Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Food Field Trip

Yesterday,  the crazy work broads and I decided to venture off campus for lunch.  We were going to head downtown in search of Food Trucks.  Yes, Food Trucks, don't judge.  These are not "roach coaches" that sell stale ham salad "sammiches" and over priced candy.  These trucks have everything from sushi to cupcakes.  Chubby Hubby finds these trucks "disburbing".  Huh....yet he has no problem eating at Taco Bell.  Personally, the most disturbing thing about them is trying to just pick one.

Look!!!  I am riding a real City Bus!!!
(Yes, I am a total Diva when it comes to public transportation.....long story)
Ohhhhh Food Trucks!
 There were BLOCKS of them lined up.

First Stop, Cupcake!!! Raspberry Chocolate.  
This place won Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.
My final choice was the
Twisted Philly Cheese Steak.  It was heavenly!

Ahhhh, the glutony.  Today is it is back to the ever exciting yogurt, veggies, soup, and lots and lots of water.

Today is National Running Day.  Hal is having me celebrate by running 6 miles tonight.  What do you have planned?


Megsie said...

I have never been to a food truck here. I have in California...yum. I always have the hot dog. I guess I need to broaden my horizons.

Anonymous said...

Love the food trucks! We have them in Orlando. Did you eat the cupcake first?

Losing Lindy said...

is that cupcake small or that raspberry huge?

Carolina John said...

Man that sounds good! I haven't found enough food trucks in Raleigh yet.

Al's CL Reviews said...

We have a food truck park on private land because the city has some weird permitting thing where you have to have a restaurant if you want to have a truck. I just go to the restaurant. I don't like to stand and eat my food.

The cupcake looks good!

Caroline said...

My sister lives in DC and tells me about the Food Trucks. Here in rural SC - nothing of the sort. I'll have to seek one out next time I am in a big city!

Rennie said...

That cupcake looks sooo good...

Host PPH said...

So I have the wrong idea about Food Trucks. I thought you can get more about fast food with a special home touch that it makes it delicious.