Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Allergy Testing

My September was an epic fail in the blogging arena.  As I mentioned in my last post, life has been a bit crazy with work, back to school, and just keeping up with my 3 monsters.  I am back to posting trivial details about my life because as I announced last week, I will be running two marathons next year.  Don't ask me how I am going to fit that in, I just am.

This post was supposed to be the kick off to my midlife crisis pre-marathon training.  You know, my goals, dreams, and wishes as I try to tackle this goal and enter my 39th year on this planet.  I will have to save that for another day because I am still not feeling like myself.  This past weekend was not pretty our house.  Most of my family was struck down with the most vile, gut wrenching, stomach flu.  It came out of nowhere.  It was literally like hitting a brick wall...fine one minute, wishing for death the next.  Think of the scene in the movie Bridesmaids and you will have an idea of what my poor house went through. 

I guess the moral of the above whining paragraph is to state, I haven't run in a few days.

On a completely unrelated note, I have started the process of getting my allergies under control.  If you have been reading a long time, you know that I have horrific food allergies and I suffer relentlessly from seasonal allergies.  I decided to get some testing done because of yet another severe allergy attack that required me to throw down a handful of Benedryl (I will do anything not do stab myself with an Epi Pen) and sleep off the effects. 

I talked with the Allergist for 1.5 HOURS and he was awesome.  Rather than push pills on me like other doctors have, he is trying to tackle the root cause.  He ordered some blood tests and told me to start analzying what I eat.  He warned that doing this is "not fun" and by "not fun" I need to go on an elimination diet.  Prior to the elimination diet, he told me to remove gluten for a week or two to see how I feel.  If better, keep it out of the diet and if I feel the same add it back.  Simple, right?  At least that is what I am telling myself.  Once I document how I do on my gluten free time I will start on a rice and water diet.  Well not that restrictive, but you get the point.  The idea is to add foods back in slowly and see how I react to them.  Silver lining is that I will be drop a few pants sizes?

Since I start all this BS tomorrow, may I present to you my last supper, err lunch:

This is a Bahn Mi sandwich for a local shop by the University.  This place rocks and I live and die for these things.  I enjoyed every little bite today because tomorrow there will be no gluten.

Has anyone had the blood testing for allergies?  Were you suprised by the results?


Megsie said...

Oh, the stomach flu...that made me cringe, and it keeps me in fear. NO! NOT IN MY HOUSE! Your elimination diet sounds so fun. I am envying you. But, the pant may be loose in the end. I have not had allergy anything...but good luck to you. I hope they figure it all out!

MojoMissy said...

I've had the allergy testing and it's not bad. It helps a lot! Once you figure it out, you'll be amazed at how much better you feel. I've neglected my eating lately & it shows.

absolute health fitness said...

Allergy testing really helps coz it's for better.