Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Catch All Post

I have been on an unintentional blogging hiatus.  Every time  I sit down to write, I end up staring onto a blank page and I cannot seem to get the words typed.  I have had a lot to blog about, after all, I am training for a marathon.  That in itself has a produces a lot of blogable moments.   I don't really have an excuse except....writers block.  So here is another run down of what has been going on in la vida de Carly.

Run Like a Mother
I am currently reading Train Like a Mother.  I will be be posting a review soon.  Just like Run Like a Mother, this book is awesome.  Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea were in Minneapolis for the Get in Gear race.  I was lucky to spend a bit of time with them at a blogger meet up.  A couple of fellow fans had a get together where they read excerpts of their book and I got to hobnob with other bloggers.  I met so many awesome people and that event has rekindled my motivation both for writing and running.

Get in Gear Race
On April 28th, I ran the Get in Gear 10K.  I was a little nervous about my performance because April suuuuucked for training because of various issues including being sick.  I did it and finished in 1:12:06 and it averaged out an 11:37 minutes per mile.  I was happy with those results.  The weather of course was craptastic and rainy as it is every single year.  I do wish I could have come in a little quicker, rather than blame my poor training, I will blame Mother Nature.

My Last Long Run
I was under the impression that my performance at Get in Gear would set up a decent long run for me this past Sunday.  I don't think I have EVER had such a bad run in my life.  I conquered 13.54 miles in just shy of a week.  It was definitely a "board the sag wagon" pace.  I did fine until I hit mile 10 and then I could hardly muster up the energy to walk.  When I look back I believe it was some stomach issues cause the demise of the run.  I will state the following PSA:  antibiotics, GU, and Gatorade are not a good combo for the stomach.  Just sayin'.  If I would have had my phone, I would have called a cab home.  Oh well, one bad run is not going to kill me.

Gluten Free
I am experimenting with my diet by going gluten free.   I have a habit of self diagnosing medical issues on WebMD.  In fact, I do refer to myself as Dr. Carly I.M. (Internet Medicine).  Anyway....I was browsing the symptom finder to look up some of the weird issues I have been having...such as my gastro problems, my chronic low iron, headaches, irritability,and fatigue.  Gluten intolerance kept coming up as a possible diagnosis.  With all of my food allergies and sensitivities, this would not be a far stretch.  So rather than paying a doctor visit copay for them to tell me to try eliminating gluten, I am going to give it a test run to see if I notice any changes.  The worst thing that can happen is I end up eating more vegetables and unprocessed food (well if I still have some of these problems, then I guess that could be bad).  I am interested to see how I feel in the next 4-6 weeks.  I realize that doing it during marathon training may or may not be the best idea.....but that is how I roll. 

I am on day three of my gluten free endeavor and I am craving a salt bagel like crazy things are going fine. I did have a farewell bowl of Kraft Mac&Cheese and washed it down with a Summer Shandy.  Has anyone else gone gluten free just because and what was your result?

Other Stuff
  • Hockey is over!  This crazed hockey mom is ready for a break.  I am excited because the children do not have ANY activities until July.  Give me a few days home with them and I am sure I will be signing them up for something...anything to burn off the hyperactivity.
  • Speaking of hyperactive....I am so proud of my boys.  They ran the mile at school.  My oldest did it in 7:50 and my other son did it in 8:10.  When I was ooohhing and ahhhhhing about their times (mostly because those are times I will never see in this lifetime), a dad rolled his eyes and said that is an average time for a mile.  I acknowledged his statement by saying it was true for most people, but this snail of a runner thinks that is an incredible time and I am still proud.  Plus my kids beat the pants off of his kid in the mile.  ha!
  • I am supposed to run 9 miles tonight.
  • Pardon the bad grammar and spelling errors.  I didn't proofread.


Ironmom (Julie) said...

I think going gluten-free is a great idea, especially during marathon training! See if you can give up all other grains, too, and you'll be even better off. Like you said, the worst that can happen is you'll eat more vegetables.

Shannon @I Survived and Now I Run said...

I went gluten free last summer due to intolerance to it...and it worked wonders...wish I could get back on that bandwagon is a fantastic idea and I can't wait to hear your results.

christina said...

welcome back. Im in half marathon training mode - 12 miles tomorrow then I get to taper. So please please please share your training time with us :) I will look forward to it!

Michelle @ said...

I've been doing gluten free as well, along with mostly all organic foods, and feel great for it!

Megsie said...

Oh! I think those are GREAT times for the mile. My kids were higher than that, although Sarah was around 8. I want to know what dad you are talking about... I am sorry about the gluten free. PAIN. But if it makes you feel better? Worth it.

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