Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is Rusty Still in the Navy?

Traditions are rich in the Chubby Chick household.  At Christmas time, our outdoor lights are turned on by 4PM on Thanksgiving Day and our tree is up on Black Friday.  Though it my look like Christmas, the season is not officially kicked off until we watch Christmas Vacation.  It is one night I look forward to every year.  The kids are in bed*, the glow of the Christmas tree illuminates the room, we have a Hugh Jass bowl of popcorn with an undisclosed amount of butter, and our favorite beverage in hand. This year we were a little late with welcoming Christmas as hockey dictated the schedule and we were not able watch this movie until last night.
This movie never gets old.  Is Christmas Vacation part of your tradition?  If so,what is your favorite quote?

*We exercised some really bad parenting judgement and let the kids watch the movie with us one year.  Oops.  They still talk about the middle finger they saw during the  "Hey kids, look a deer!" part. 

Back to blogging about other randomness.  Please pardon the ADD mind dump posting. 

Thank you to everyone that found me on My Fitness Pal (I am "prell003).  I like that I can be kept accountable.  My goal is to lose 10lbs by the end of the year.  I started this goal on Monday so I have a full 5 weeks.  It is lofty but doable.

I have been making smoothies in the morning before I go to work and I am in LOVE with my creation of the "Sewage Smoothie".  It looks like loose stool but it tastes amazing.  I always put spinach, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, water, milk, or juice, and random fruit.  I have been playing around with different ingredients and I don't have a lot to choose from.   I am allergic to most protein powders, cannot have wheat or gluten, and bananas are out of the question.  This concoction tastes good and actually keeps me satisfied.

I signed up for the Polar I guess that means I have a goal and a reason to get off my butt and run.
How can I love to run but need to pay in order to be motivated?  Crazy logic.


ashley rebekah said...

are you kidding me? we have pretty much the same traditions, except my movie watching usually involves at least a half-liter of vodka.

favorite quotes:
"shitter was full."
"i don't know what to say, except it's christmas and we're all in misery."
"hallelujah! holy shit. where's the tylenol?"

bobbi said...

I think I'm going to adopt your tradition as my own :)

Are you doing the half Polar Dash? Or 10k? I did the half in Chicago in January, and it was a lot of fun!

(and I know I owe you an email - I haven't forgotten, really!)

Kerrie T. said...

Did you check our shitters, honey?


Anonymous said...

Yup... we watch it EVERY year while doing the decorating. Fav quote:

"Nervous, or excited?"
"Shittin' bricks..."
"You know you really shouldn't use that word."
"Sorry, shittin' rocks."


"Merry Christmas? Happy New Year! Kiss my ass. Kiss your ass. Kiss hiss ass.. Happy Hanukah."

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Dorothy said...

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Megsie said...

Nice to get caught up with you, Carly! We NEED to watch Christmas Vacation again! Thanks for the reminder. Nice rink. Ours is little and not as fancy, but it is almost completely skatable, I think it is as of tonight! Hope you had a great Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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