Thursday, February 23, 2012

In Flight Randomness

  1. I am blogging on a plane and I am surfing the interwebs....IN THE AIR.
  2. I maybe a little behind the times, but this rocks my world. No more reading actual books....I am catching up on my Facebooking!
  3. Seriously, contact with others not on this plane is the best thing ever! I hardly notice the asshat kicking my chair.
  4. Oh yeah....I am an a plane heading to Phoenix to see my friend Kelli.
  5. We had this crazy idea to run a half marathon to kick off our training for Grandma's Marathon.
  6. I can hardly run a couple of miles right now.
  7. I should be okay.....there is a 4 hour limit for the half.
  8. I should be okay if I don't die after mile 3.
  9. Chubby Hubby is alone with the kids and the schedule is jam packed with activities. Something tells me he might be crabby when I return.
  10. The dude doing the Donald Duck impression really needs to put a cork in it or I really need a cocktail.
  11. I skipped my run today but got the rest of the workouts in this week including an hour of hot yoga. Yay me.
  12. That doesn't mean that I my running didn't suck. Oh least I enjoyed it.
  13. Ugh...I am still fighting this never ending cold. Just when I feel better, i start getting the scratchy throat again.
  14. Chubby Hubby just sent me a video of my child on stage at his school program I had to miss.
  15. As I looked a little closer, I notice he was wearing sweatpants and a shirt with lunch on it. Gahhhhhh....thank God I am 30,000 feet in the air. Hopefully it will be obvious that dad dressed the kids.
  16. I am going to let it go and not worry about it......even though the kid looked like he crawled out of a gutter. Doesn't matter, right?
  17. I will stop arguing over Twitter now.
  18. Turbulence....yikes.
  19. Okay....maybe Donald Duck guy needs to turn on the charm again to stop the baby from crying.
  20. Ohhhh headphones and I love thee. Off to watch.


Losing Lindy said...

oh no...I wouldn't be happy about the child's attire either. But men don't pay any attention to that

Chubby Hubby said...

You are the one that picked him up from school and saw what he was wearing when we dropped you off at the airport. Enjoy your trip and don't sweat the small stuff.

KKB said...

I love fifteen and sixteen! Relentless Forward Motion (and some giggles) on your half!

ajh said...

Love the comment from Chubby Hubby! Enjoy your trip and I would also be very excited to be on the Internet on a plane!

Taryn said...

Isn't it so crazy that they have in-flight internet now? I am never bored!!

Which half are you thinking about running?? I might do the Earth Day half...

Carolina John said...

Isn't technology fun! Good luck on the half. Enjoy it!

Carolina John said...

Isn't technology fun! Good luck on the half. Enjoy it!

Megsie said...

I didn't notice how messy Nicholas' hair was until he was on stage. Geez. Have a great trip!

Carole Sharpless said...

The Donald Duck comments made me giggle out loud!!!! funny (and always go for the cocktail!)


Marissa said...

maybe i need to fly soon...the technology will keep me from getting anxiety-i'm not a fan of planes, but playing on my phone may help!!!