Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Insanity

I just completed my 12 mile long run as instructed by my Novice Marathon training plan.  Actually I ran 12.26 but who is counting.  I was a little fearful of this run because on Thursday, my Achilles was angry and I ended up walking half of my 4.25 mile run.  I didn't want to push it and end up injured.  I stretched and iced for the better part of the week so I would be ready for today's journey.  Here is how it played out:

The logical side of me says....
1.  It is under "bus pace".  Bus pace is what I refer to as anything faster than 13.44 per mile...I have cut it really really close before.
2.  2 months ago, I could not run a whole mile without stopping.  Going from one mile to twelve is pretty good in my book.
3.  I have been listening to my body and when it tells me I need to take it easy, and I have been.  I am the injury queen and I certainly don't want to be sidelined again.
4.  I love running and participating in races.  I may be slow, but I am having fun.  I feel I have a great balance between family, work, and running.  If I did any more at this point, it would come at a cost.

The insane, crazy part of me says....
Forgetting that I two months ago I couldn't run a mile, I am really disappointed in the time.  I didn't want to see any 12's in the mix.  I need to be consistently under 11:25/ minute pace to reach my time goal of under five hours.  Yes, I have a time goal.  If I pull what I did today on race day, I will be expected to finish around 5:20ish.  Boo.

Thankfully I have great friends that agree with the logical side of me and help me articulate my real goal of finishing strong (and not half assing the training like I normally do) and enjoying the race.  There is no need to kill myself  for a far fetched time goal this time around.I swear the Garmin is making me insane and obsessed with numbers.  I am sure I am not the only one that has fallen prey to Garmin.

Aside from being a little bummed about the time, I did something different on this run.  I wore compression socks.  I have been having trouble with my calves and Achilles and I have read that wearing compression socks can help.  Low and behold, I think it worked!  I had very pain this time around and my legs just felt "peppy".  I did look like a clown because my socks were hot pink and I was sporting navy blue shorts and a light pink long sleeve shirt (not the right combo for today's weather! BRRRRR).

These socks really complement my ghostly white legs!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I have come to terms with my weekends chalk full with activities.....I almost prefer it that way but it does make for an exhausting Monday.
My weekend in a nutshell.
  • Friday night after the delightful dance photos (that ran an hour late),  I went out for drinks (I needed one) and dinner with the girls.  It was nice to catch up with everyone to see what has been going on in their lives.  Two words can sum up what we have all been up to....kid sports.
  • Saturday I had an amazing breakfast with my BFF, a hockey game for my oldest child, a quick 3 mile run that damn near killed me, and a fun trip to the grocery store.  Why can some runs be sooooo great and other soooooo bad?
  • Sunday I did my long run (see below), watched hockey, and grilled burgers with my brother and his friend. 
I survived the nine mile long run.  I was the queen of procrastination yesterday morning.  My goal was to be out the door by 8AM and be home before 10AM.  Things kept demanding my attention like Pinterest and Facebook (you know I just had to get the recipe for the rainbow cake!). I finally got out the door at 11:15 (and I finally started to run at 11:45 because I was chatting with my neighbors).  The run was far from effortless yet it was doable with only a couple of little walk breaks. I covered 9.17 in 1:49, about an 11:51 pace. I was happy that the average was under 12 minutes per mile.  My only real issue was that I forgot water.....and that sucked.

While I was running, I kept thinking of stuff to blog about but now all I can think about is how bad my whole body hurts.  I am sooooooo sore today.....especially my neck and shoulders.   I have developed a bad habit of running tense.  I shook out my arms and tried to be mindful of my shoulders creeping up to my didn't work.  I guess I am going look at my running form and perhaps work on my least that is what the interwebs tell me to do.  My aching muscles are very very thankful for Biofreeze today.

My weekend ended on a high note, the Minnesota Gophers kicked ass and are headed to the Frozen Four!
Photo Credit:  Golden Gopher Hockey Facebook Page
The first thing I did this morning was look for airline tickets to Tampa for the games.  It was a little (majorly) out of my price range so I will be enjoying it on TV.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Night

My weekend started with this.....

Diva (clearly living up to her name) had dance photos on Friday night. She loves her dance class but hates the frilly costumes. Can't blame her.....they are hideous. I bribed her and she agreed to wear it for the photos. I promised her ice cream with sprinkles for dinner. I am not proud, but she end up cooperating. Perhaps I should try out for the show Toddlers and Tiaras. By the end of this wonderful experience I was pretty much having the reaction shown above because they were behind scheduled by an hour. It goes without saying that I followed this up with a cold beer.

I was supposed to do a 4 mile tempo run Friday, but that didn't happen because of the event mention above. I did however get the rest of my workouts in this week. My Wednesday night 5 miler was great, but I can't say the same for the 3 milers on Thursday and today. I felt heavy and I had to stop and walk a couple of times. I guess they all can't be good runs. I just hope my 9 miler goes okay in the morning. NINE miles....yikes. Not going to lie, I am kind of scared.



Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up and a Bunch of Other Stuff

Pardon my ADHD post, I have a few things that I am just giddy about.  First of all, I would like to thank global warming, climate change, Mother Nature, George Bush or whomever else maybe responsible for the 80 degree weather we have been having. Yes, I really meant to type E-I-G-H-T-Y.  Holy hell, the last thing I ever expected in the middle of March was to be turning on the central air.  You people that live south have to know that we usually still have a ton of snow and we usually are still in our parkas.  So this is a HUGE deal for us.

Chubby Hubby just came home from his annual golf trip to Laughlin with the guys.  They leave Minnesota this time of year for their two favorite things strippers and beer warm weather and golf.  I received a few crabby phone calls over the past few days about the cold and windy weather they were having. was hard to feel sorry for him when I had a real problem to deal with and that was my shorts were packed away so I had nothing light to wear.  I may be a horrible wife for rubbing it in to Chubby Hubby's face that we had nicer weather in Minnesota than he had in Nevada....but for crying out loud it is still winter!

I just came off of a 3 day weekend.  My office was closed "just because" and all employees got to enjoy a floating holiday.  Since I was going out to town, I scheduled my long run on Friday.  Truthfully I was a little nervous because I didn't run all week.  On the schedule was 7 miles (gulp).  I hit the road and thought maybe I would just do 5 miles.  Well, I am happy to say that I felt great.  This is how the lucky seven played out:


The fact that I completed 7 miles without a walk break and all of them under twelve minutes is a miracle in my book!

In order to avoid a week without running like I had last week, I sat down and planned out my workouts. 

Monday: Rest
Tuesday:  4 Mile Hills*  DONE....and it didn't suck as bad as I thought.
Wednesday:  5 Miles
Thursday:  3 Miles (treadmill)
Friday:  4 Miles Tempo
Saturday:  4 Miles Easy
Sunday:  9 Miles (holy shit!)

Another piece of randomness I feel the need to share is that I gave myself a head injury as I was letting the dog out over the weekend.  I honest to God, turned and whacked my head in to the door frame.  I saw stars and let out several expletives that I am sure my kids are having fun repeating them.  It grew a knot right away and throbbed!  Always graceful.  It is fun explaining the purple bruise on my head.

Oh very last thing.....down a total of 22 pounds!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Book Review: The Ultimate Beginners Running Guide

I had the opportunity to review The Ultimate Beginners Running Guide, by Ryan Robert.  It is a book contains a wealth of information for newbies and veterans alike.

The one thing that stuck out to me when I first read the book from start to finish, was that there was no author biography.  Truthfully, this kind of bugged me because I don't know if the author is a casual runner, an avid marathoner, or simply someone who has researched running on the Internet.  Furthermore, he doesn't cite research to back up his statements.  Nevertheless, I got past that and dove into the information he included in the book.  It was like sitting down with a good friend to have them share all of their knowledge about a sport they loved.

The book is broken down into the following chapters:
Introduction:  Why Run
This went over the benefits of running, both mental and physical.

Chapter 1:  Getting Ready to Run
In this chapter he covers a lot of information....almost too much for one chapter.  Everything from breathing, stretching, shoes, foot strike, heart rate, confidence.....etc.  Though it was a bit overwhelming, there was a ton of great insight.

Chapter 2:  Raising the Bar and Staying Motivated to Run
This chapter focused on taking running to the next level.  I liked the information in this chapter but I felt it didn't fit in where he had the information.

Chapter 3:  Nutrition, Hydration, Running in Adverse Conditions and Common Injuries
This was pretty straight forward.  He had some great ideas about running in different climates.  Again, a lot of great information, but a lot of information to process in one chapter.

Chapter 4:  Running Inspired
A good reminder to keep the faith.

Chapter 5:  Training Schedules
He included four types of training schedules in this chapter for Active Beginners, Non-Exercisers, Weight Loss, and for People Over 50.  The training programs are 14-16 weeks long and the goal is the run at a comfortable pace for 60 minutes.  The programs all looked like a good plan to use, but I don't know anything about how these programs were developed.  The charts were also a little hard to read because I had to refer to the legend several times to understand abbreviations.

I do think the book been stronger in other areas such as photos for demonstrating the stretches.  I thought that the chapters contained a little too much information and could have been broken down a bit further...but then again, I am ADHD.  The nice part about the Kindle version is that you can jump right to the section that you want to learn about.  Once again, I would have like to see the author's credentials and where he got the information presented in the book (I work in research, so citing sources is kind of a big deal for me).

While I am critical of this book, I liked and agreed with most of the information.  Again, it was like listening to a friend give their personal account of running. Although I am not technically a beginner (even though I am starting over again), I found several of his tips useful. I loved the Visualization exercises at the end of the chapters. This is a huge part of running since the brain can make or break a run. The other topic that he covered that I have not seen in other running books was confidence. Confidence to take the first steps and to get over the self consciousness that can sometimes deter beginners from getting out there. It was a very quick and easy read.  Long story is worth reading.

You can purchase a digital copy at

Disclaimer:  I was given a digital copy of The Ultimate Beginner's Running Guide to review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Three Things Thursday- Running, Rick, and Ramblings

I am finally feeling great.  I am finally excited for my next run.  I can finally run more than a mile without stopping.  I can finally run a mile without dryheaving.  Progress.  Finally.  I love it!
  • Sunday's training run was supposed to be 6 miles.  I had a hell of a weekend.  The kids' hockey schedule and driving to Duluth and back left me exhausted and flopped on the couch.  My training conscience kept nagging me so I put my shoes on and headed out.  I told myself that I could shorten the run if I needed to but I just needed to do something.  I put in 4 fast (for me) miles.  In my mind 4 miles is better than zero. 
  • Monday was a rest day and I did an hour of hot yoga.  I think I may routinely do yoga the day after my long run. 
  • Tuesday, I ran 3 miles and was shocked to find that all of them were less than 11:30/minute pace (two were under 11:00!!).  This is huge for me, I never run that "fast". 
  • Last night, I chose to make it another rest day because my allergies were killing me and Diva was just diagnosed with Pneumonia.  Poor thing, she has been miserable.  I have mommy guilt because she has been sick for so long and I simply assumed she kept getting different colds because she would get better then get sick again.
Rick Springfield fans, I am happy to report that he is still HOT!  Even at 62 years old.  SIXTY FREAKING TWO. 
  • I never in my life thought I would see my kid crush at Black Bear Casino in Cloquet, Minnesota. 
  • It was a riot.  I now have my third favorite people watching place, the first two being the Minnesota State Fair and the Richfield 4th of July Carnival.
  • It was a bunch of middle aged women and a few guys that got dragged along.
  • Undies were thrown on stage......Ladies PSA:  If you are going to throw underbritches on stage, please make sure they are lacey and cute.....not gianormous Fruit of the Loom bikini cut.
  • Rick came out into the crowd several times.  He ran across chairs and I was a little worried that he might break a hip.
  • Rick came down our row and I almost, ALMOST got to goose him high five him, but some guy who got dragged to the show by his wife was in my way.
  • His songs brought out the romantics in the audience.  A couple in front of me where tongue wrestling.  They even put their hands in each other's back pockets.   Isn't that cute?
  • My friend Carlee (she spells it wrong, hehe) had 4 row seats and got to meet him.  Hmmmpf.
  • Did I mention he is still hot????
    This is the guy who stood in the way of me becoming Mrs. Rick Springfieldseeing Rick up close

I want to be Jesse's Girl
  • I hit the 20lb mark this past weekend.  Yay! 
  • Chubby Hubby has hit the 30lb mark.  Why do guys get to lose faster???!!!!
  • I feel high today....I took some allergy drugs to make it through my day.  My head feels like it is detached and my coworkers are wondering why I am staring off into space.
  • Have I mentioned how much I love my Garmin?  I love seeing my splits for miles.  Funny how a little gadget can make me work harder.
  • I am glad tomorrow is Friday and I am looking forward to a relatively calm weekend. 
  • I really don't have much more than that to say today.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Three Things Thursday-Late Night

  1. Tonight's run is brought to you by the letter "S"....Slippery, Slushy, Sloppy, Slow, and ultimately Sucky.  We got a ton of rain and sleet yesterday and it the sidewalks were mostly clear but I hit them late enough in the evening when they were starting to freeze.  I ran with a bit more care with each step because the last thing I wanted to do was slip and fall on my arse.  I probably would have been better off on the treadmill, but I hate that machine so much that I would rather risk blowing a knee due to a fall than run inside.  I covered a little over 3 miles in 39 minutes.
  2. I jumped on the scale this morning and I saw a number that I haven't seen in a couple of years.  That is good news.  I need this momentum to continue....I am closing in on the 20lb mark.
  3. This weekend is going to be CRAZY.  It is our last official weekend of Hockey (until Spring League starts in two weeks).  We have games coming out of our ears.  On top of lots of hockey I am reliving my childhood by going to a Rick Springfield concert with my mom.  Quit laughing.  He was my very first concert and I saw him with my mother when I was in 3rd grade.  I couldn't pass up this opportunity, we just had to go!  As I was bragging about my special concert, my youngin' friend at work, ask "Who's Rick Springfield".  *Sigh*  I really am getting old.

    I still puffy heart Rick