Thursday, February 16, 2012

Carly's Consumer Critique-Two Awesome Products

Yaktraks Pro
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I was really excited to try Yaktrax Pro because without fail, I have a good fall every Winter.  Fortunately for me, the lack of snow has made running a lot easier.  Unfortunately, it makes making a review for Yaktraxs hard when there is no snow.    On New Year's Day, we got an ice, slush, snow mix and made a good testing ground for the Yatrax.  I have delayed this review only because I was POSITIVE that we would have some more snow.  Well....It is the middle of February and we still have nothing (you won't hear me complain!!).

Here is my experience the one time I got to use them...they were incredibly easy to put on my shoes (even though I realized I put them on backwards the first time).  Once they were on, they stayed on and they didn't move.  They also didn't add any friction any part of the shoe.  In fact, the only time I noticed that I was wearing them is when I walked on my floors in the house....they made a tap shoe like noise.  Otherwise I didn't notice that they were on and I certainly could not feel them when I ran.

I had a great testing surface as it was frozen slush, snow, and ice.  I ran through these elements with least the snow and slush.  It was just enough grip to have your foot land securely but not so much that you had to work harder to free your foot from the snow.  Ice is its own demon, the Yaktrax definitely helped but you still need to be careful.  There were a couple of spots where it was black ice on a downward slope and there was nothing to grip...I don't think anything helps in this situation.  The other thing I noticed was that the coils didn't collect snow and slush.  I wasn't sure if I would have to kick snow that got stuck in them during the run.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Maybe it was a fluke, but I haven't a chance to test this again.


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Great grip
  • Comfortable and didn't notice them when running
  • Very lightweight


  • *chirping crickets*
  • None that I experienced

The verdict:

These are a must in this climate!  I feel the price tag is very reasonable at $29.99....especially since I feel this is a winter essential.  You can purchase Yaktrax online or at select retailers (I found some at REI and my local running shops).

Review #2
Zip Fizz
I received the gift from Zipfizz to try around the holidays.  I do send my apologies to the company for the delayed review....I was a little skeptical about trying it because I am not huge into energy drinks and since I am not doing any hard core training right now, I didn't see the benefit.  The kind people of Zipfizz  sent me a gift of 6 tubes in a variety of flavors (orange soda was my favorite) and a really awesome water bottle to try and challenged me to see how I feel at the end of the week.

I saw their challenge and mixed up a tube of Zipfizz every afternoon around 2:30PM.  This is usually the time I hit the wall.  I mixed one tube into cold 16oz of water and drank it.  I could absolutely feel the effects and not in a bad way.  I didn't feel jittery or nervous.  My heart did not race and I didn't sweat. I felt like it gave me a little push when I needed it but didn't go overboard.  Also, I didn't crash like I do when I have sugar.  As promised, I did feel like I had more energy.  The week I tested it was also when everyone I knew had a wicked cold.  Maybe it was my imagination, but I felt like Zipfizz helped me ward it off.

If you click the photo below, you can see how Zipfizz compares to other energy drinks.
Photo Credit:  Zipfizz

I liked it because:
  • It had a great taste.  It was sweet but it didn't hurt my teeth. 
  • Low calorie and no sugar
  • Great alternative to water.  It was almost like having pop (or soda as some of your folks say). 
  • Convenient packaging and quick to mix....although the plastic tubes seemed a bit wasteful, I liked that I could throw one in my purse to dump into water.  It was ready in seconds.  
  • I really did feel like it helped with my afternoon slump
  • Easy to find.  I was able to find this product at Target, Costco, and REI (among many other major retailers).
What I was not a fan of:

  • The cost.  I found this at Target for $9.99 for 6 tubes.  Though I liked the product, it is not in my family's budget for regular use.  I did find some online and at Costco in bulk for a slightly reduced rate, but it is still above what I am willing to spend.  With that said, it is very comparable if not a little cheaper than other energy drinks and products.  I will purchase this again and use it throughout my training but not as much or as often I would like.
Keep up with the latest on Yaktrax and Zipfizz on their  Facebook pages.

Thank you so much to Yaktrax and Zipfizz for the opportunity to test these wonderful products.
Disclaimer:  Both of the products reviewed today were given to me to test at no cost.  The opinion is my own.


Marissa said...

well, here in texas yaktrax will never be useful, since we never see snow...ever :(

never heard of the other, but i'll have to check it out, 9.99 is pretty expensive if they don't last long?

Diana said...

My Yak's wore out last year, however, with the super mild winter this year...they've never been replaced! I agree though..they are great for us winter runners!

raulgonemobile said...

I need to get a pair of Yaks.. At least this winter, it was pretty mild thus far..

I've heard nothing but good things about them.