yoga towel (from hot yoga)
  • yoga pants
  • yoga tank 
  • other odds and ends 
Since these were larger loads, I used the entire trial sized packed which was 2 FL OZ each time.  While the detergent had a scent to it, it was not a cover up perfume-like smell.  I would describe it as a "clean" scent but one that disappears after washing.

The results:
Everything passed the sniff test (well, I didn't sniff the nut cups or the undies because that is just weird).  But, everything smelled fresh and clean.  Even the technical clothes that were "stinky clean" when I put them in came out smelling great.  My daughter's white hockey (who's bright idea was it to have white hockey jerseys????) came out bright and a stain that she got on it a few weeks ago came out with no additional care!!  As promised on the packaging, it reinstated the fabric performance.  It really does get the stink out.

You can purchase this online at  They sell a 10 pack for $17.99.  At first I was a little blown away by the price but then I realized that this washes a lot of clothing and I could stretch out a 10 pack to cover at least a couple of months.  I also realized it would be way more expensive to have to replace all of my technical clothes.

This detergent is residue free and contains no Phosphates.  It is made in the USA.

Thank you 2 Toms for the opportunity of review Stink Free Sports Detergent.
Disclaimer:  2Toms supplied the trial sized product however my opinions are all my own.


misszippy said...

I love your test load! You really did put it through the ringer. And I'm perhaps enticed to buy some now!

Jamoosh said...

Timely review. I will have to check this out because I have the "stinky clean" going on.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I'm liking the review. And I love your test load.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Nut cups?????????? LMAO

cathysrunning said...

Great product! My running clothes are sometimes unbelievably stinky and the regular wash just doesn't do it sometimes.

Nut cups...can't get an image of someone smelling these out of my head!

Marathon Beauty said...

Great review! Glad you tested the product on more than some lightly smelly gym clothes!

Technical Recruiter said...

The professional polo's I took on vacation with me, were not washed till I returned, and although I had them in a zip lock bag their smell could not be contained, upon washing them with 2toms...they still had an odor, however, it did do a decent job of taking it down.

raulgonemobile said...

I need to get something like this stuff. That's one heck of a test load.

If you're inclined, I reached out and tagged you..