Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I woke up Sunday morning and went about my normal business, scroll through my Facebook news feed whilst drinking coffee and ignoring my children.  I gasped in horror (and maybe bit my lip too) when I came across this update:
HOLY SHIT!  How is it race week already?

Am I excited?  YES! YES! YES! The build up is to the big day is so exciting!

  • My friend Kelli has made her way into town. 
  • I get to see Bobbi in a few days!
  • I am making my own plans for my Thursday departure.
  • Carbo loading meal is planned.
  • Cake is (almost) ordered.
  • I've got my marathon toes!  Oh that is a story.....explaining my crazy idea with a language barrier.  My lady looked at her coworker, said something in Vietnamese, looked at me and started laughing.  Hmmmmmph.....hopefully she gave me some good juju and they get me to the finish line.

Am I ready?  HELLLLLLL NO (But are you ever REALLY ready?)
I have been struggling mentally (and a little physically).  I am in a little bit of a running depression.  My DNF that I had at Twin Cities Marathon this past October really shook my confidence.  I do believe the Garmin might be one of the greatest inventions of all time yet it seems to be the number one reason for my running depression.  I have never used a Garmin to train before and never figured out how fast I went.  I would just go out and do it.  The Garmin pushes me but frustrates me too when I look down and see that I am not running as fast as I think I am.  I get frustrated and the frustration causes negative thoughts and the negative thoughts end up being the demise of my run. 

My run last night was actually okay.  My legs felt like lead but I got out of my head and just enjoyed being outside.  I toyed with the idea of leaving the Garmin at home, but I need my numbers.  I have become too dependent on them.  I just ignored what it said.  No matter what, this marathon is not going to be fast.  I would like to finish is 5:30 minutes but I am not going put the expectation of time out there.  I am just going to run my own race and be fine with it.  I am going to have a blast and I am going to get my race bling.  The shift in my attitude may or may not have something to do with a 7 hour course limit!!!  I hope I can keep the sag wagon far away from me.

On a completely unrelated sidenote.....the running skirt I was so excited about sucks.  The shorts ride up and it is a recipe for major chub rub. I am glad I found that out BEFORE the marathon.

I will leave this post looking for a couple of suggestions.
1.  Compression socks....what brand do you use?
2.  Leave me a comment with a new song or two for my new an improved marathon playlist. 


bobbi said...

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

I say leave the garmin. or put tape over it so you can't see it til you are done.

My 2 favorite songs to be stuck in my head while running right now are Young the Giant's "My Body" and Foster the People's "Don't Stop.


Megsie said...

Oh my gosh! RACE WEEK! I am sending you all the good ju-ju I can, and I think your cool toes will take care of the rest. Have fun Carly! I am rooting for you!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

CEP Compression socks are the best (but the most expensive). I think there is a sale on for Pro Compression socks, they work fine too.

I've taken to wearing "triathlon" skirts over my own compression shorts. You might want to check that out, they don't have their own shorties underneath. My compression shorts are 6" long, hehe.

And, a new song? "Call Me Maybe", do you have that one yet?

Good luck!

Losing Lindy said...

good luck!

Kristin said...

I like CEP...mainly because they have sizes and I need that for my gigantic calves (cows). Good luck in Grandma's! Have fun!

Stacey said...

Just a shout out for a good race on Saturday. I will also be there doing the half, have not braved the marathon yet....

Also had a skirt failure with an Athleta skirt it will be going back.

Love CEP compression socks

Free by Graffiti6

Teresa DeMers said...

"My Body" by Young the Giant is a great playlist song! I had it on my half marathon playlist last month and it gave me a great boost when it played! :) Hope Grandma's goes great!

Anonymous said...

Excuse my pop embarrassment, but Kelly Clarkson's "Don't Be a Girl About It" got me through several big hills in my last marathon. From reading your blog, you seem like someone who could appreciate the kind of yelling at yourself that a marathon requires. (At least for me.)

Good luck and have fun!

Carolina John said...

You're ready. Go out there and kick some ass.

I use medical compression socks that we picked up at a CVS. They are great. And for the playlist, I've been jamming 50 cent's Patiently Waiting lately. Old school, but effective.

Michelle Dragoo said...

I am SO excited for you, and understand your metal frustrations...I have NO clue how I will run farther than a 1/2, but I sure will try...
I LIVE by my play list, if you check out my race report from the 1/2 I did last weekend you will catch a preview. GOOD LUCK lady...xoxo

Al's CL Reviews said...

Planetary (Go!) by My Chemical Romance