Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cake Coma

August 2,2012-Dairy Queen cake for middle child birthday
August 5, 2012-Homemade ice cream cake for oldest child.
August 11, 2012- Marble cake for family birthday party
August 14, 2012-Chocolate cake for middle son's party
August 15, 2012-Ice Cream for Diva's birthday
August 17, 2012-White cake with light frosting for oldest sons party
August 18, 2012-Chocolate cake for Diva's friend party
August 19, 2012-The rest of Diva's cake for breakfast

Total cake calories over the last two weeks:  1,524,258,654


The definition of August in our house is Birthday Mania.  All three of my kids celebrate birthdays within 2 weeks of one another.  Because we are absolutely insane (or really stupid), we celebrate each child's birthday on their actual day with a dinner of their choice followed by some sort of birthday treat. Then we have a family party.  And finally we have allowed them to have a friend party.  What that means for us is nearly an entire month of birthday celebrating.......and a 10lb weight gain.

If I can peel off my stretchy pants, I will be going for a really really long run today.....probably 3 whole miles.

I am happy to say, Birthday Mania has officially come to an end.  I hope to not see another piece of cake until next August.


MCM Mama said...

Hey, my birthday is this coming Saturday. You mean you aren't planning to drink some beer in my honor? JK

I seem to have a ton of FB friends with August birthdays. Guess the winters are kind of cold, huh?

Love the cakes.

Amber Ellison Walker said...

That angry bird cake is pretty epic!!

Losing Lindy said...


Anonymous said...

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absolute fitness training said...

All the cakes looks delicious.But the third one stands out, love the design. :)

Emily said...

We had an angry bird cake in my family this year too. Actually Jack (5) couldn't decide, so it was an Angry Bird/Thomas the Tank Engine/ladybug cake.