Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up and a Bunch of Other Stuff

Pardon my ADHD post, I have a few things that I am just giddy about.  First of all, I would like to thank global warming, climate change, Mother Nature, George Bush or whomever else maybe responsible for the 80 degree weather we have been having. Yes, I really meant to type E-I-G-H-T-Y.  Holy hell, the last thing I ever expected in the middle of March was to be turning on the central air.  You people that live south have to know that we usually still have a ton of snow and we usually are still in our parkas.  So this is a HUGE deal for us.

Chubby Hubby just came home from his annual golf trip to Laughlin with the guys.  They leave Minnesota this time of year for their two favorite things strippers and beer warm weather and golf.  I received a few crabby phone calls over the past few days about the cold and windy weather they were having.  Boohoo....it was hard to feel sorry for him when I had a real problem to deal with and that was my shorts were packed away so I had nothing light to wear.  I may be a horrible wife for rubbing it in to Chubby Hubby's face that we had nicer weather in Minnesota than he had in Nevada....but for crying out loud it is still winter!

I just came off of a 3 day weekend.  My office was closed "just because" and all employees got to enjoy a floating holiday.  Since I was going out to town, I scheduled my long run on Friday.  Truthfully I was a little nervous because I didn't run all week.  On the schedule was 7 miles (gulp).  I hit the road and thought maybe I would just do 5 miles.  Well, I am happy to say that I felt great.  This is how the lucky seven played out:


The fact that I completed 7 miles without a walk break and all of them under twelve minutes is a miracle in my book!

In order to avoid a week without running like I had last week, I sat down and planned out my workouts. 

Monday: Rest
Tuesday:  4 Mile Hills*  DONE....and it didn't suck as bad as I thought.
Wednesday:  5 Miles
Thursday:  3 Miles (treadmill)
Friday:  4 Miles Tempo
Saturday:  4 Miles Easy
Sunday:  9 Miles (holy shit!)

Another piece of randomness I feel the need to share is that I gave myself a head injury as I was letting the dog out over the weekend.  I honest to God, turned and whacked my head in to the door frame.  I saw stars and let out several expletives that I am sure my kids are having fun repeating them.  It grew a knot right away and throbbed!  Always graceful.  It is fun explaining the purple bruise on my head.

Oh yeah...one very last thing.....down a total of 22 pounds!


Losing Lindy said...

wow great job! I haven't run that far yet without stopping to walk

Sarah said...

nice! sorry about your head and god luck with this week's runs!

Michelle Dragoo said...

congrats!!! so happy for you!

Taryn said...

Way to go!! You are doing awesome!!

Megsie said...

HOLY SHIT! 22 pounds! Woot!

You are doing so awesome!

It was fun to talk to you yesterday for more than a "HI" and I am still thinking about our little talk...


Carolina John said...

yea we're digging on the warmness here too. It's about to get too hot already. Feels like the start of summer, and my allergies and pollen problems are in full swing. blerg.

Lily on the Road said...

Holy Schnitzzz, good news all around, well, except for the goose egg on your nogg'n.

Way to go about rubbing it in at Hubby about the weather, we are getting AWESOME temperatures here too!!! That'll teach him to go to the Champagne Rooms....KIDDING!

Congrat's on the weight loss, that is so GREAT!

bobbi said...

22 pounds!! WOW!!! That is awesome!

I'm so glad your running is going so well :) JUNE!

Julie B said...

Wow a 22 pound weight loss and an awesome long run!! Congratulations to you!

ajh said...

Down 22 pounds is awesome!

And that head bump - OUCH!

ajh said...

Down 22 pounds is awesome!

And that head bump - OUCH!

Diana said...

High of 84 degrees here in WI yesterday....crazy! My AC has been on for the last 4 days!

Congrats on the runs and the 22lbs!

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