Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a wonderful weekend with my family in Duluth. Today I had a liquid breakfast with my mom. I drank a massive scewdriver before 9AM and I might have been a little drunk.

The children and Chubby Hubby gave me tickets to see Kid Rock. I am so excited....I love him!
Back to running..

This weekend on the training calendar was 16 miles. After a bit (a lot) of procrastination, I hit the bricks. I decided to tour my old neighborhood and took my phone with me to snap some photos (and maybe call for a ride home).
The fist part of my run was on the Munger Trail. It was nice and quiet but I was scared out of my mind. Why? Because my dad told me to watch out for bears. BEARS. They have been out and about and they have had them in their yard. I can tell you that I would die of heart attack before the bear could ever get to me. I prefer running I a city setting and rarely have to worry about wildlife. This was a nice change (especially without a bear sighting).

CRAP! I saw this sign just as i was getting into my groove. I kept going and ignored the sign.
I made it back to a busier street and ran past a local watering hole.......ahhhhhh memories.

Smelt fry anyone? Is there another place in the world where they have smelt fries? WTF is a smelt fry?
My high of the coolest buildings. Well, sort of....this was a beautIful, historic building and now there are all sorts of new additions that do not match the school. It would make an architect throw up. But, it was still cool to hit up my old stomping grounds.

This was were I ran in high school. I was hooked up to parachutes and harnesses and forced to run up and down the football field. My coach had some.....ummmm.....interesting workouts. The track used to be gravel....the kids now have a beautiful one.
I had to be scrapped off the ground at the end....
I am not sure why this run was so hard. The first half was okay but my legs were like lead toward the end of the run. I sad part is, I only ran 12.54 miles. I decided to do an out and back course to my old high school. As it runs out, it was only 6.5 ish miles out and not 8 miles like I had thought. Oops...I guess I will map it out next time. Once I hit the high school, I made the executive decision to turn around rather than add another 1.5 miles. It was a major buzz kill that it wasn't as far as I thought it was. What was worse than the difficult, shortchanged run was that it took me damned near 3 hours to complete it!!!

I keep plugging along with this training and as long as I get my medal, I will be happy.  FOUR WEEKS!  GAHHHHHHHH!


Morgan said...

I think all mothers should be allowed to engage in a little daytime drinking on mothers day... or any day, for that matter....

You’re an excellent role model to any woman struggling to find that sweet spot between health, happiness, and life’s little roadblocks.

I am an avid runner and a Master's Student in Nutrition- I also have a fitness/nutrition blog and am inviting mothers to comment on the “Healthy Moms, Healthy Kids” post in honor of Mother’s day! I’d love to hear what lessons your mother or other special lady in your life taught you about health and happiness!
As always, thanks for what you do- you’re awesome at it!

If you're interested in seeing the post or just look around the blog, head on over here:

Megsie said...

I loved the pictures! I am still impressed that you are running on Mother's day. I just inhaled food!

christina said...

COngrats on a nice long run! I procrasinated the crap out of my 12 miler planned for this past week to the point I eventually had to do it on a treadmill since we were having RIDICULOUS wind... 12 miles on a treadmill sucks.... your run looked much nicer :)

Al's CL Reviews said...

Great pics. You did more than I could, since I didn't get out of bed until 530pm.

bobbi said...

You are doing so well! I loved seeing all the pictures - Mr. Ds!!! Denfeld!

fancy nancy said...

Usually when I procrastinate the heck out of my long run I have a cruddy one!! Great job getting it done!!

ashley rebekah said...

i'm with you - WTF IS A SMELT FRY AND/OR SMELT? hubby and i were up north a few weeks ago, and there're all these signs along bridges over waterways that read "no smelting". upon googling it, i only wound up more confused. half the sites talk about some weird iron ore extraction process that can be done (illegally) in rivers and streams, the other half of the sites talk about some weird fish that only minnesotan's call "smelt". i'm thinking, if we're going to be frying and eating something at a bar, it's probably a fish, and not a hunk of iron ore.

Diana said...

Being from Wisconsin, I know ALL about smelt frys! They are huge here as well...fresh from Lake Michigan. One of Jeff's favorite meals!
Great trail for running. I had to work for Mother's Day, but did my long run yesterday and it was on a trail just like that. Those are the best-I prefer to be with nature versus the concrete jungle!
Congrats on the training.....keep it going!

TNTcoach Ken said...

That is so cool to be able to run in the old hood! Mmmmmmm smelt fry. HA

Maxwillbefamous said...

Agree-mother's have all the rights in the world to daytime drink on our one special day. Just wanted to share with all the mother's out there, my son got Fitryo Total bar for me this year. I started using it the day after mother's day. HIGHLY recommended. So easy to use and can be done at any time of the day.

Rebecca said...

Just found your blog and as a former Minnesotan (grew up in Grand Rapids, graduated from U of M) I'm loving your blog. Plus you love food, drinking and running. Awesome! Thanks for sharing a little up north ;)

pam said...

I love to run too. I just ran 6 miles and not sure if I will go beyond that. It keeps you healthy and definitely reduces stress so I will keep running. Plus I still need to lose weight and I want to tone up. I keep a schedule of when I am going to workout so it helps me keep going strong.