Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grandma's Marathon Race Report

  • Finally got to Duluth after fighting some nasty traffic.  Ugh....it sucked.
  • Friday we spent most of the day at the Expo and we made it a family affair.  Chubby Hubby and Kelli's hublet hung with the kids while we frantically tried on running attire to wear for the race.  All of the kids thought it was awesome.  They had a huge family event with Mascots and kid races.

    Diva had her photo taken with the Champ the UMD Bulldog.  She told him Gophers are far superior!
  • I bought a completely new outfit at the Expo which included a new hat and sunglasses.  Hal Higdon was sitting on my shoulder calling me an idiot for breaking the number one marathon rule of never wear anything new for race day.  I found the perfect running skirt....Thanks Moving Comfort!!! 
  • I ran into Bobbi randomly as I just made my purchases.  I am sad that I didn't have a chance to chat too long with her because my kiddos were warming up to run their own race.
  • The kids did the Whipper Snapper races and I have to say, I have some scrappy competitive kids.  Diva was out for blood!
  • After spending the majority of the day at the Expo events, we headed home to a fantastic carbo loading meal made by my parents.
  • The little headache that was brewing all day turned into a blinding migraine.  I was not the most social person during dinner.
  • I decided to try on my clothes and realized I didn't have my $65 compression socks that I bought just a few days ago specifically for this marathon.  I am obsessed with the fact that I spent $65 on ONE PAIR OF SOCKS.  I don't spend that on a pair of shoes.
  • After a holy hissy fit, I headed back to the Expo with a little less than an hour to spare to buy new socks because I just had to have them for this race.  Thankfully they had the socks I needed and I am now the proud owner of TWO pairs of really expensive socks.  I hope my family knows why we are eating ramen for the next few weeks.
  • I got home and my migraine was so bad I threw up.  I do not remember how I got to bed.  I don't even have a fun story that goes with the passing out.  hmmmmpf.
  • I woke up in my clothes with my head still pounding at 2AM and puked a couple more times.  I could not fall back to sleep and I decided it was time to get up to get ready for the race. 
  • Chubby Hubby and my oldest child got up at the crack of dawn to volunteer at the finish line.  My 9 year old son was in charge of the beer tickets....Nice.
  • My brother made me a finishers cake and my mother said I could not have any if I didn't finish.  She even wrote on my arm...."no cake, love mom".

  • I got picked up at 6:30AM to make our way to the start.  From the time that this photo was taken to the time I got out of the car (taking 5 steps) I lost one of my rubber Yurbuds.  Ugh.  Migraine, missing socks, and now the Yurbud.  This was not looking good (even though I did my best "I'm so Preeeeety pose" below).

I lined up around 7:30 AM in a packed crowd....shoulder to shoulder with strangers.  I was incredibly calm despite the night and morning I had.  The crowd seemed pretty calm too, well at least were I was standing.  I was focused and I kept praying to myself that I would need God on my side for this one (no, I did not spontaneously combust when I broke out into prayer).     The gun went off and the crowd slowly started inching forward.  Six minutes and forty-one seconds later I was off!  I  clicked play on my iPod and it randomly played "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele.  I laughed out loud because this is one of my brother's "special" songs with raunchy lyrics.  At least I knew I could have some entertainment on the course.  

The first few miles were a blur.  I was still battling a migraine and each step made it throb even more.  Around mile five, I popped a few Advil and hoped that it would help.  Mile 8 I thought I was having a stroke.  I saw wavy lines in front of me and my left side of my body tingled.  I felt like I was running with one leg severely shorter than the other.  I had a few moments were I thought I was going to hit the pavement and be "that" person who gets picked up in the meat wagon.  I was determined not to let that happen so I slowed my pace (if that is possible to do without stopping) and made it to mile 10.  From there I walked almost an entire mile.  My headache finally disappeared and interesting enough so did the heat.  The sun was gone and the temps dropped like crazy.   It was perfect running weather but freezing cold if you were working a water station or a spectator (this huge weather shift cause a lot of problems for a lot of people).  

I don't know if it was just because I was numb from exhaustion, but the course seemed really mellow and quiet.  Dare I say the race was kind of boring?  This is highly unusual for Grandma's.  The spectators were not in abundance like I have seen in the past.  Maybe they were out there earlier for the faster runners but it was pretty desolate for the majority my run.  Don't get me wrong, there were some GREAT groups out there but they were pretty few and far between.  I also didn't see any funny t-shirts, costumes, JOGglers, or anything out of the ordinary.  As a back of the backer, this is where the prime entertainment happens and I didn't see any of it.  I just had to entertain myself for a realllllllllly long time.  If you know me, you know I need people around me!

As I kept on keeping on, I glanced down at my Garmin at mile 16 and did a triple take.  I was at 3:30 and if I pushed it I was on track for a PR.  I got kind of giddy and started picking up the pace.  I was at the point were I KNEW I was going to finish and I wanted to do well.  I was energized at mile 17 with another song botched by my brother,  "Hey There Delilah (Vagina)".  I was getting crazy looks from people because I was BELLY LAUGHING and crying.....can you say overly tired and easily amused?

When I hit mile 19 was was starving for some human interaction.  I still felt AMAZING (which NEVER happens).  I started chatted with another woman and we hit it off right away.  I decided then that I wanted to have fun for the rest of the way into Duluth.  I stopped caring about time and just focused on getting it done with a smile on my face.  We laughed and had a great time while we conquered the last few miles.  I learned it was her first marathon and 50th birthday present to herself.  Her grand babies were cheering her on from Canada.  Arm in arm, we crossed that finish line in the cold rain at 5:54:49.  I could not have been more thrilled!!!!!  God heard me and helped me get across that line (probably because he didn't want to hear me take his name in vain anymore during training....gah!)

I was greeted by my oldest son, Chubby Hubby, Kelli, and her Hubby at the finish line.  The guys (including my son) volunteered at the finish line giving out t-shirts. It was one of the most awesome things to be greeted by loved ones right at the end. 

Another finish line photo ruined with the stopping of the Garmin.

Kelli and I at the finish line. 

CHEERS.... To a fun race, a fun weekend, and to fun friends and family!

 I am sad that the marathon is over already and I am already planning next years Grandma's Marathon weekend!


Megsie said...


Kelliann said...

SO AWESOME! I hope you enjoyed some of your moms cake! :-)

ajh said...

Wow. That sounds tough with the migraine before and during. You did an amazing job!

Jen in MN said...

Congratulations on a fantastic accomplishment! I can't believe it went that well after such a rough night; you rock!!

Tish said...

Awesome! You're definitely not wimpy. I would have bailed at the headache, not to mention the missing socks, and the vomiting! You're an inspiration.

Enz said...

Wow. Just wow. So inspiring.

bobbi said...

I was tracking you and was SO STINKING PROUD when i saw when you crossed the line. I am way bummed that my weekend got so psycho that we couldn't hang and then my stomach had to go and seal the deal (I was planning on waiting for you to cross, but my tummy had other ideas. Oh, and I was freezing). When I woke up on Sunday, all I could think about was that I wanted to go home. When I saw that shot pic posted on fb, I figured you wouldn't be up to super early breakfast, haha!

I cannot believe you made your way through a migraine and came out on top. You are a ROCK STAR!

Lisa said...

Nice.y done!

Anonymous said...

I have known you for so many years. I know that you have something special that makes you tick! Great job and I hope that the next race - aka Oct 7 Twin Cities we can do it together :)

Crystal said...

Excellent job! I had two friends who ran this race as well and am so proud of them for their accomplishments. Loved your outfit too!

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Carolina John said...

Great race! You really pulled something special out there Carly. You earned that cake. Enjoy it!

Diana said...

Congratulations Carly! Great race report!
Did the socks help?

Heather said...

Congrats! Way to power through the headache. So crazy to see the pics of the flooding today - right where all the race action was happening!

raulgonemobile said...

Awesome job!!

Matt said...

Holy cow! Way to run in tough condition!! Just amazing that you started the race, let alone finish it.

health fitness training said...

Very inspiring! You did an awesome job! Great work!! Cheers to you!

Host PPH said...

I don't think that mascot is quite kids friendly. it looks a little bit scary for kids.