Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I will start this Weekend Wrap-up with a PSA:
Always read food labels especially when you have life threatenting food allergies

Common sense?  Yeah, probably for most people.   I sure missed the boat on this one.  I have come to enjoy the convenience of making shakes for breakfast and after workouts.  It only took me about 10 shakes to realize that there is probably something in them that is causing my eyes to swell and my throat to get itchy.  I kept blaming it on the stuff was adding to the shakes or I blamed it on environmental the chewy little piss monster (the dog).  Seriously, with the bag half gone, I finally get the brains to look at the nutritional information only to discover that it may contain trace elements of shellfish and tree nuts (bad allergens for me and a whole bunch of other things I shouldn't have).   I pitched the rest of the shake mix and took a handful of Benedryl.  I will be smarter with reading labels (duh!).

Damn.  I really liked those shakes.

Workout Wrap-Up
Week one of marathon training kind of sucked.  I had a sick kid at home pulling her best Linda Blair impression and I was not feeling the greatest myself.  My 5 day headache finally broke last night.   
My week went like this:
Monday:  NOTHING
Tuesday:  NOTHING
Wednesday:  NOTHING
Thursday:  NOTHING
Friday:  Worked out at the Gym Elliptical and Treadmill
Saturday:  3.7 Mile Run
Sunday:  3 Mile Brisk Walk

Friday night's gym experience left me a bit frustrated.  It was insanely busy and full of students.  I grumbled to my friend that there must not be any good parties on campus because all of the students were working out on a Friday night.   I tried getting on a treadmill and there were people on all of them.....even when they didn't sign up for them.  Since I was at the top of my mood swing, I didn't kick them off even though they were clearly breaking the first commandment of the gym "Though shall sign up for the treadmill in 30 minute increments". 
I finally found one that was open and I started running.  I wanted to kick it up a notch and see how long I could run at a 9.5 minute mile (keep in mind I am a 12 to 13 minute miler right now).  Wellllll.....the treadmill got stuck.  Yes stuck and my legs could barely keep up after a few minutes.  The guy next to me was stifling a giggle.  I hit the panic button to quit the the workout and then I fired it back up.  Well the stupid thing did it again (see first paragraph....I don't always learn after the first time).  I looked like Road Runner trying to keep up with my legs.  Hit panic again and this time I ditched the machine (After obey Gym Commandment #2 "Though shall wipe down the exercise equipment").  I completed a little over a mile.  After that, I fought my way to an elliptical machine and completed the rest of my workout that way....I did almost 3 miles on that.
Diva Cheering on the Gophers!

The other two workouts were okay for how I was feeling.  It is not a great start to the plan but at least the plan is starting slow and builds for the next 4 weeks. 

The Rest of the Weekend:
  • 2 University of Minnesota Gopher Hockey Games. (We took Diva to her first one)
  • 6 Hockey games between the three kids
  • 1 Birthday party for my Godson (I even got to go nuts at Pump it Up....those slides ROCK!) 
The weekend has caught up with me and it is a double caffeine day!


Megsie said...

Double caffeine for me too. Still working. Sucks. Glad you are feeling better, and it was nice to have a glimpse of you on Sunday!

ajh said...

Exceedingly cute picture of your little diva.

christina said...

Im exhausted just reading your post :) It is so tough doing the super mom and super you duty at the same time. Great job for not throwing the towel in at the gym and going out to eat instead!


Michelle Dragoo said...

I think you are doing great lady! Take it one day at a time!

Carolina John said...

I hate the 30 minute time limit on the treadmills. Just jump on one and go as long as you need to. If there's not enough to do that I will go to another gym.

Taryn said...

Good job on keeping up your workout even though you were sick! It can be a real bear to do that!

Awesome pic of your little Diva...GO GOPHERS!!!