Thursday, February 9, 2012


In two weeks I will be heading out to Arizona to see my friend, Kelli.  I originally planned the trip to get a few days of warmer weather.  The visit took on on a mission and morphed into the possibility of running a 5K or 10K.   With the help of a little bit of wine, our mission turned into an adventure and we are now running a half marathon during my vacation.   It makes perfect sense for a person who has been running a whole week and can now run 2.2528 miles in a row without stopping to conquer the 13.1.  Not to mention, it is an awesome way to kick off marathon training for Grandma's Marathon in June.
Shall I recap that last paragraph in case you missed the insanity?
Vacation....what a nice break in winter and a few days of RnR.
Race....hahaha, I am barely running.
5K or 10K....please, I  can't even run 3 miles yet
Wine....Uh Oh.  Someone must put a lock on my liquor cabinet as this always gets me into trouble
Half Marathon.....WTF, WTF, WTF!!!!!!!!
MARATHON.....uhhhhh, well,  uhhhhh  peer pressure. Extreme peer pressure!

Yes, I do realize how ridiculous that sounds.  Yes, I do realize what I am in for.  What can I say....I am nuts.

I was going to keep the marathon a secret but I don't do well holding anything back.  After the Twin Cities Marathon failure in October I told myself no more.  I was done.  Then the next day....yes, the very next day I was taunted and badgered by Bobbi and Kelli.  I thought long and hard about it (5 minutes) and signed up.  I knew that if I saw those two broads cross the finish line, I would be very sad sitting on the side lines.  I caved to peer pressure.  Here I go again on the insane train to marathonville....this time I will finish.


bobbi said...

HAHAHAHAHA! We are awesome, what can I say!?

It is going to be SO much fun! Don't break anything in AZ, and have a great time! (wish I was going to be there too!)

Megsie said...

You amaze me. And make me laugh.

Michelle Dragoo said...

I'm with ya girl...never dreamed of finishing myself, but was reminded of my goal shortly after the holidays by Bobbi too! We can do this!!

Al's CL Reviews said...

You crack me up! But you will do great, of course. Did you sign up for the Tri, yet, as well?

Carolina John said...

That's pretty crazy alright. You fell for the upsell! Good to know. Now get out there and run more!

I love to race on my vacations. Hell it's about the only reason I take one. Have fun!

Lily on the Road said...

LMAO, you're cracking me UP! Nonetheless any run in Arizona is a GOOD RUN!

Have a blast!

Andrea C said...

I have yet to run my first marathon....apparently I need to drink more wine!

Anonymous said...

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Aka Alice said...

LOL...your friends sound a lot like mine.

Have fun in AZ! Before then, if you'd like some further navel gazing, I've tagged you in the lastest meme (your super popular, so I'm probably not the first!)

Gail said...

You crack me up! My sentiments exactly! I'm signed up for a half marathon in May and although I run easily 20km a week, I am soooo not ready to run a half! But wine could deinitely improve my attitude! Good Luck and enjoy AZ!

raulgonemobile said...

Hahah! That's great! I look forward to reading about your training and experiences..

Anonymous said...

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