Thursday, March 8, 2012

Three Things Thursday- Running, Rick, and Ramblings

I am finally feeling great.  I am finally excited for my next run.  I can finally run more than a mile without stopping.  I can finally run a mile without dryheaving.  Progress.  Finally.  I love it!
  • Sunday's training run was supposed to be 6 miles.  I had a hell of a weekend.  The kids' hockey schedule and driving to Duluth and back left me exhausted and flopped on the couch.  My training conscience kept nagging me so I put my shoes on and headed out.  I told myself that I could shorten the run if I needed to but I just needed to do something.  I put in 4 fast (for me) miles.  In my mind 4 miles is better than zero. 
  • Monday was a rest day and I did an hour of hot yoga.  I think I may routinely do yoga the day after my long run. 
  • Tuesday, I ran 3 miles and was shocked to find that all of them were less than 11:30/minute pace (two were under 11:00!!).  This is huge for me, I never run that "fast". 
  • Last night, I chose to make it another rest day because my allergies were killing me and Diva was just diagnosed with Pneumonia.  Poor thing, she has been miserable.  I have mommy guilt because she has been sick for so long and I simply assumed she kept getting different colds because she would get better then get sick again.
Rick Springfield fans, I am happy to report that he is still HOT!  Even at 62 years old.  SIXTY FREAKING TWO. 
  • I never in my life thought I would see my kid crush at Black Bear Casino in Cloquet, Minnesota. 
  • It was a riot.  I now have my third favorite people watching place, the first two being the Minnesota State Fair and the Richfield 4th of July Carnival.
  • It was a bunch of middle aged women and a few guys that got dragged along.
  • Undies were thrown on stage......Ladies PSA:  If you are going to throw underbritches on stage, please make sure they are lacey and cute.....not gianormous Fruit of the Loom bikini cut.
  • Rick came out into the crowd several times.  He ran across chairs and I was a little worried that he might break a hip.
  • Rick came down our row and I almost, ALMOST got to goose him high five him, but some guy who got dragged to the show by his wife was in my way.
  • His songs brought out the romantics in the audience.  A couple in front of me where tongue wrestling.  They even put their hands in each other's back pockets.   Isn't that cute?
  • My friend Carlee (she spells it wrong, hehe) had 4 row seats and got to meet him.  Hmmmpf.
  • Did I mention he is still hot????
    This is the guy who stood in the way of me becoming Mrs. Rick Springfieldseeing Rick up close

I want to be Jesse's Girl
  • I hit the 20lb mark this past weekend.  Yay! 
  • Chubby Hubby has hit the 30lb mark.  Why do guys get to lose faster???!!!!
  • I feel high today....I took some allergy drugs to make it through my day.  My head feels like it is detached and my coworkers are wondering why I am staring off into space.
  • Have I mentioned how much I love my Garmin?  I love seeing my splits for miles.  Funny how a little gadget can make me work harder.
  • I am glad tomorrow is Friday and I am looking forward to a relatively calm weekend. 
  • I really don't have much more than that to say today.


ashley rebekah said...

oh god, i can hardly wait for the day that i can afford my own garmin! i feel that will thrust me entirely into this world of being an "official" runner that i, as of yet, simply gawk at from the outside.

great four miler, and four is better than none!

Brittany said...

4 miles is definitely better than 0. Whenever I don't want to run, I always tell myself I need to at least do SOMETHING, some miles are better than none. But that only works sometimes.

Congrats on the 20 pound mark, thats AWESOME. And as for your hubby losing weight faster heres what I have to say-why do guys get to do EVERYTHING faster? grrr. My boyfriend is so much faster at running than me and runs like 1/5 of the amount I do. GRR!

bobbi said...

20 lbs. is AWESOME! Congrats!

Some miles is always better than no miles :) Good for you for getting out there!

ajh said...

Congrats on the 20 pounds.

Men always lose easier and faster - not fair!

Stephanie Anne said...

wow! 20 pounds!! No wonder you are getting faster!!

Rachel Stout said...

Thanks for the public service announcement! I am dying of laughter!

Michelle Dragoo said...

I just got my garmin last week, may nee to pick your brain! And congrats on the weight loss and miles!

Megsie said...

This post made me jealous on many, many levels... Geez. xoxo

Delane said...

Congrats on all the great digits. The fastest I have ever run is when I combined hot yoga and running. I swear it makes me faster.