Wednesday, August 15, 2012

YWCA Women's Triathlon Report

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to post about my first triathlon experience.  Well, I guess considering in the last two weeks all three of my children have had birthdays, I traveled north to my class reunion (2 day event), celebrated the kids' birthday with the family and have one kid party under my belt, hockey practice, board meeting, getting a knocked on my ass with a nasty cold, attended a going away party, and finally fitting my triathlon into the mix, I am not all that surprised that I haven't sat down to write.

If I want to get to the point, I should just sum it up by saying I finished, I LOVED it, and I can't wait to do another.  But being the person that I am, I want you to know every single detail.....but I will break it down  in bullets.  Before I even get started, I have to say that my number was "911".  I could shake that it was a bad omen.  My only goal of the race was not to have 9-1-1 called!

500 Yard Swim
  • I wore the "novice" swim cap.  It was white and made me look like huge Qtip.
  • The swim caps were latex.  I have a severe latex allergy.  It was mandatory to wear the provided cap.  I wore two and my head felt like it was going to explode. 
  •  I was in a "buddy wave" so we were in the 15 wave.  Waves were released every 3 minutes.
  • I stood to the back of my wave and started swimming as soon as I could.  I did the front crawl (head out of the water because.....ewwww) almost for the first 150 yards.  Then it was breast stroke, sidestroke, a flip to the back, and doggy paddle for the rest of the way.
  • I was chatting with other swimmers the whole time.
  • Yes, I can't stop talking even when I am in the water supposed to be swimming.
  • One woman apologized for grabbing my butt.  I told her not to worry about it and that I enjoyed it.  She laughed, I was all good.
  • I probably would have done better if I just shut up and focused on swimming.
  • I got out of the water and saw Chubby Hubby taking a photo (great just what I want, I photo of me half dead, dragging my sorry self out of "dog shit" lake).
  • I saw all these people lined up so I forced myself to run up the beach.  I am proud that I didn't vomit and that I didn't drop and army crawl.  I saved face.
Total swim time:  15:58

I took my sweet time.....4:49
15.5 Mile Bike
  • Hopped on the Green Beast on wobbly legs.
  • I felt my blood start to boil because I all I kept hearing was "On your left".  I think I may have grumbled "I show you on your left" while resisting flipping the bird.
  • I was peddling as fast as my legs would allow and I felt like I was going no where.
  • Race official pulled me over at the 4 mile mark and told me my tires were extremely low.  Here is how this conversation went down:
    • Race Official:  Your tires are REALLLLLY low, do you feel like you are moving slow? 
    • Me:  Yes, I can't get this beast of a bike moving.  My husband filled them this morning, I hope I don't have a leak.
      • Flashback to the pre-race conversation at home:
        Me: Chubby Hubby? Will you please top off my bike tires with air?
        Chubby Hubby: Sure.
    • Race Official: They are really low for him topping them off. You are going to have enough problems getting through this race on a mountain bike let alone low air in your tires.
    • ME:  Sigh
  • I spent the better part of the next 15 minutes stopping and starting looking for someone with a pump. Finally found someone with a mountain bike pump and they put in a SIGNIFICANT amount of air. Like double. I couldn't help but want to punch Chubby Hubby because after I got back on my bike, I was pretty much miles behind the other participants. Well, not really but it felt that way. 
  • Finally I was moving and I even passed a few people
 Total bike time: 1:13.42

Chubby Hubby was at the end of the bike route cheering for me.  I politely (evil grin) let him know about the tires.  That is when he indicated that the tires were quote "fine" and he didn't add air. 
Time in transition......2:22 which included a mild domestic altercation. 

3.1 Mile Run
  • My legs were a bit wobbly and crampy after the bike.  I did some walking and running the first mile.  It was slow going.
  • Mile two I ran a bit more and got a bit faster but still walked when my legs were cramping up.
  • When I had just a mile to go, I ran as fast as I could into the finish. 
  • Finished in an all out sprint (which indicated that I could have pushed a bit harder on the run)
Total run time:  37:25  (grrrrrr)

Official Time:  2:14:14  an instant PR!

Post Tri Thoughts by Carly:
  • Swimming would be easier if I could do it better
  • Don't talk during the swim 
  • I need a new fancy bike and I think Chubby Hubby should buy me one because of the incident with the tires.
  • Fill my own damn tires.
  • Do a few brick workouts so my legs will know how to function properly
  • By a silicone swim cap that matches the MANDATORY ones they provide
  • When can I do another one?????

Today is Diva's 5th Birthday!  Oh my God, where does the time go?????


James said...

Great job! I don't think I could ever do a tri. I'm horrible at swimming. Congrats on the instant PR!

Anonymous said...

So excited for you -- congrats! I knew you would do great.
Char G

Leah said...

*high fives*

Jessica said...

Thanks for this! I am doing my very first Tri this weekend (St Paul) and am FREAKING out!

bobbi said...

you are awesome! congratulations! and congrats, too, on the admirable restraint you showed in NOT killing your hubs :)

Ellen said...

What a great time you had! You've put a bee under my (swim) bonnet about doing this race next year.

Also, it's perfectly okay to wear a non-allergy inducing swim cap under the nasty latex one. Lots of people do it and sometimes, they put their goggle straps between the two so they don't lose their goggles.


ajh said...

I love tri reports - esp. first tris. I did my first one a few weeks ago and do my second in a week and a half. I can't wait!
I don't know what a novice swim cap is but that is awful that you have to wear latex if you're allergic to it. Did you ask? That is upsetting.
Okay I can tell I have questions? Why was your head out of the water? Was the water gross? I ended up doing mostly side and breast stroke myself.So much for those swim lessons. Oh i just read dog ..... lake. Yes, eww.
Ha ha about the domestic altercation at T2.
Yay for wanting to do another one. And your little girl is so cute!

ajh said...

And I forgot to say........congrats!

Losing Lindy said...

I am surprised they didn't give you an option, so many people are allergic to latex. Good job! I am so proud of you!

Tish said...

Kudos! I laughed about the tire business. Sounds like our domestic set-up! Yes, do your own tires ( or watch while DH does them!)

Carolina John said...

Wow, happy birthday to the kids and congratulations on your first triathlon!

Now you're hooked. yes, get a road bike and don't trust a non-cyclist to fill your tires. check craigslist for a decent used road bike and you'll eventually find one cheap. especially as we get into fall and people think "I didn't ride this thing all summer, I should get rid of it."

Enjoy the new addiction! Yes the more often you do open water swims the more comfortable you will be out there. I just did (and hilariously blogged about) an ocean swim last weekend. crazy.

TNTcoach Ken said...

A mountain bike with flat tires???? You're a beast........ LMAO.

Jess said...

Awesome job! You're braver than I!

Michelle Dragoo said...

So stinking proud of you, this is an awesome recap!!!

absolute health and fitness said...

Good job! Bravo to you! :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Your recap was totally entertaining! I did my first try with a mountain bike, it was tough and I had air in my tires. Couldn't imagine...

absolute health fitness said...

That was a great job! Bravo! :)

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Katie said...


I did the YWCA Woman's Tri the last two years (2011 and 2012)--and I'm going to do it again this year! Are you doing it again this year?