Friday, May 11, 2012

TGIF Road Tripping'

There is nothing like a good old fashioned family road trip. Packing up the car and hitting the high road with the anticipation of a relaxing weekend. A happy, excited family discusses how much fun they are going to have at the final destination. The car is packed, gassed up, and filled to the brim with snacks. It is the perfect family memory maker.

Then there are the road trips my family takes (such as the one I am blogging about now).

The minute we shut the last car door, the whining begins. "I need a snack. I have to go potty. He keeps touching me! ". And the kids were A LOT worse.

My brother picked the wrong day to quit smoking. He is stuck in the car with my family including Mischa the car sick dog and the spawn with rotten ass. He is being a pretty good sport and only let out one primal scream when we had to circle back to my house for the third time to retrieve forgotten items. He keeps chanting "Chantix don't fail me now"!

I am thankful that technology is keeping me occupied and ignoring my children. Evidently the Benedryl I hid in their Combos aren't knocking them out. Instead I offered them each $10 to shut up. It didn't work and I had about 30 seconds of silence. I should not be surprised, after all they are the fruit of my loins. It is going to be a VERY long two hour drive.

*disclaimer: I didn't really drug my kids, but I really wanted to!

So anyway....back to random details about me.

I am five days gluten free and maybe it is my imagination but I am feeling great and less bloated.

My running has really SUCKED the last 3 times I went out. My legs have felt like lead and just stopped working when they were done. I did a lot of walking.

Because my runs have sucked, I went to have my iron checked. Good news, my levels are up into the normal range. At least my runs aren't sucking due to anemia as they did last year at this time.

I have 16 miles to do tomorrow. I am trying to decide where I should run while I am out of town. Lord help me.

Well, we are getting close to our destination. Chubby Hubby wouldn't honor my Mother's Day request and drop the kids off on the side of the road so I guess that means I had better go entertain them. of them took off their shoes and now the car smells like feet.

Have a great weekend!!!


John said...

Sadly I have taken three chantix in the last hour and a half. I think I am okay for now. Just please stop singing.

John said...

Sadly I have taken three chantix in the last hour and a half. I think I am okay for now. Just please stop singing.

ashley rebekah said...

hilarious... your family road trips sound an awful lot like ours.

enjoy your mini-vacay, and go rock that 16 miler!

raulgonemobile said...

lol... Hilarious

Knock down that 16 miler!

On a side note, I have a buddy that was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. He went gluten free (including no real beer, much to his dismay). He has noticed significant changes in his overall well being.. He was disappointed in the diagnosis, but at least it was something that could be controlled with diet.

Diana said...

Ah yes, good old-fashion family fun-filled vacations! I remember them so vividly!
Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

bobbi said...

This made me laugh so so hard. And almost immediately after reading it, I saw a commercial for Chantix, and started lauging again. My husband thought I was nuts!

Megsie said...

You make me happy to be home right now! Hope your destination place is fun!