Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I have come to terms with my weekends chalk full with activities.....I almost prefer it that way but it does make for an exhausting Monday.
My weekend in a nutshell.
  • Friday night after the delightful dance photos (that ran an hour late),  I went out for drinks (I needed one) and dinner with the girls.  It was nice to catch up with everyone to see what has been going on in their lives.  Two words can sum up what we have all been up to....kid sports.
  • Saturday I had an amazing breakfast with my BFF, a hockey game for my oldest child, a quick 3 mile run that damn near killed me, and a fun trip to the grocery store.  Why can some runs be sooooo great and other soooooo bad?
  • Sunday I did my long run (see below), watched hockey, and grilled burgers with my brother and his friend. 
I survived the nine mile long run.  I was the queen of procrastination yesterday morning.  My goal was to be out the door by 8AM and be home before 10AM.  Things kept demanding my attention like Pinterest and Facebook (you know I just had to get the recipe for the rainbow cake!). I finally got out the door at 11:15 (and I finally started to run at 11:45 because I was chatting with my neighbors).  The run was far from effortless yet it was doable with only a couple of little walk breaks. I covered 9.17 in 1:49, about an 11:51 pace. I was happy that the average was under 12 minutes per mile.  My only real issue was that I forgot water.....and that sucked.

While I was running, I kept thinking of stuff to blog about but now all I can think about is how bad my whole body hurts.  I am sooooooo sore today.....especially my neck and shoulders.   I have developed a bad habit of running tense.  I shook out my arms and tried to be mindful of my shoulders creeping up to my didn't work.  I guess I am going look at my running form and perhaps work on my least that is what the interwebs tell me to do.  My aching muscles are very very thankful for Biofreeze today.

My weekend ended on a high note, the Minnesota Gophers kicked ass and are headed to the Frozen Four!
Photo Credit:  Golden Gopher Hockey Facebook Page
The first thing I did this morning was look for airline tickets to Tampa for the games.  It was a little (majorly) out of my price range so I will be enjoying it on TV.


Losing Lindy said...

great job on your 9 miler!

bobbi said...

I read somewhere about a runner who reminded herself as every mile beeped to relax her shoulders. For whatever reason, this has stuck in my head since then, and it helps...

Your training is going so well - 12 more weeks!!

Michelle Dragoo said...

WOW, great job hon!

Carolina John said...

Wow, go big M in the frozen four! Really cool. Nice 9 too.

Missy said...

Good job finishing! I tense up too and it sucks. If you figure out how to fix it, let me know.

Megsie said...

Woot! For the Golden Rodents! It was nice to actually talk on the playground yesterday. I *should* be grading tests, but I am here instead. Nine miles still blows me away!