Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Midweek Mumbo Jumbo

I would like to thank you guys for the awesome tri clothing tips!!!!  I am taking notes like a maniac and checking out the recommended websites for good deals.

The Bike
I took my geezer of a bike out for a little spin last night.  The new smooth road tires made it easier to maneuver but it didn't ride well at all.  It felt like the chain was going to come off and the gears made funny noises.  I refuse to buy a new bike before this race.  I guess I had better haul that thing in for a tune up.   **sigh**There goes a few more of my hard earned dollars.  By the end of this triathlon, I am going to have to keep this as a hobby because of all the money that I am sinking into one stupid little race.  This race may fall under the terms "seemed like a great idea at the time".  The good news is that I didn't fly over my handle bars, wipe out, or get a flat tire.  

On a side note, my little ride of 3.5 miles last night really made for one sore arse today.  It seems obscene that someone like me with "natural padding" would have a need for padded shorts.  Perhaps getting a seat (or saddle in proper cycling terms) that resembles a tractor seat may help the problem.  Thanks Sarge for that awesome idea!
Mason Jars
Mason Jars seem to be all the rage these days.  It seems like everywhere I look, people are using them for recipes or crafts.  Several months ago, my friend told me about Mason Jar Salads and how she packs them on Sunday night for an entire work week.  I have been intrigued so I found some ideas on Pinterest and put together my own Mason Jar Salad.  I have to say this is GENIUS! You layer the salad in reverse order in the jar starting with the dressing.  The salad is fresh and not soggy and it keeps really well.  My version contained light balsamic, feta, onion, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppercini peppers, kalmata olives, and spinach.  It was easy to carry, the dressing didn't leak all over, and I liked having the option to eat right from the jar.  I think I have my new favorite stand by lunch!

I also have been packing Overnight Refrigerator Oatmeal for breakfast.  They are also made in a mason jar.   I puffy heart this recipe and it is an awesome to be able to quickly grab it out of the fridge to eat it at work.

Other stuff
I did hot yoga last night and I sucked at it.  I couldn't focus on "being present" and I kept falling over.  Not good....again, I will blame marathon legs even though it as been over a week now.

Today it is a bazillion degrees outside so I think I maybe try the bike again tonight if my arse can handle it.

Happy Hump Day!


Teamarcia said...

Marathon now a tri? Wow you're busy! The jar salad looks good!

Megsie said...

It is more than HOT. I am already melting....

Love all your pinterest stuff. Good luck on the Bike Ride tonight. It was great to see your son yesterday at Lacrosse! He is almost as funny as YOU!

raulgonemobile said...

Tri stuff really is expensive. Plus, packing for the race becomes a huge checklist of things.

I wound up buying tri shorts and wearing an existing shirt (guys have it easier). I took to the Internet to do some minor tweaks on my bike, but I really should haul it in to the shop. I'm still rolling with a third hand mountain bike for now..

Sigh, I think it could get out of hand quickly..

Jess said...

Huh, the Mason Jar business is intriging! But, where do you buy Mason Jars these days, besides garage sales? :)