Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

I ran 18 miles today.  EIGHTEEN FREAKING MILES!!!!  This is the furthest I have run in a year and a half (honestly, I am not sure if I have ever hit anything over 16 miles in any marathon training I have done).  I am pretty excited that it didn't suck at all.  I felt great the whole time.  My time wasn't anything to brag about but I am going to blame part of that on the route I chose.  I ran through three cities today, Richfield, Minneapolis, and Bloomington.  I ran primarily on busy streets and ran into a lot of stop lights.  It was kind of cool to run in three cities but I wasted a lot of time at cross walks and I won't do that again.

This long run was made possible by the following products:
  • Ibuprofen*  I don't usually pop vitamin I before a run, but today my run depended on it.5 hour energy-AKA liquid was a nice little pick me up to get me going.
  • Biofreeze-Worked well with the Ibuprofen on my ankle
  • Body Glide-this needs no explanation
  • Flovent-It is allergy season and it helps me breath
  • GU-I love the Espresso Love!
  • Margarita Shot Bloks-These things rock at preventing cramps
  • My Shuffle
Looking at this list, I realize I am kind of high maintenance or at least I was today.

I took a huge gamble on this run and it in brand new shoes.  I know this is not the thing to do to break in new kicks.  I bought them yesterday and I was ranting and raving about how much I hated my old shoes to the sales person.  I told him that they brought bad juju since I wore them in my DNF Twin Cities Marathon last October.  I went on to explain that all of my long runs have sucked every time I wore these shoes therefore they must be cursed.  He politely smiled (and maybe rolled his eyes) and went to get me some new shoes to try.

He was very helpful and got me back into some Sauconys.  I mentioned that I had an 18 mile run today and he told me DO NOT run that distance in brand new shoes.  I responded "okay".  He looked at me and said "you are going to run in them tomorrow, aren't you?"  I just smiled....the bad juju shoes are gone.
In with the new.....

Out with the old.....

I hope my new shoes will bring me a lot more luck with Grandmas in less than 4 weeks!


Anonymous said...

Nice kicks! Good luck at your race. My friend did that race and she said it was fun. Can't wait to read the race report. Happy miles!

Megsie said...

Whoo Hoo! 18 MILES! I am so impressed! I like your new shoes, they seem to have some magic in them!

Tri-Jess said...

Wow if you're a high maintenance runner, you don't want to see what I go out with... lol.

Diana said...

Congrats Carly on a great run! I keep forgetting to bring some ibuprofen along for my long runs...they work in the middle better for me.
I love the mandarin orange GU flavor the most! Followed closely by GU chomps...watermelon!
Bye-bye bad juju shoes!

fancy nancy said...

Great job on your long run!! I use Saucony's and they usual break in pretty quickly!! Love them!

Tish said...

I'm impressed! 18 miles in brand new shoes. (I confess I've done the same thing--worn brand new shoes in a race against all advice). Keep it up and I'll keep being inspired by you. (I'm proud to say that I've gotten back into running and am well under "bus pace" now--my last two 5 mile runs have both been at 12:01 minutes/mile!)

Fitposse said...

Wow, 18 miles! That's quite the achievement. And hey, you have to break in those gorgeous new shoes some time, right?