Thursday, August 2, 2012

August? Already?

  • Birthday Mania is starting this week in our house. My kids all have birthday within 12 days of each other. I know, I gets cold in November, what can I say?? Today is is my middle son's special day. We started the day with donuts and are ending the day with burgers and ice cream cake. I may need to duck out and go for a short 4 hour run to burn off the calories.
  • I feel like I have been planning the parties for weeks.  The boys are having low key small parties with a few friends.  Diva, on the other hand wanted a birthday party at home and wanted a "Hockey Princess" theme.  She didn't earn the name Diva for being easy going (she is a lot like her dad).
  • Because there isn't a lot of prepackaged "Hockey Princess" stuff, I am taking matters into my own hands and getting (wait for it) CRAFTY.  I am making tutus for her friends and I am making a pink puck pinata.  I am sure the people that know me in real life are laughing their asses off at me stepping foot in a Michael's store.  I found a cute girly hockey t-shirt for and PINK hockey pucks. (I maybe getting out of control).  

  • I have been biking and I have been liking it way more than I ever thought I would.  I may have to let Chubby Hubby know that we need to set up a "Carly Needs a New Bike Fund"
  • I ran a sub 10 minute mile on Sunday.  This is a HUGE deal for me because I don't think I have EVER seen a single digit in minutes category for the mile.  I was only able to do one the rest of the run was a lot slower.
  • We had a family reunion on Chubby Hubby's side.  It was a beautiful day to hang out with his relatives we never knew existed.  My mother-in-law even made us wear matching t-shirts.  It is a good think I love her....sigh.  We had a great time especially playing bocce ball.  My parents would be proud that my years on the softball field made me the competitive bocce player that I am today (pitching technique rather than rolling).  Alas, the girls lost because the guys cheated. 
  • The best part of the day was the food.  The award for most disgusting went to the is marshmallow, cherry thing.  There may or may not have been cat food in there (I didn't try it but offered my son a dollar to try it).  No family reunion is complete without a little Jell-O!!!

  • I just  read "Two Kisses for Maddy" by Matthew Longelin. It is about a guy who lost his wife 27 hours after she gave birth to their child.  CRIED. MY. EYES. OUT.  I can't even post more about it without getting teary.  Great book book but I wish it was not a true story. 

  • I am going to my class reunion this weekend.  We are kicking it off with a Kegger.  Yes, a good old fashioned, backyard, steal your parents booze kegger.  The invite indicated that we should "come as you were".   I am showing up in an outfit from the oversized school sweatshirt and boxer shorts with spandex shorts underneath OR I am going to show up with pinned/rolled jeans and a denim shirt (what we Minnesotans call a Canadian Tuxedo).  I am going to complete the look with slouch socks and white keds.  I am not sure if these styles were ever "in" but that is what people wore back in the day at my school.  We know how to keep things classy in Duluth.
  • The Tri is in 10 DAYS!  YIPES!!!!
  • Yes, I have been running and biking and swimming too....nothing great to report with the exception of not running anything over a 11:30 minute pace in the last 3 weeks. 


Megsie said...

I vote for the pinned jeans. I remember doing that too...and I lived in a high class suburb of Minneapolis. I think you live there now!

Running Librarian said...

THat sounds like such a fun reunion!! I would have to add some flannel to my pegged jeans (or am I mixing times..)

Yeah for running under 10!! One day I will too...right now I am just happy to run slowly :)

Jess said...

I don't envy you 3 kids' b-days in 12 days! I feel a bit rushed with 2 kids' b-day within 2 months.

I think I cried a bit just look at that book's cover. Sounds good, but I think I'll skip it. Moms dying are not for me right now!

Kelley Fountain said...

Princess hockey is a new theme to me, but sounds like you have it totally under control!

Stephanie Anne said...

Have fun with the parties & birthdays!! Good luck on the tri!

MCM Mama said...

I'm sadly familiar with both of those looks. (Even worse, being a Lutheran from the midwest, I know ALL about those jello salads LOL).

Nice job on that mile!

Diana said...

It's cold here in WI in November is my Son's b-day!
Good luck on the tri and have a blast at the reunion!
I had my 30th 2 years ago now and what was popular then is starting to come back!

BitterHag Running said...

I love that you're going to a kegger! That is SO Minnesotan!! Have a great time and be sure to bring your potato gun. (Yeah, I grew up here, too!)

So excited for your Tri!! Although I've never even done a Du, I was looking at bikes today. (Erik's is having a sale!) I blame you and your inspirational training blog!

Michelle Dragoo said...

You SO have to tight roll your jeans, and make sure you post pics! Tell everyone I said hi!!!!